Meet [25th November 2022] Written Update

Meet 25th November 2022 Written Update On

Meet 25th November 2022 Written Update


In Meet, As everyone looks at them in shock, meet Khuda, who brings Neelam home.

Hoshiyar tells Masum how getting to know huda brought problems to the house and wonders what will happen in the house now. Raj refuses to enter Neelam’s house and says that he has prepared an annex for Neelam to live in.Meet Khuda takes Neelam to the bathroom and asks if she needs anything.

Neelam asks huda for juice or lemon juice, so Meet Huda comes to the kitchen.Meanwhile, Babita comes to Neelam and asks her to stop lying about her insanity, forcing her to reveal the poisonous name she gave to Acquaintance with Ahlawat.Neelam tells she Ahlawat that she doesn’t know what toxin Layla has injected and is driving Babita crazy and slaps Neelam.

The slap turns Neelam into Layla and Layla attacks Babita by hitting her in the head with a vase.Babita somehow escapes the attack, but is still wounded by Layla’s death blow. Ahlavat hears Babita’s cry outside and comes to visit her.Seeing that Leila is trying to suffocate Babita with her sari, Acquaintance Ahlavat tries to stop Leila, but she does not have enough strength.Layla finds Acquaintance Ahlavat lying on the bed after being pushed and tries to suffocate her by throwing a pillow in her face.

Meet Today’s Episode Online:

Meet Huda hears Babita talking to Neelam on her smartwatch and comes running as she knows Leila dominates Neelam most of the time.While Acquaintance Khuda takes Layla from Acquaintance Ahlavat, she asks Babita to pick her up while she takes care of Leila. Layla tries to attack Huda Acquaintance, but stops her hand, saying that she doesn’t know about the wife’s power.

Meet Huda locks her in a room, and Layla laughs and says that they should come to her to find out how to cure the poison.Confident that Acquaintance with Ahlawat is appropriate, Raj asks Acquaintance with Khuda about her decision to keep Neelam so close to them.Meet Huda tells everyone that she needs to know the cure for the poison that only Layla knows.

Meet Latest New Full Episode:

Later she huda washes Meet Ahlavat by helping him unbutton his shirt and pouring water over his arms and back.Acquaintance huda hugs Acquaintance Ahlavat from behind and says that she did it to get closer to him.Acquaintance Ahlavat kisses Acquaintance Hood on the forehead after dressing her in new clothes. Ahlawat asks huda about Neelam’s upset and Huda says she will pass the Neelam test.

Huda and meet Ahlawat, start drawing the person helping Leila to see if Neelam reacts when she sees the photo.

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