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Isha’s bidaae is currently taking place. Her stumbles eventually led to her falling. Have a chat with Ahlawat, pick her up, and then head to your vehicle. All of Ragini’s friends and family were crying because of the ceremony. Isha is walking when Raj comes up to her and says, “Raj, in your life, happiness came late, but now you will get all of it with compound interest.” He then asks Deep to promise that he will keep Isha happy. Don’t be concerned because Deep has confirmed your suspicions. Ragini tells Deep that with god’s blessings, they were able to get married, but Barfi was able to escape the marriage. Deep has assured me that she will forgive me, so please do not be concerned, and there is also no need for you to be concerned about Isha; I will take good care of her, and I promise that I will not disappoint your faith in me. Masum, Hoshiyar, Sunaina hugs Isha. Every single person is feeling emotional. When Ahlawat is crying, you should get in the car with her and make her sit down. After that, Deep and Isha will depart. Meet Ahlawat and pray to God, telling him that I didn’t ask for anything from you but to keep her happy, I ask you.

The door to the mansion is opened, and Manushi walks out. Manjari approaches Manushi and asks, “Did you see how I handled the situation and how everyone was praising me?” Manushi nods her head and walks away. The statements made by Manushi are accurate. Manjari asks that you kindly hand the baby over to Popat so that she can finish her work and I can continue robbing the Ahlawat of their possessions. You will get the baby tomorrow at four o’clock, Manushi says it’s fine. I’ll text you. Manjari requests that you inform me of all the documentation work that I am required to complete. If Manushi continues to be silent and irritate me any further, your Popat will have to take care of the baby. Manushi questions how something like that could even be possible. Manushi responds by saying, “Stop bothering me; I don’t need any paperwork.” She then explains that one of her distant sisters passed away while giving birth, and as a result, the baby will be given to her. The question that Manushi wants to know is, “Is he a boy or a girl?” Manushi has informed me that he is a male, and I was wondering if there were any other questions you had or if I should just leave. Come out and meet Ahlawat, then stick around to hear what they have to say. Manjari ask Manushi is our deal done. Manushi says done and walk away. Ahlawat, who overhears his colleagues discussing a business transaction, wonders what kind of transaction they are referring to. Meet pray to god says I need to start getting ready for the happiness that will come tomorrow when Manushi gives birth to my baby.

We meet in her room where she is unable to sleep because she is playing with light. The light is what causes Popat to open his eyes. Repeatedly come face to face with the time spent seeing each other.
She looks at her watch and says, “Today time is also troubling me, usually it just fly away, I have to wait for some time more then me, Meet Ahlawat, and our baby will be together.” Meet has just seen a breaking news report about a child named Gungun who has fallen into a pit, and she prays for her. When Meet was pregnant, she had a good time with Meet Ahlawat. Meet remembers those good times.

Meet Ahlawat, who is currently seated in the hall, is contemplating the business arrangement that has been made between Manjari and Manushi. I am unable to comprehend what it is that she wants, as I believe that this business arrangement is between Manushi and Meet, but the two of them dislike one another. What could possibly unite the two of them in order for them to agree to the business arrangement?

When Meet glances at her watch, she notices that it is only four in the morning. I still have to wait another 12 hours before I can see my baby. Please pray that everything goes smoothly.

Talk to Ahlawat and see if you can figure out why this business transaction is taking place. When you try to pour alcohol into Meet Ahlawat’s glass, he knocks it over, so you have to start over. The meet exits the building after hearing the sound. She walks up to Meet Ahlawat while he is intoxicated and says to him, “When you can’t handle alcohol, why do you drink? There are many more people in this house except Meet; think about them at least.” She does this because she sees Meet Ahlawat intoxicated. It was said by Meet Ahlawat that you had created a video before you left. Meet is able to recall that Manushi had requested that she create a video. Meet Ahlawat says the things you said in the video are still stuck inside of me like poison, and every day I feel like I’m dying a little more. When our baby passed away, we needed each other, but you left me alone in anger; why did you do that? You could have not talked but could have stayed with me, and now you tell me I should stop drinking alcohol. Meet Ahlawat: “When our baby passed away, we needed each other. You left me alone in anger; why did you do Weep together as one. Meet Ahlawat says that at that point, alcohol became my friend. Although we experienced many highs and lows together as a result of this, she never abandoned me in the way that you have. Meet says, “Listen, I’m Manjari, but it makes me feel sick to see you in this condition; please stop drinking.” Meet Ahlawat has a saying that goes, “You stop lying, and I’ll stop drinking.” Tell me whether or not you can say that, and tell me whether or not you are the same. I recognised you when I saw you for the first time in garba; we were both there, and my heart was telling me that you are the same; my heart was right, and your eyes are still lying; meet with me, and tell me your intentions of coming back to this house; this is your last chance. This is your last chance. I recognised you when I saw you for the first time in garba; we were both there, and my heart was saying that you are the same. Meet believes that you are the one who deserves to know the truth and that it is time for you to know the truth. Meet is about to tell him the truth, but she receives a message from Manushi and thinks, “If I told him the truth and something went wrong, I have to wait for some more time because Manushi is smart I can’t take risk, and after getting baby I’ll tell the truth.” You should talk to Ahlawat and ask what’s going on because you’re taking such a long time to answer simple questions. Meet says, “I’m Manjari from Vadodara, and I think you forgot because of this alcohol that you brought me here as your father was missing her daughter-in-law.” She then says goodnight and walks away. Meet turns away and thinks, “I’m sorry, Meet Ahlawat. But tomorrow you will get everything, and we will have a new reason to live our life together.”

Manjari prayed to God, pleading with him to ensure that everything would go smoothly so that Ahlawat’s could meet her baby.
Barfi swears under oath that she will expel Manjari from Ahlawat’s residence within the next twenty-four hours.
Along with some barfi with Raj. The information that Raj imparts to her concerns Meet. In order to assist Manjari in his recovery, Barfi’s family arranged for a Gujarati dancer with a face that is identical to Meet’s to come and perform for him. Barfi shared this story with Raj.

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