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Meet 3rd December 2022

In Meet, Doctor in the room Meet Ahlavat. Meet him, approaches him in a maid outfit and says I can spend time with him. He says he only has 2 hours left with him, we need to keep him under surveillance, so hurry up and leave. Lie down next to him and talk to him.

Babita in her room remembers how the doctor told everyone that if she doesn’t give everyone an antidote in the next 2 hours, get to know Ahlavat, we will lose. Raj goes to her. She hugs him crying. Raj says I know what a soft mother but she is much stronger when it comes to her son. Their mother name is Devi, she wipes her tears, says we should hide our feelings and save our child, crying won’t help us. should smile in front of her, just be ready. Babita says I will do my best.

Veji and Ram on duty say how can you say you can’t save my child, I beg you to save him and end the call. Ragini stands next to her and cries and says I know you are mad at me but could you please put that aside and says nothing will happen to her. Ram, restrain yourself, god says you will be healed with us and go.

Khosyar says when Innokenty recovers, and I will ask him to have a party, and everyone will watch, today I saw you fighting for the first time, I see you crying for others. Innokenty hugs him tightly and says that he is my brother, everything will be fine? Hoshiyar says that yes, everything will be fine, do what Mit asks us to do.

Meet Today’s Episode Online:

Meet, Ahlavat says Let’s meet, do you remember how we both talked to each other, can you repeat them with me? The meeting says yes. Meet Ahlavat, she says that you will always be attached to me, never leave under any circumstances, no one can separate us, and if death separates us, I will come back for you.

Meet, repeat everything and say that our love will surely defeat the one who gets ahead of us, earplugs say that I will always listen to you, but I promise that you will not stop breathing until you get the antidote. He says, meet Ahlavat, I promise.

Ram in the lobby. Meet his walks. Ragini joins them. Ram says that I also invited 15 guests and some dancers. He brings a nice couple, look, they look like them, they look like you, so that no one suspects that you are not functional, they will put you in a mandapa according to the plan and say that they will cover your face there. Ask Ragini and Sunaina to cook them. Ask Ram and Hoshiar to be on the lookout, keep an eye on everyone.

I think Neelam will come here with an injection, but he’ll be in disguise, I’m wearing a waitress uniform so I can take a look. Raj, I believe that we will succeed in our plan, because our prayers are with you, everything will be fine, she and Ram are leaving. Talk to Meet Ahlawat on the phone and ask how you are. He says, meet Ahlavat, just wake up and don’t worry, I’ll keep my word.

Meet Latest New Full Episode:

The guests are starting to arrive. Ram, Hoshiyar and Meet take care of and take care of every guest. Someone says, look, come on. Babita excitedly goes to her bride. Ragini asks if there is any news from Neelam. Says not now. Meet says that Neelam should be here by this time. Mit asks Ahlavat if you are okay.

He didn’t answer. He says I’m afraid I’m coming to you. Meet Ahlavat, he says I’m fine, stay true to your mission. Sunaina calls Raj and tells him where the groom is doing his makeup since it was decided that we are on the girl side and you are on the boy side.

The dhol starts playing and the groom goes with them to the ceremony. Babita wonders when Neelam’s son will arrive if she is fighting for her life. Several dancers also enter with their faces covered in Duppata. The faces of everyone who tries to look there. Meet the lady in the pink dress, she thinks it is Neelam and warns Ram and Hoshiyar to watch her and Kio.

Seeing a faceless man dressed as a worker, he signals Hoshiyar and Ram to watch him. Meet Hoshiyar and Ram catch him on the run and say your time is up, give me a poison injection. Get Duppata out of your face.

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