Meet [6th December 2022] Written Update

Meet 6th December 2022 Written Update On

Meet [6th December 2022] Written Update

Meet December Written Update:

In Meet, Everyone is celebrating an anniversary. MeEt the lady wearing the pink saree, she says it’s definitely Neelam as the sewing has gone to Mandap.
Meet Ahlavat, it starts to breathe quickly. The doctor is checking.

Meet Ram and Hoshiyar go to the lady, she retreats and runs away. The doctor gives an injection. Meet’s Ahlavat. The three catch him. She says your game is over, give me this injection and duppat comes out. Meet the breath of Ahlavat.

Meet’s and ask who you are, who sent you, I will ask you something.

The nurse rushes to Meet’s him and explains the situation to him. Raj gets worried and runs to Meet’s. Meet’s and ask what happened. Raj says the nurse said Meet Ahlawat was breathing her last. Tanış says we are successful in our game. Neelam has come, he must be going to his fiancee,

if he is smart, I am more than him, don’t worry, I will give him an injection and help him meet Ahlavat.
Nilam thinks that you both got married today and I will separate you today because meeting Ahlavat can only be mine.

Neelam stands behind the groom with an injection in his hand. Meet’s, hold his hand from behind, everyone surrounds him. Hoshiyar yells, wait for everyone and introduce the bride and groom to Neelam, thanking them for their help. Meet’s says politely, “Joe, give me this injection.” Neelam laughs at them, injects him and signals Goons

Meet Today’s Episode Online:

A few thugs enter armed and take everyone hostage. Meet’s try to walk. Neelam says I told you not to challenge me now, I am here in front of everyone and now it is your duty, do you want to save Ahlavat or Meet’s Ahlavat, you can inject Meet Ahlavat or everyone will kill your whole family.

Your choice is Meet’s she says, stop Neelam, don’t do that, I beg you leave them alone. The nurse comes down and says meet Ahlavat seriously. Neelam goes to the meeting and says I am not too bad to let you Meet’s him one last time. Neelam asks the bandits to bring Ahlavat before everyone.

The nurse will bring  Ahlawat in front of everyone in a wheelchair. Babita runs to Neela to hit her, Neela drives her away. Raj shouts, says you will pay for this Neelam. Neelam laughs, saying how fascinating it is.

I thought I’d sneak in and give it a shot, but it’s fun, he says: “Meet’s, don’t waste time and decide what you want.” Raj, don’t listen to the Doctor give this injection so he can arrange an antidote and don’t be afraid of him.

Meet Latest New Full Episode:

He can’t do anything. Neelam says I asked you not to tell her that she ran and hit her with a plate several times. Raj starts bleeding heavily and tells Acquaintance that you are not listening to him, you inject the doctor, let him do what you want.

Looks familiar, Neelam Hand says enough, don’t do it anymore. Neelam says you have decided, go inject Meet’s Ahlavat and save everyone. See him with a needle in his hand, go to see Ahlavat. Raj says what do you think. Meet’s. Meet’s goes to Meet’s Ahlavat, immediately grabs Neelam and needles him in the neck.

Meet, give the poison to the doctor, he says someone will get the antidote soon.
Neelam tells the Familiar that you misunderstood that you thought you had won, that you could save him with an antidote, trust me you will lose your winning bet.
The doctor says we are late in bringing the antidote to everyone, the patients do not react at all.

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