Meet [28th November 2022] Written Update

Meet 28th November 2022 Written Update On

Meet 28th November 2022 Written Update

Meet, says Nilam, that the medical waste has been delivered, and she will go to check it. She will recover soon, and this is a good opportunity to defeat Leila. She leaves.

Acquaintance leaves the room and meets Ishani. The acquaintance asks her if she has any packages for her. Ishani says yes and tells him that he checked it himself and found waste in it, so he threw it away. The meeting yells at him and tells him that he should have asked earlier. Ishani says she didn’t know it belonged to her. She asks him where he threw it. Ishani says the municipality threw it in the trash. Neelam listens to them.

Acquaintance goes out to check the trash can and thinks that what is happening here will be recorded on camera. Meet’s prays for Neelam to come here. The meeting checks all trash cans and trash heaps. She wonders why Neelam is not there yet. Meet’s decides to go to the trash and wait for Neelam.

Ram enters Yishani’s room and asks him if he wants to go to the temple with his family. She denies and tells him that she has other plans for Meet’s. Raj comes back to leave but apologizes to him and tries to ask his father’s name. Ishani asks him to leave.

She covers his face, goes to the trash can and waits for Neelam. Acquaintance remembers that she and Ishani are planning to capture Neelam. Meet sits in the trash can while Neelam closes and locks the lid. He meets, gets scared and knocks on the door: “Who is there!” she starts screaming.

Meet Today’s Episode Online:

Neelam places two concrete blocks on top of the trash can. She trying to open the lid, but to no avail. Neelam loves it and says that when she sees Meet’s and She Ahlawat together, everyone thinks Layla has the upper hand, that’s her trigger point. But no one knows that Layla is strong enough to fight Neelam whenever she wants to. Neelam takes the kerosene canister and throws it into the trash can.

Meet’s him, he sees him on watch from CCTV cameras. Neelam says Leila and Neelam are one person and no one can accept it when it is Neelam or Leila. Neelam lights a match and throws it into the trash can, and everything ignites. Meet, screaming from within. Neelam says that she is Layla, who spares no one. The meeting is suffocating inside. Neelam says he will never know the truth about Meat’s split personality.

Meet Latest New Full Episode:

Ishani runs in and calls Mitu. Meet the screams from the trash can. Ishani starts asking for help. Neelam comes up from behind and hits Ishani with a wooden club and Ishani passes out. Meet sees Neelam on his watch. Layla says she doesn’t like it when someone tries to break in. She calls out the name Meet Alhawat. She the sleeping Ahlavat and listen to her call. Get to know Ahlavat, get out of bed with difficulty. Neelam laughs at Acquaintance, says goodbye to her one last time, and says he is leaving to act like Neelam again. She still sinking inside.

Ahlavat appears and starts shouting her name. She tells Ahlawat that it is in the trash and tries to open it. Who also lost consciousness from the smoke from this flame. Acquaintance is even more frightening.


Meet the stuck in the garbage can, scream, wake up Meet Ahlavat, I know you can save me, get up. Meet’s Ahlavat.
Meet, says Meet Ahlavat, I know the power of my love, I am sure that it will save me if necessary.

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