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The Episode Start With:

Meet and greet Ahlawat as they are having a lovely moment. Barfi Devi stares at him, forms the opinion that he has wronged her, and then walks away. Come together and discuss what you’re up to. You are my first wife, according to Meet Ahlawat. Meet says you’ve already had another wedding. He responds, “but you don’t consider it to be marriage,” and then he moves closer to her while pretending that no one else is around before grabbing her. To meet him, shove him, and then begin walking away. Introduce yourself to Ahlawat and take her hand. Meet him, grab a glass of water, and throw it at him while saying, “What the hell happened to you? Are you even in your senses?” He hugs her and adds, “I know you miss me and every moment we spent together, don’t worry about it; nobody is in the home.” Meet Ahlawat continues, “I’m in my senses; you are my legally wedded wife; I have the right on you.” When Meet tells him to let her go, she wiggles free of his grasp and slaps him.
Barfi Devi is talking to herself in her chamber when she says, “I warned you not to break my word but still you attempt to fool me,” and then she remembers seeing Meet Ahlawat with Meet. Barfi Devi warns that you will be punished for this, and then she pulls a white duppata out of her bag and tells Isha that it is time to tell her the truth.

Ahlawat is instructed to say hello to Meet. After saying, “I don’t believe you can get down to this level,” she exited the room.

After crying when she recalled what had happened to her in the room, Meet said, “I know whatever it is he is doing to bother me.”
Meet Ahlawat says that this is exactly what she wants, and she hopes that you will grow so upset with her that you will end our marriage.
Meet asks how he can be so stingy with his money.
I hope you are successful, Meet Ahlawat said.

Hoshiyar with some of his mates having fun. Someone has just knocked on the door. His friend asked him to look into it. When Hoshiyar saw Masum, he inquired about what had occurred and what Masum was doing here. Yes, Hoshiyar welcomes you to come in. Everyone was looking at them with amazement. Hoshiyar has suggested that we have a conversation in public. Hoshiyar believes that based on your behavior with your family members, you ought to have been thrown out sooner. To which Masum said, “Now you are also scolding me. You say you love me; therefore, demonstrate that love by supporting me because that is what couples do.” The same goes for you, according to Hoshiyar. Masum replies, “I see now that everything was a lie; I’ll go to my friends, of whom there are many who assisted me during my difficult period,” and then she begins to walk away. Hoshiyar, she believes that there is nowhere I can go to stop me. Give me some time and I’ll seek for a rented house, but in the meanwhile, you should remain at your friends’ house. Hoshiyar thinks it’s a good idea and says he won’t worry about you if you go stay with your friends. Also, you won’t be able to adjust to living here with me and a few men. Masum begins to cry and claims that all of her friends are self-centered and that nobody will help her. She asks that someone direct her in what she should do. Hoshiyar says I’m thinking.

Ram, Ragini, Isha and Babita back from jagran. According to Babita, things were really calm and collected at jagran. It appeared as though nothing out of the ordinary had taken place. Ragini tells you not to worry about anything; it will be okay. Everyone has their eyes on Barfi Devi. Walks to everyone on the meet. Isha sees Barfi approach her with a white duppata in her hands, and he drapes it over her. Everyone is in utter disbelief. Ragini asks what kind of nonsense this is. Barfi continues, “I want to tell you all something, and that something is that your daughter is now a widow.” Isha feels woozy. Isha is hit by gulaal, which is thrown by Meet Ahlawat. Everyone was thrown off. My sister will never end up a widow, according to Meet Ahlawat. Babita inquired as to why she had acted in such a manner, considering that if it was a joke, she did not find it amusing. She told me that her daughter takes care of everything, but Isha was not obeying, so she wanted to make her realize how harsh she can be, and since you all are aware of how harsh she can be, she did it in her own style. Meet Ahlawat says that Barfi is angry with her because she did not apply sindoor.
Do you think, Babita, that this is the best method to explain anything? Ragini tells to you that you are aware that Isha suffers from panic attacks, and what if she had become sick? I beg you, please don’t behave in such a manner with Isha. She didn’t mean anything, according to Meet Ahlawat, who says chachi. Barfi argues that he is correct and that I do get furious over the wrong things and forget that she is very sensitive. I did this so that something wrong wouldn’t happen again, and I want you to realize that. According to Meet Ahlawat, you don’t need to be concerned because it won’t happen again. Isha apologize to Barfi Devi. Isha is sobbing, and Barfi has walked away. (Meet Ahlawat glances at Neelu and recalls that she told her about Barfi Devi’s rage and asks him to handle the matter. Thank you, Meet Ahlawat for your time. (She uses the name Neelum while referring to me.) The group disperses and leaves. Meet asks Neelu why she punished Isha in such a severe manner by walking to her. Neelu claims that she does not think when she is punishing, that she is very harsh on females, and that she does not like it when girls do not follow customs. Neelu feels that it is important to teach a person a lesson that they will remember for the rest of their lives, and then she walks away. Come to terms with thinking about the circumstance.


Tell everyone that Monday through Thursday is for Meet, and that Friday through Sunday is for fer Neelu. When Meet Ahlawat asks him to button the last button on his shirt, he moves in closer to her. When she sees how frustrated he is, she pushes him and yells, “I hate you.” Meet Ahlawat, who is attempting to save him as you hurt his hand.

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