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The Episode Start With:

Hoshiyar replies to Meet and Meet Ahlawat, “I got time today to remove my stuff, I should have arrived other day to not have a major shock, you two don’t realise how hurt I am…” Hoshiyar is referring to the fact that he had the opportunity to retrieve his belongings on the current day.
Meet and Meet Ahlawat is told by Magistrate Rajendra Gupta that he will be the one to hear their divorce case. Gupta is the one who will be hearing the case. According to Meet Ahlawat, we will get to the court room. He asked them to file it, then he put a seal on it and his signature on the paper, which says congrats, your case has been filed, and the court will give you six months to come back with your case for further hearing if things have not been addressed. Meet Ahlawat claims there is some error we didn’t do any hearing. He tells me that I’ll explain everything to you, and the manner you saved your wife is something that can only be done if you love her. Meet Ahlawat claims that you do not comprehend the fact that we do not wish to cohabitate. Why do you people think that getting married and then divorcing is an easy matter? It’s not. It’s a difficult job. What do you want the court to ask you after six months? Right now, the court wants you and your spouse to live together under the same roof for six months before he is allowed to leave…
Hoshiyar tells them that over the next six months, their relationship will go through a variety of different situations, just like before. He adds, “At the previous Meet, you came out on top, and I want you to come out on top once more.” Meet explains that the moment is different and that earlier she wanted her spouse but that this time he was with someone else and now she does not want to win, so she departs. Meet Ahlawat is seen leaving after making the statement that there will be no change this time. Barfi and Neelu overhear their chat, and Barfi tells Neelu that she is playing smart and that she should ask Neelu to fetch her husband since this is a war, and they need to win.
Sunaina, who is on the phone with a plumber, explains what you will arrive tomorrow, so please make an effort to comprehend the fact that there is no water coming out of the kitchen tap and how I will prepare food. We will meet and walk to Sunaina and Babita to inquire about what took transpired. She elaborates on her current predicament. Meet says not to worry about it since she will check. You’ll find Ahlawat up in the loft listening to them. Sunaina reassures Babita that she is able to handle everything despite the fact that Babita did not succeed on the first day of the challenge. Babita says, “I hope so, but now I’m worried about Raj because he needs dinner at the appropriate time so that he can take his medicine.” Meet Ahlawat told me that I must investigate what she is up to.

Gather in the kitchen where we will attempt to fix the tap. Make your way to the kitchen and offer your assistance to Ahlawat. Meet says step aside. It is critical that this issue be resolved so that Ahlawat’s father can take his medication after dinner. Meet says that I am also concerned about the fact that I will do it in the background. Meet Ahlawat claims that he is also my father, even though he is not communicating with me directly, he will still be considered my father, and you will not be able to take that away from me. They immediately get into an argument about fixing the tap. They turn off the water, which causes water to start gushing out of the pipe, soaking both of them. Meet Ahlawat cover Meet to save her from power of water. Neelu enters into the kitchen and, upon seeing them so close to one another, she accidentally breaks a glass. Find Ahlawat and ask him to use his handkerchief to stop the water from coming out of the pipe. Neelu walk away in rage.

Gather in her room to continue working and discuss what transpired in the meeting. Barfi approaches her and says, “I know you are my son or daughter in law, so come with me and handle the responsibility of daughter in law too.” After that, he leads her to Tej’s room. Tej’s leg was bandaged with plaster. Get together with him and inquire what happened. According to Tej, I injured my leg while walking down the stairs, and the doctor advised me to rest. Raj assures you that everything will work out just fine. Barfi estimates that it will take two months, and because I’m concerned about how you’ll bring your parents on the pilgrimage, I believe that your dream will not come true. Meet Ahlawat tells Raj that his request would be granted and tells him, “I’m also your son. I’ll take you with me. Put your rage aside and come with me. After that, you may stop talking to me again.” Meet Ahlawat promises Raj that his dream will be granted. Babita begs Raj, “Please, after such a long time, you have finally put in a request, and Devi Maa also desires that we should travel with Meet.” It is over once Raj replies “no” and states that he will not travel with him. Raj should travel on the pilgrimage with Meet Ahlawat, but Barfi reminds him that he also has a third son, and Raj should inquire of Meet as to whether or not he will accompany the children. According to Raj, it is not required for a person’s wish to come true under his conditions; nonetheless, we will try again the next year and beg Meet not to stress out about the fact that they have to take care of business. If she is unable to take the burden, then there is no need in keeping her around, as Barfi points out, because what son is constantly loaded with responsibility. Meet promises that Raj’s desire will be granted, stating, “I’ll take you to pilgrimage next month, and that decision is final.” Barfi believes that I will be able to determine how you will be successful on your pilgrimage.

Gather at the office that handles bookings for the pilgrimage with all of the necessary forms. The man inquires about the location of the individual who will take them. I’m the daughter in law, therefore Meet says I can take care of them. The man claims that he has worked at this location for the past seven years, and that this is the first time he has seen a daughter-in-law taking her in-laws on a pilgrimage. Meet tells Panditji that her father-in-law considers me to be his daughter-in-law or son; therefore, whomever takes them as a responsibility should pray. The ritual won’t alter, Barfi, who is standing outside the office, says, and I won’t let you finish your work. You registered today, so you need to take the kalash today itself. Since there are many devotees travelling this year, there is a possibility that you won’t get your number again. The Pandit tells Meet that it is good to come with your father and take the Devi Kalash before beginning your journey. According to Meet, it is not necessary to bring your father to the Devi Kalash ceremony. According to the pandit, your father will be granted permission to take kalash if he expresses a desire to travel, and today is a fortunate day to do so. When we meet, please let me know what time it is today. Pandit indicates that the meet will take place at 5:00 p.m. tonight. Barfi, listening to everything that says both of you will not reach, and it will break all of your pride, then Ahlawat’s gate will be closed for you because my daughter is the only one who has a right on Ahlawat’s house, and she won’t get there until you are out of there. Barfi, listening to everything that says both of you will not reach, and it will break all of your pride.

Barfi thinks to herself that Meet will undoubtedly come across some obstacles on her journey.
After getting out of the automobile, Meet and Raj notice that the tyre is flat. According to Meet, it’s a trap, and someone has been dropping nails. They are surrounded by a handful of thugs.
Barfi has been thinking to herself up until this point that those boys must have done something to them, and she is confident that they will not be able to approach Kalash.

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