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The episode start with:

While Ahlawat is working out, he thinks back on In their first meeting, she expressed her love for him. Neeku and Barfi stood beside him. Barfi, I’m worried about Neelu, so I want to know if that girl increased her love for you, which you are trying to forget by punishing yourself. Your behavior will not give any solution to my Neelu’s problem, and I’m concerned about her. Meet Ahlawat stands up, starts punching the air, and says, “With love, I’ll remember that I lost my baby because of her, which will make me even angrier and I won’t forgive her.” Neelu must interrupt him and inquire whether or not he will be able to forget about her. According to Barfi Devi, at some point you will need to forge your own path, break her trust, and then, once she has recovered, she will grant you a divorce. However, in order to do so, you will need to make a significant sacrifice.

While Masum was shopping, she received a call. Someone has told you that your heroine is currently incarcerated, so it would be best if you returned our money as soon as possible. If not, you will join her there. The phone is hung up on by Masum after he becomes scared. She receives another call from him demanding payment, and he threatens to blacklist her in the industry if she does not comply. According to Masum, whatever they take from my house in the future, it will no longer belong to me.

The story that Duggu is reading claims that it is so dull that even the parents have left. After approaching Duggu, Neelu says, “I’ll tell you a story.” Duggu says but I don’t know you. Neelu begins by introducing herself and stating, “I’m your Mami.” According to Duggu, I have two Mamis, and the other one is better than you. Apologize to her for the way you talked; according to Duggu, that is not the appropriate way to communicate. The reason that you and Mamu are fighting, according to Duggu, is because she is a bad person. Meet responds by saying, “I’ll take care of that, and then everything will be back to normal just like the happy ending in your stories.” Babita notes that not all tales have a happy conclusion, and then she walks over to meet Meet. According to Meet, I was getting ready to regale Duggu with an exciting tale. Babita calls out to Duggu and tells him to come with her because they do not want to hear any more of the story. Neelu claims that he should have informed me that they had found you before I got married to and accepted him. Meet says that despite this, you went ahead and got married, and that before marrying a biy, you should learn everything there is to know about him, or else you will have to suffer the consequences.

Meet Ahlawat is under the impression that I do not comprehend what it is that I ought to do to ensure that we part ways. Babita tells the servant that many members of the family will be absent for the pooja, so they should not cook as much. The servant nods in agreement before departing. It was suggested by Meet Ahlawat that we do this.

In the room, you will find Ahlawat, Neelu, and Barfi. You mean to say that your whole family is out in pooja without caring about ne daughter in law of this house, and you want me to go out shopping with her this late, right? Barfi says to Meet Ahlawat. It will take some time, but everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to, says Meet Ahlawat, and I want to give her anything she wants to have. In sector 34, a friend of mine owns a shop, and he’s also giving an offer, so whatever you and your friend both like, buy it. Okay, Barfi replies, I’ll go out and get some groceries. The invitation to join was extended by Neeku to Meet Ahlawat. They leave after Barfi explains that he won’t be able to join them because he needs to spend the night at the hospital with his sick father. Don’t worry about me though, I’m with you.

Barfi Devi and Neelu outside. Neelu is asking, “Don’t you think it would be better to go shopping tomorrow instead of tonight, when it’s already late?” Barfi says to come along, and they will talk while we travel.

Make an appointment to talk to Dadi reports that her mother’s condition has not improved and that she is not responding, but whenever I talk to Ger, I get the sense that she is paying attention, and this makes me feel good. Dadi says that in this moment someone should be with you and everyone else, yet you and everyone else are all alone. Is Popat with you? According to Meet, she traveled all the way to Vadodara for work. Dadi claims that none of you have anyone else, and that although I am powerless to help, I will never leave your side. After saying “I know” and “don’t worry,” Meet added, “Until then, take care of yourself.” After that, she terminated the phone call. Approach Ahlawat from behind while she is blindfolded, and then touch her. It was at that moment that he took her hand. Come face to face with me and explain why you are keeping me in the dark. It has been suggested that you accompany me, according to Meet Ahlawat.

Barfi and Neelu in automobile. Barfi says that purchasing clothes is not a big thing, but the fact that he thought about you is big, so you should also think about him and do as he asks you to do. A wife’s duty is to obey her husband and find a place in his heart. The phone rings, and it’s Tej. Driver picks it up. Tej told me to call you in the morning to pick me up from the hospital. Driver say’s okay. Tej has assured me that Meet Ahlawat will be present, but I have been unable to get in touch with him despite Barfi’s and my best efforts. Tej tells me that he is not present because he has some important work to do, and he asks me to remain in hospital before hanging up the phone. Neelu tells Barfi that this indicates that he has been lying to all of us about something. Barfi requests that the driver make a u-turn so that they can get home earlier.

Ahlawat led Meet there, and once they were inside, he took off his blindfold. When Meet first sees the room, she is taken aback by how lovely it is decorated. As he draws nearer to her, Meet Ahlawat takes her hand in his, and they begin to dance together. The two finally make it back to their home. Meet & Meet Ahlawat spending some intimate time together in the company of one another. Both Barfi and Neelu can be seen making their way towards the room. Surprise, says Meet Ahlawat, and we will do whatever you want; nobody will come between us, and everyone else is out. When you meet him, you should immediately start walking away from him. Meet Ahlawat, take her hand, and tell her that we won’t be stopped tonight by anyone who comes. Through the window, Barfi and Neelu can see the two of them interacting with one another from outside the room. Barfi is under the impression that his performance thus far has not been satisfactory.


Try to get as close to Ahlawat as you can. Meet says you are the first woman I’ve ever married. Meet rebuffs him with a push away and a slap.
Ragini hears Barfi tell her, “Your Isha is not married anymore,” and Barfi dresses her in a white duppata.

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