Meet [24th November 2022] Written Update

Meet 24th November 2022 Written Update On

Meet [24th November 2022] Written Update

In Meet, All in the hall. Doctor checks Meet Ahlawat’s hand and asks her to raise her hand. When faced with a problem, Ahlavat raises his hand and says I can’t do it. Babita asks what is it. According to the doctor’s information, poison was found in his body. Babita asks HSR to start treatment. The doctor says that we need to know the poison for this because there are so many poisons in the market and we can start the treatment after learning the name, please do it quickly otherwise it may affect the nervous system. Babita fearfully says what to do now.

Acquaintance remembers Layla telling me she will come, Acquaintance says Neelam knows about poison so I will come to get her. Meet Ahlavat, she says how you can trust her. Meet: I know we can’t trust him, but we need to know the name of the poison and we will do our best. Ram will ask what you mean. She says we should withdraw our complaint.

Meet Ahlavat says he is dangerous, I saw him. Meet says we have nothing and asks Ram to take the complaint. Raj will ask him to do as Mit says. Ram says I spoke to DCP, Neelam had a major seizure so he is in hospital tomorrow morning, we can bring him back. “Meet him,” she says, “I’ll go to him first thing tomorrow morning and ask everyone to rest.The meeting goes to his room with milk. Who lives lost. Meet says before punishing you should tell the reason, now tell me why you are sitting here. She Ahlavat, she says it was my fault, I should have told you everything earlier then nothing would go wrong.

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I promised Deep that I would take care of her family but marrying Neelam was a wrong decision. He says meet him, don’t think, just remember, you can’t ruin your whole life because of something he made fun of, he says now I’m going to sleep alone in bed. Meet, Ahlavat gets up, lays next to her, says I will sleep here too. Meet Ahlavat, try your hand. Get to know him, help him move, and be comfortable with him.

Nurse asks Neelam to bring medicine. Get out of here, she screams I don’t want to take medicine. The meeting goes to him. Neelam says please go away, let me live alone. Meet says calm down everything will be alright. Neelam says I cannot fight Layla, she hurt everyone I love, I should be punished and start beating myself. The doctor comes and asks the nurse to give an injection. The Doctor and Myth help him get into bed. Meet me, I need to talk about Neelam. He says let’s go out and talk.

Raj helps Ahlawat and Familiar to eat. Babita standing at the door seems happy to see them together. Just meet Ahlavat, he says, I don’t want to drink soup anymore. Raj, be quiet and let him see Babita standing at the door,  look, my mom is there with the soup. He goes to the Meeting with Ahlavat and praises Raj for his concern. Ahlavat, just meet moms says, my father already gives me soup. Babita says you drink too. He says meet Ahlavat, someone talked to Mit, he called she. Both say no. Meet Ahlavat says I will call her and tries to move her hand. Babita says don’t worry, I’m here and opens the bell.

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Meeting the doctor says that he suffers from a split personality. The doctor says yes and experienced pain and suffering when he learned what Leyla had done. Meet, you mean that you know nothing about Leila and that Leila knows everything. The Doctor says yes and Layla begins to dominate, Neelam cannot control her. Meet me, I need to get information from Leila, this is about death and life, I have to get it. The doctor says I have information that he will be released, but as a doctor I advise you not to cry. Meet: I know, but someone’s life is in danger. The doctor says okay, the decision is yours, I will sign the discharge papers.

Raj and Babita look outside the room at Ahlawat and Familiar. Babita says that parents give their all for their child’s happiness and I always stand between my child’s happiness. Raj says I would like to say don’t think but this time I want you to remember everything because whatever happened to our child is because of you, God help us to know the truth about Neelam or you will be very sad. Babita cries and says that I pray to Allah every time to get to know Ahlavat, that she is punished because of me. Raj says Familiar will not always let anything happen to him, I believe him but this time you have to trust him.


Neelam tells Familiar that I cannot go home because I will look at everyone who looks at me with questions. Meet, he says, believe me. Nilu says, “Okay, I’ll go with you, but I have one condition: promise to keep you away”.

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