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The Episode Start With:

Meet’s duppata was removed by Raj, who then said, “Today I’ll convert you into a turban,” referring to the position to which the son is entitled after the father. Raj puts a turban on her head and tells her, “You accomplished everything that was expected of a daughter in law, and from now on you will do the same thing as my son, and if I die, then you and Tej will be allowed to set fire to me.” not Meet Ahlawat tells everyone to pay close attention because from this point forward, his son will be known simply as Meet rather than Meet Ahlawat. Meet asks Raj, “What are you saying? You know how much he cares about you and respects you.” Raj responds that Meet is correct. Raj says if he really care about me then he wouldn’t have taken this step, he even can’t see that you are trying to make us stick together, a son’s duity is to saty together with family and he failed in that but you will handle this responsibilty and complete it. Meet Ahlawat steps over to Raj, joins his hand, and says, “Whatever you say, but relation can’t end because our relation is been made by god, I’m you son and shadow, and shadow can’t leave, so don’t make me a stranger.” Raj nods and looks at Ahlawat. Meet tells Raj that he loves and respects him a lot, and that he asks him not to do it. Raj says that he would have agreed to anything, but he won’t agree to that because it doesn’t involve his girlfriend, Meet. Raj says that he doesn’t know why his boyfriend cut you out of his life, but he is certain that whatever he is doing is wrong, and that he can’t imagine anything untoward happening to you. Barfi tells her that she can’t trust her to make the right choice while she’s feeling emotional, and he reminds her that this house will belong to Meet Ahlawat as long as she doesn’t repay anything, which is impossible. Raj claims that you have no idea how capable she is, that she can do things that are impossible for everyone else but are easy for her, and that as of today, he has appointed her as the chairperson of his firm, and from this point forward, you will be in charge of managing his company. Barfi thinks you are doing wrong. Meet Ahlawat demands that you keep quiet about anything that may come up between her and her father. Barfi explains that he is speaking for your benefit, therefore he asks that you be silent. You only have half the knowledge, according to Raj. You don’t know that I have five pharmaceutical companies, Barfi. One of them is in the United States, and Meet handles it. The other four are in India, and according to you, they are losing money. From this point forward, Meet will handle those companies, and I won’t take any help from my US company. That company is no longer mine; it will be Meet Ahlawat’s, and I’m here to support her for the other four companies. I won’t force anyone; whoever believes my Meet responds by asking, “What are you saying? Please let me go and don’t separate things because of me; I can’t handle this any longer.” Raj claims that you are his son and that you are telling him to leave you because you are confident that you would deal with things in an excellent manner. Raj tells everyone that they can select which side they support. Neelu will proceed in their direction. Isha should be standing next to Barfi, as she requests. Isha walks toward Barfi. Popat stand near Meet. Raj and Meet are joined by Sunaina and Tej, who are also accompanied by Ragini and Ram. Barfi tells Ram and Ragini that their daughter was married in my family, so they need to think about it and determine which family they should join. Both Ram and Ragini want to apologise to Raj, but they support Barfi. Babita inquires of Raj as to whether or not this event is in fact taking place: “I must pick between my husband and my son.” Raj says to me, “I know it’s difficult for you, but time is crucial, and I also chose between my daughter-in-law and son, and now it’s your turn.” Babita hugs Meet Ahlawat weeps and says, “I wish this time shouldn’t have come, I thought we will forget everything and start living like son and mother but now that day won’t come.” However, she continues, “but I won’t forgive for what you did. I want to see you successful in life. I’ll pray for you. Take care of yourself, and she walks toward Raj.” Meet Ahlawat has fond memories of the time he spent with Raj and Meet. Tej and Meet take Raj’s blessings.
Remembering what Raj said while they were apart comes to mind while Ahlawat is angry and boxing with a punching bag.

Meet says to Raj that he believes Meet Ahlawat is blaming him for the fact that the two of you are no longer together. Raj claims that you are not the reason why we are no longer together because you accomplished everything I asked of you. According to Meet, he must be in pain today. Get ready to take care of both the office and the house with all of your energy, as Raj says, “I know, and I’m also not happy with this decision.” Let’s stop talking about Meet Ahlawat for the time being, and instead focus on getting ready to handle the office and the house.

Neelu recognises Meet Ahlawat, and she begins to approach him; however, Meet Ahlawat stops her and says, “She took my dad away for this, and I will never forgive you, Neelu.”

Find each other in her room after getting lost. Popat approaches Meet and says, “I don’t understand whether I should be glad for you or sad for your condition. It was better for you to have left and begun your police career.” Popat walks to Meet and says this. Meet has told me that if it is in my good fortune, I will have no choice but to accept it and become Raj’s son.


At the office, PreCap Raj announces to his Board of Directors team that beginning today, all decisions pertaining to our organisation will be made under the direction of our newly appointed CEO, Meet Hooda. One of the members expresses regret and asks whether or not she is qualified to undertake the responsibilities of the CEO.
Because I do not believe that this business will fail, investors should have their money returned to them, according to Meet Ahlawat.

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