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The Episode Start With:

Meet Ahlawat slaps Masum and says, “How could you fall so low? You are my sister; how could you plan to take away from me? You saw me die every day but couldn’t tell me the truth; how could you?” Masum responds by asking Meet Ahlawat how she could. Meet Ahlawat shows what did she force, and she was an outsider, whereas you are my own sister, and you stole my child away from me. Masum says that Manushi did this, and that she forced me to keep quiet about it. Masum tells Bhai, “Give me the chance to explain it once.” According to Meet Ahlawat, there is nothing left for us to discuss, and if you were to give me the truth, then my child would still be alive today. Masum expressed regret, saying, “I was persuaded; please talk to him, Mom.” Babita says, “I wish to slap you hard but you don’t even deserve this, whole year you made me feel guilty saying I asked Meet to leave this house, where as you were behind all this and didn’t even tell anyone, my son hates me, I have died every single day and you just saw everything happen and you want me to support you, sorry Masum this can’t happen.” Masum responds, “I have died every single day and you just saw everything happen and you want me to support
Masum asks Tej and Ragini to help. Ragini tells Masum, “Not anymore. This isn’t a mistake; it’s a crime; didn’t you see all of us in pain? Get lost.” Masum turns to Meet for assistance and tells her that she should forgive others and pursue pleasure at all times. Meet says what did I get in return, my life is a joke and you and my own sister were behind this, because of you my child, I couldn’t even see him once or feel him, for whole year I was dying to touch him and when I found him I couldn’t even see him, I know you hate me but for your brother couldn’t you tell truth, you are a mother how could you sleep peacefully, and today I would be happy if you wouldn’t have lied, we all would be

Masum responds by asking how she can continue to live without Duggu if Meet Ahlawat insists on pulling her away from their lives and this place. Please, Mom, tell him that Babita believes you deserved this so that you can fully comprehend the anguish of losing a child. Masum and her belongings are kicked out the door as Meet Ahlawat shuts it behind her. To get anyone’s attention, Masum screams, tears, and pleads with them to unlock the door.

Meet was about to walk to Meet Ahlawat when Barfi walked up to him, gave him some water, and said, “I feel bad about what happened and be happy that she is paying for her consequences now forget the past so that your present and future doesn’t get ruined and now finish the rituals.” Meet was about to walk to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat, who takes a glass of water and acknowledges that you are correct and that rituals should not be stopped.

Anchor explains that now the bride will dance in this ceremony, and that in this rite, the husband will take up his wife and dance with her. Let’s all give a warm welcome to the lovely pair. Barfi says cmon Your wife and you should walk ahead to meet Ahlawat. The thought crosses Meet Ahlawat’s mind, “How can I touch Nilam? I can’t do this, but in order to destroy Meet, I have to do it.”
After some consideration, Meet decides to withdraw from the situation. Nilam replies that she has departed, and that you can stop if you want to. Nilam is the one that Barfi requests Meet Ahlawat to choose. As everyone prepares to meet Ahlawat to pick up Nilam, they hear a police siren.

Babita asks Tej to go check. Inspector says that I am here to meet with Mr. Hooda. Meet walks over to them and shares some information with them while pointing at Nilam and Meet Ahlawat. Barfi claims that she phoned the police to terrify us, and that she hasn’t issued divorce, which means that this marriage is invalid. She then requests that everyone stop the music and switch off the lights.
Barfi is stopped by the inspector, who then enters the building. The inspector tells Nilam and Barfi Devi that the complaint is that they consented to marry despite being aware of the fact that Barfi already has a wife, and as a result, they are under arrest. Handcuffs are placed on Nilam and Barfi, and they are led away together with Meet Ahlawat.

When Meet approaches Barfi and inquires about what took place and why she stopped, Barfi realizes that she was merely imagining the event. Babita inquires of Meet of the presence of law enforcement. Meet tells me that they came to give me my joining date, and not to worry because no one will arrest you; finish your rituals; and Barfi Kaki, your terrified expression tells me that you are aware that all of this is wrong; and when you all are aware that it is wrong, soon we will know why; there are only two more days left; hurry or else the police could come at any time, and Nilam’s future will be ruined. Meet Ahlawat tells you to quit talking rubbish and asks what you think of yourself. Meet says you will know anything, you never realized what love is, I would never hurt you, and I will always love you because I honestly loved you with all of my soul and all of my leaves. Meet also says you will know anything else.


You will meet Ahlawat with. Gather in a room that is all decked out in decorations and declare that tonight is ours to do with what we like without interference from anyone else.
Barfi finds out that they are together and says to them, “You tried to trick me, and for that you will be punished.”

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