Meet [5th December 2022] Written Update

Meet 5th December 2022 Written Update On

Meet [5th December 2022] Written Update

Meet December Written Update:

In Meet, Everyone is celebrating their anniversary. Meet the lady in the pink sari, the shw says it’s definitely Neelam as she heads towards the Mandap.
Get to know Ahlavat and start breathing fast. The doctor checks.

Meet Ram and Hoshyar go to the lady, she backs away and runs away. The doctor introduced Meet’s Ahlawat. The three catch him. Meet’s me, he says that your game is over, and now give me an injection and pull out the duppata. Getting to know Ahlawat is breathtaking.

Meet, ask who you are, who sends you, I ask you something.

The nurse runs and tells him the situation. Raj gets worried and runs to Meet. Ask what kind of meeting. Raj said the nurse said “Meet Ahlawat” breathed her last. He says we did well in our meeting game. Neelam is here, he must be going to checkers, if he is smart, I am better than him, don’t worry, I will give him a chance and help him meet Ahlavat.

She thinks that you both got married today and today I am going to separate you, because Acquaintance with Ahlavat can only be mine. Neelam stands behind the groom with a needle in his hand. Take the inventor by the hand from behind, everyone surrounds him.

Meet Today’s Episode Online:

Hoshiyar yells for everyone to wait and introduces the bride and groom to Neelam, thanking them for their help. Meet Joe kindly gave me this injection. Neelam laughs at them, injects them and signals to the Roughnecks. Several punks enter with guns and take everyone hostage.

Try walking. Neelam, I told you not to challenge me, now I’m here in front of everyone and now it’s your task, do you want to save Ahlavat or Ahlavat, you can inject into “Meet’s Ahlavat” otherwise everyone will kill your whole family, that’s your choice. Enough to meet, says Neelam, don’t do it, I beg you, leave them alone.

The nurse who went downstairs says that Meet Ahlavat seriously. Neelam comes up to Acquaintance and says that I’m not so bad as to let you meet her one last time. Neelam asks the idiot to bring Acquaintance with Ahlavat on public display.

The nurse brings Acquaintance with Ahlavat in front of everyone in a wheelchair. Babita runs to Neelam to hit her, Neelam drives her away. Raj says you will pay for this Neelam. Neelam’s laughter speaks volumes about how dire the situation is.

Meet Latest New Full Episode:

I thought I’d sneak in, give her an injection and leave, but that’s fun too, she tells Acquaintance, don’t waste your time and decide what you want. Raj says that he did not listen to the Doctor when he gave him this injection, there is nothing he can do to install the antidote and not be afraid of it.

Neelam says that I asked you not to tell you from time to time, she runs up to him and hits him with a plate many times. Raj begins to bleed heavily and tells Meet’s not to listen to him, give the doctor an injection and let him do what he wants.

Meet the stops, Neelam says enough, don’t do it. Nilam says that you have decided, go to Ahlavat and save everyone. Meet’s Ahlavat with a needle in his hand. Raj says what do you think. She Ahlavat, who quickly grabs Neelam and pins him to his neck.

Meet, give the poison, doctor, someone says that there will be an antidote soon.Neelam tells Mith he thinks he won, it’s your misunderstanding that you can save him with an antidote, trust me you will lose your winning bet. The doctor says that it is too late to administer the antidote to everyone, and the patient does not react at all.

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