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Meet Ahlawat tells Meet that he needs him to return the money that investors invested, and that if he doesn’t do it, then his father’s reputation will be in jeopardy. I have an offer for you. He walks to drawer behind Gather, remove money from it, and then donate it to Meet advises to take it and return it to the investors while keeping your ego with you. This drawer has two keys, one of which is with me and the other is with you. Whenever you want to return take money and return them, it will be between you and me. Meet drops key. Come down to the pick-up spot and meet Ahlawat there. When Masum looks in from the outside, she believes that the two of them are kissing one other. Good now, Masum adds, I have some hot news to present to Barfi. After picking up the keys, Ahlawat receives a call from his lawyer informing him that the hearing for the divorce will take place the following day at 2:00 pm. In addition, Meet receives a call. Both of them claim that I will get there at two o’clock tomorrow.
Meet Ahlawat in room. Neelu gives him some water and tells him to refresh himself before he gets him some meal. He claims that I am not hungry at all. Neelu encourages you to partake in a bit. He yells at her and tells her, “I’m not hungry! Get out of here!” Neelu walk out of room. Neelu is told to meet her outside with a plate while she waits. If you feed him food in the same plate that he previously used, he will eat it. Neelu retorts, but the situation is already soiled. According to Meet, this will serve as prashad for him. Neelu, I need you to tell me why you are assisting me. She turns her back on Meet after she hears him say, “I’m simply trying to get them back together.” Take the identical plate that Meet Ahlawat is using and place it in front of him, Neelu. Talk to Ahlawat and ask her whether or not this is her father’s plate. Neelu responds with a positive and then begins eating. Meet saw him having dinner from out.
When Meet Ahlawat tells her father that she is unable to eat with him, but that it feels as though he is feeding her, he smiles and expresses gratitude to her. Neelu believes that the first time he talked to me soon I will create my way in his heart no matter what the cost may be. While looking at him, Meet tells him, “I won’t allow you and Raj to become estranged.”

In her prayers to God, Babita asks that everyone’s relationships be restored to their previous state. Meet Ahlawat had food supplied to her by my daughter, my Neelu was successful, and Meet fell down on her face in the office. Barfi came up to her and says, “I have some excellent news today.” Raj taunts Barfi states that today was her first day in office; everyone makes mistakes when they take their first step; I did, too, but I didn’t give up hope, and I know that she won’t give up hope, either; I trust that she will soon demonstrate that my decision was correct.

As soon as Meet Ahlawat opens his eyes, he recognises Raj’s voice asking for his kid. When Ahlawat is introduced to Raj, Raj immediately becomes delighted. Meet Ahlawat says dad you called me. The two of them walk over to Raj and ask him whether he called them. Babita responds to Raj by asking Tej, “Why do you believe you’ve been called Beta?” everytime Raj uses the name Beta. Tej says I’m here. Raj adds that while I was sick, I asked God to heal me so that I could be with Babita again, and now that I’m feeling better, I believe that the time has come for me to leave. Will you assist me and your mother in completing this journey? Tej tells her not to worry because of course he will take her, and he will register all three of their names for the Devi Maa journey. After Raj has thanked her, they will depart. Tej will be of assistance to them, and it is recommended that they first meet with Ahlawat.
Meet, Barfi tells her, “I feel sorrow for you, I have a suggestion, you already had a tremendous loss at office therefore you should pray to god and go for office and teases her.” Barfi’s words are meant as a taunt. Thank you very much for remembering me, says Meet. According to Barfi, there aren’t many chances to succeed in business. While we wait to find out what will happen with Raj, you need to show up in court today. Meet states that you are not required to serve as my secretary because I am capable of handling things on my own. Instead, you should look after your daughter and son in law.

In front of the civil court, Ahlawat and you will meet. We will meet as we walk towards the court. Someone threw a bottle made of glass in her direction. Few goons trap her. Meet, find out what happened, and figure out why you’re in my way. He claims that you sent me to jail when you were the SI, and now it is time for him to have his revenge. Meet has informed me that you have been punished for your behaviour; therefore, you may now dismiss me. They impede her once more. Meet Ahlawat strikes one of the goons and tells the others to pick them up and get out of here. Goons run away. The other person asks me why I acted like a hero for them when I could have done the same thing. Meet Ahlawat believes that you are capable of handling everything correctly; however, you must keep in mind that the reason we are going through this difficult period is due to the fact that I was in a hurry to end this relation.

Barfi was in the room with Neelu. Neelu should move quickly with Meet Ahlawat, as Barfi would explain to her, so that he can grow closer to her. Neelu assures me that I am making an effort, but it is impossible for me to ignore how much he adores Meet. Barfi claims that you are concerned because of what Masum witnessed at the workplace, but she may have misinterpreted what she saw because she was looking at them from a distance. When I see them together, it makes me feel like I’ve been thrust in the middle, despite Neelu’s assertions that it might be an act of deception. Barfi says that if you want to feel pity, you should feel for yourself, and all the haze from your past will be removed when Meet Ahlawat accepts you. Because of this, you should make a promise to yourself right now that you will be a part of Meet Ahlawat in its entirety because you don’t have any other option. Someone someone ring the bell for me. According to Barfi, Ahlawat will be waiting for you here. Neelu exits. Please say a prayer for Neelu, Barfi.

Come, Come, Ahlawat and Hoshiyar are waiting for you in the hall. Hoshiyar replies, “Today I got time to take my belongings away; if I had arrived on some other day, I wouldn’t be in shock as much.” Hoshiyar continues, “You don’t know how much wounded I am after hearing that you two are getting seperated.”


Everyone in Raj’s bedroom. Tej, Barfi says, should now be thinking about how your parents would travel for the pilgrimage. Meet affirms that they will without a doubt go on pilgrimage, and I will take you.
A pandit remarks to Meet that this is the first time in my life that he has witnessed a daughter-in-law accompanying her parent-in-law on a pilgrimage.
Barfi Devi makes a threat to herself, “I will not allow you to finish the work that you have started.”

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