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The Episode Start With:

Meet walks into her room, where she sees her burnt clothes on the floor and a photo of Meet Ahlawat. She recalls what Neelu told her about marrying Meet Ahlawat, and while holding the photo of Meet Ahlawat, she says, “Because of our problems, Neelu is been ground between us, she burned my clothes and then tried to burn herself. Today I realised how trapped she might be feeling; no one is ready to accept her, and I always think of throwing
On the phone with Ahlawat, who is discussing the shipping for his company, we meet Ahlawat. Meet and slip inside the room with a gift for Ahlawat, who then walks into the bathroom as she applies adhesive to the door. He emerged from the room and questioned her, “What are you doing here now, you already took my room, so what are you doing?” You won’t have to wait too long to go back into your room, according to Meet. Talk to Ahlawat and find out what the reason is. I want to see what you have, so I’m going to give you a treat, and I’m going to ask him to open her present for her. When Ahlawat opens the delivery, he discovers a large quantity of pizza inside. Meet recommends that you have this pizza. He yells at her while saying, “I don’t want this!” After Meet placed some pizza in his mouth, they both started debating over whether or not pizza should be eaten. Ahlawat Meeet should ask her to leave the house. Meets at the door and announces that it will not be opening. Try to open the door and meet Ahlawat there; he asks her what happened and tries to contact someone from the outside. Meet Ahlawat responds, “I’ll try to call someone,” before walking into the restroom to hunt for his phone and making the statement. It was suggested that Meet put his phone under the mattress. Meet Ahlawat as she walks out, and ask her to tell you where you last saw your phone. Meet responds, “I don’t know,” and then accuses him of shutting her in the building. Both of them were hemmed in by the room’s confines. Meet Ahlawat feels that you provided me a lot of nice memories in my life and that I will keep them safe with me because you contributed to the happiness in my life. Meet remembers having a fantastic time with Ahlawat. After eating pizza and falling sleepy, Ahlawat meets with Meet. Meet keep his phone close him, she open door stares at Meet Ahlawat promises, “I will love you till the very last breath I take and then I will leave.” Barfi Devi see her heading out of Meet Ahlawat’s chamber.

Together, Sunaina and Isha are getting ready for the festival of Janmashtami. Ragini should inquire as to whether or not she is missing Deep. She confirms that today is her first festival after getting married, and while everyone and everything else is present, Deep is not, she says that on the following Janmashtami we will celebrate together. Babita, who is accompanying Ragini as they go towards Isha and Sunaina, says, “I have a lot of conflicting emotions right now since tomorrow Raj will be discharged from the hospital, and I don’t know how he will react when he sees Neelu here.” Meet walks up to them and says, “You all look wonderful, and here I brought some present for everyone, and I made all of the outfits and jewellery for Kahnaji, so you don’t have to go out to purchase anything.” After that, she takes a selfie with everyone and then leaves. Sunaina states that she believes that since she wants to celebrate the celebration with Meet Ahlawat, the reason she is attempting to make us happy is because of her want to do so.

Meet Ahlawat and have some barfi. You asked me to trust you, so that’s why I’m not asking you why Meet was coming out of your room in the morning. I know that girl can go to any extent, but you asked me 24 hours and it’s about to finish. Your father will be back soon from the hospital, and when he is here it will be impossible to throw her out, so act quickly and throw her out. Barfi says you asked me to trust you, so that’s why I’m not asking you why Meet was coming

Everyone performs puja for janmashtami. According to Barfi, my Neelu and Meet Ahlawat are going to perform the pooja ceremony today. Neelu walks downstairs. Additionally, walk down the stairs from the opposite side of the meeting. They are the focus of everyone’s attention. Neelu approaches Barfi Devi, who is about to place Meet Ahlawat’s hand in Neelu’s, but Meet steps in the way and grabs Meet Ahlawat’s hand instead. Barfi Devi attempted to speak to Meet, but she was successfully silenced by her.

When it comes to value, a woman places her husband before her own life. Meet sign divorce paperwork. When Raj saw the divorce papers, he smacked Meet Ahlawat and asked how she could bring someone else into the relationship in place of Meet. Meet Ahlawat makes an attempt to ask Raj for his permission, but Raj declines. Raj affirms that this is accurate and that he is unable to function in this world without his son. As of today, you will be considered my son or daughter in law, and you are to wear a turban on Meet.

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