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The fact that the man standing at the door believes that my children are performing the Janmashtami pooja together is the best thing for me. People I meet while walking down think I’m going to leave this house, but I ask that you please continue to bless my family. Raj walks behind Meet Ahlawat and Neelu in order to bestow his blessings on them. As he does so, he notices Meet walking down the stairs with her luggage and wonders where she is going and who is with his son as he performs the pooja. Meet see Raj standing. When everyone turned to look at Raj, the entire family was taken aback. The divorce papers were delivered to Raj, and he picked them up, read them, and then looked at Ahlawat. Try to strike up a conversation with Ahlawat. Raj gives him a hard slap on the back of the head and asks, “What were you going to tell me? How could you imagine that someone else can take Meet’s place?” Meet tells Raj to forget about everything and come to his room with him and I. Because of what he did to you, the person who did it should be punished, but Raj argues that nothing bad will happen to him because you gave him a second chance at life. Raj tells Meet Ahlawat that there are times when you simply cannot forgive someone for a few faults. Barfi tells Raj that shouting about your reality won’t change it, that your son is no longer a child, and that if your son wants to live his life with my daughter, he should be allowed to do so, and that it is best if you accept it as soon as possible. Raj maintains that it is not feasible in this life. Raj tells Meet that he begged her to marry his son while he was being disrespected in front of everyone, and then she became his daughter in law. I cannot forget what you did for me, and nobody else in this home can take her position. I went to the hospital to get checked out, but you were already discharged, so I wanted to make sure you were okay. Raj replies that if you think everything that’s happening here is acceptable, then you should consider that he is fine as well. Babita asks that you kindly do not take stree with Raj and that you remain quiet. Raj asks, “Why should I keep quiet so that you can evict her from the house? This girl has demonstrated time and time again that she is a member of our family; how can you possibly consider her an outsider?”

According to Barfi, a son is a member of the family, but a daughter in law is considered an outsider. He asks you to consider this for a moment and then identify either your son or your daughter in law as a member of your family. Raj responds, “I suppose you are right. Today is the first time I’m thinking he is my blood. I feel like taking out all of my blood within. However, because he is connected to my blood, I can no longer see him in this house, and I’ve asked him to move out of the house.” Then he seizes Meet Ahlawat walks towards door. Barfi steps in the middle and puts an end to it. Before I go too far and hurt you, Raj asks that you move aside since this young man has no business being in our house. He says that. Barfi intervenes and tells him that he will feel horrible after learning the truth, but the reality is that he has no title to this house, and according to the law, it should be you who is required to leave this house. The astonishment on Raj’s face. Because your younger child took the responsibility and because he is the reason you are standing here, you have no right to kick him out. Barfi, did nobody tell you not to worry? I’ll tell you: your older son Tej suffered such a significant loss that your house, your company, and your office would have been sold but your younger child took the responsibility. Barfi is told by Meet Ahlawat that they will not speak to their father in such a manner. She tells Raj that because of him, you are alive and you are throwing him out just because of an outsider, your son is your right hand, I heard you are a businessman so think one time and then decide who is a family son or daughter in law. Barfi says that she is just telling him the truth so that he will respect her, and she tells Raj that because of him, she is alive. Barfi tells Raj that she is just telling him the truth so that he will respect her Raj has stated that he believes that you are correct. I also have to pay attention to what my head has to say, and both it and my emotions are telling me that I need my son. Barfi says, “I know that when it comes to pick, you always choose family. That’s the proper decision,” and then he asks Ahlawat to meet him so that they can collect the blessings of your dad and begin the pooja once more. She asks Meet Ahlawat to get Raj’s blessings and then tells Meet that she will see her later. Barfi asks Meet if she will go on her own or if she should kick her out of the house. When you see Ahlawat, bow down to get their blessings. Take a step back and offer your blessings to Meet. Raj will tell you that he cannot live without his son, therefore from this point forward, he will give you the role that previously belonged to his son. According to Meet, this is not possible, which is not accurate. Raj takes Meet by the hand and leads her before God. He then removes the duppata from her head, ties a turban around it, and tells her, “From this day forward, you are my son.”



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