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Meet 2nd December 2022

In Meet, Neelam seeing Meet Ahlawat well dressed. Meet remembers what he told the entire Ahlawat family about his plan. Babita prays to God to her. Raj asks her Ahlawat to join them. He meets Ahlawat who comes down the stairs without any help. Ragini accidentally drops an apple. When She is about to step on the Apple.

He remembers that it’s the signal they’ve decided if there’s something in his path that shouldn’t be there.  She goes to Babita and says that he will cut the cake himself if she doesn’t get her cold cured.

Neelam decides to throw a tennis ball to find out whether she has really regained his sight or not. Neelam throws the ball to him. She takes the ball. Family members applaud for catching him. She Questions him how did he get the ball?

He reminds her that he used to be the best wicket keeper in his cricket team and says that if a ball comes towards him on instinct, he can catch it. Raj and Ram think that some kids have thrown the ball. Neelam believes him is healing after seeing him catch the ball.

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Neelam asks  her who are they? He says these nurses came here to take her to the mental hospital. Congratulations Babita him. He has seizures.

Neelam says that she is fine because she is going to mental hospital today. Neelam willingly goes with nurses. She thinks if Neelam doesn’t get angry and she doesn’t use the poison how she can find out the name of the poison. Babita worries about him and calls all family members. Neelam requests her to allow her to meet him one last time. Neelam is shown to be going to his room. All the family members have shown that they are concerned about  him.

She prevents Neelam from going to his room and says that Neelam has hurt them a lot and says if  he sees her, she will scold her. she says she doesn’t want her to feel bad as she leaves the house. Neelam thinks that she too will see how they get married. Neelam leaves with the nurses.  She bids farewell to Neelam. Babita takes the name of him. She hears Babita’s voice and goes to his room.  she encourages him and says they will get the antidote soon. Ram calls doctor to come to Ahlawat mansion.

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Doctor checks him and says that he has given medicine to control his attacks and says if antidote is not given two hours he will die. Babita pleads with the doctor to do something to save him. The doctor gives a prescription to Raj saying to follow it. She convinces everyone to make drama and asks for their word that they will support her in this drama. Everyone agrees.

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