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The Episode Start With:

Babita is currently resting her aching head in the hallway. Ragini carried some medicine and water as she made her way toward Babita. She is stopped by Barfi Devi, who inquires as to what she is doing. Ragini tells me that I should drink lemon water for Babita because if she doesn’t come here in time, she will have a migraine attack, and Babita has told me that she doesn’t have any medicine for migraines, so if she needs me to go see her, I will. Barfi replies to Babita, “Neelu is here; let her do her job, and ask Neelu to help you because Meet is at the office and you are the only daughter-in-law in the house; go and take responsibility for everything.” Neelu approaches Babita carrying a glass of lemon water and tells her that if she drinks it, she would feel better. Babita says no thanks. Neelu has informed me that she has heard you do not have any medicine, and that if you do not drink it, you may experience a migraine attack. Please ring the bell when you get there. Ragini go to check. A man states that this package is meant for Babita and that it was sent by Meet. Babita inquires about the contents of the gift. Ragini instructed Meet to have some medicine mailed to you online; she requests that you take it. Babita claims that she is always doing something that prevents me from being furious with her.
To prepare for the meeting, we will meet and practise. Masum enters Meet’s room and suggests that we should get the meeting started with the investors. When you meet, make sure to ask how you got here. Masum informs her that I have arrived with the files and hands her all of the paperwork pertaining to the company and the meeting. Meet reports that you filled me in on everything but did not respond to his inquiry. Masum says maam I’m doing my job. Meet advises that you should depart as soon as possible, preferably before Meeting Ahlawat sees you. According to Masum, I have been appointed to the position of company secretary. Who appointed you is revealed through Meet. Meet Ahlawat says that I did, and I hope that there won’t be any problems for you as a result. Someone asks Meet how you can achieve this. It will help you focus on your work rather than the drama if you listen to him when he claims that she is knowledgeable about this office and knows how to operate. Trust me on this one. Meet Ahlawat recalls that Barfi spoke to him on the phone and asked him to appoint Masum in the company and brainwash him as part of her scheme. Meet Ahlawat walks away. Masum informs Meet that investors are currently awaiting the meeting; how prepared are you for it? It was a yes from Meet.

Sunaina ask Babita how are you feeling. Barfi walks in Babita’s room. Babita claims that you have already partitioned off my home; she asks what else you require. Barfi says, “I never wanted this, first thing your son got married to my daughter and about separation I’m not responsible it’s your husband Raj who wish to choose Meet, I understand your pain, you are thinking about Your husband’s company, a rookie person is handling now who is dumb in business because of which you are having headaches.” (Barfi: “First thing your son got married to my daughter and about separation I’m not responsible it’s your husband Raj who wish to choose Meet.”) Sunaina has assured you that you do not need to be concerned about Barfi. Babita says, “I’m worried about Meet, Raj gave him so much responsibility our families name reputation are on stake, I’m worried will she be able to prove everything, till whatever she did is under someone’s guidence, she don’t have a lot of experience to handle an empire.” Raj gave Meet a great deal of responsibility because our family’s name and reputation are at stake. But nobody cared about me; everyone abandoned me, and I’m worried about whether or not Meet will be able to handle it. Sunaina believes that I am also capable of performing the miracle that Raj is anticipating from Meet.

Investors are going to be speaking in Hindi during the meeting. One of the investors approached Meet and requested that the meeting be conducted in English. Masum, please ask Meet if it is okay for me to interpret whatever it is that you are saying into English. Thank you. Meet declares that there is no need for a secretary because our native tongue is Hindi, and since we are all Indians, I don’t believe that anyone would have any trouble understanding what she has to say as she runs the meeting. A young man carrying a pizza delivery bag walks into the meeting room and announces that the delivery has arrived. Masum comments on the absurdity of the situation. The man looks at Meet and asks, “Do you remember me? We both started our pizza delivery job together, and you are doing fantastic today.” The man claims that there was nobody at reception so he came in. Meet has stated that they do not recall you. When someone is successful, he argues, they tend to forget about those around them, which is exactly what you’ve observed. Masum orders him to leave, and she follows his orders, paying him and telling him well done. He went away. Masum claims that she would now enter the room to investigate how they are insulting Meet. Everybody is asking questions that are relevant to the gathering. Meet Ahlawat is seen from the outside looking in on Meet. Meet is insulted by an investor who makes fun of her previous job and insults her. He says he’s sorry to say but we won’t be able to invest money and for the first time he thinks Raj Sir made a bad decision. I won’t give my money to a pizza delivery guy, so start making arrangements to return my money within a week, and other investors also demand money from you. Make an effort to bring them to a halt. Masum goes outside to try to stop them, and his happiness is contingent upon a condition.

Neelu in her room. Barfi approaches her and says, “Here’s the tiffin; take it and give it to Meet Ahlawat at his office.” Barfi then goes away. Neelu says no. Barfi claims that he is your duty, and he arrived at the office without having eaten anything. Neelu asks, “Why do I have to show everyone that I care for Meet Ahlawat? I want to fulfil my responsibilities in my own way.” Neelu continues, “I got married to Meet Ahlawat because you asked me, and now let me determine how to spend my married life.” After Neelu finishes her sentence, she walks away.

Meet Ahlawat walks up to Meet in her office and says, “Dad had faith in you that you will run this company easily, whatever happened today was not right and after seeing you in pain because of today I feel it was right now you will understand how I feel having this pain inside me and ask her to think, he starts cribbing and saying that you took my dream, my son, and my dad from me and that I hate you, this chair and company is my dad’s dream and today after 25 minutes meeting you



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