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She says that Manjari separated my son from me in front of everyone, I’ll bring a big storm in her life and ruin everything, I did nothing wrong, wrong happened when my son went to jail without any reason, I could have taken my revenge yesterday if she wouldn’t have interrupted. Barfi remembers what Manjari said to her and her son in marriage as she prays in the temple with a diya in her hand. She says that Manjari said that she would bring a big storm in
Meet praying to god for her big day says I have waited one year for this day today Ahlawat’s will meet little Ahlawat today and will give them the happiness they deserve. Meet praying to god for her big day says I will give them the happiness they deserve.

Barfi declares that she will evict Ahlawat’s house guest within the next twenty-four hours under penalty of perjury.

Raksha bandhan is being celebrated by everyone in the hall. Masum bind rakhi to Tej and Meet Ahlawat. Raj asks where you are going and tells you to go tie rakhi around Meet’s wrist since she is your sister-in-law. Masum did as Raj ask. Masum says well I’ll depart I’m getting late for my flight. According to Sunaina, Deep and Isha are present. Ragini becomes joyful and greets them with open arms. Isha receives a hug from everyone. Ragini should question Isha and find out which rakhi she prefers, as well as how she feels about Barfi’s behaviour toward her. Isha assures everyone not to worry and says she would come to this location to meet everyone and perform the rites here as well. Ragini says that’s good. Raj tells Ahlawat to Meet, and Ahlawat Meets Raj. Isha appears to have found happiness in her marriage; since I want both of you to feel that way on a daily basis, I hope that the two of you will soon tie the knot. Meet Ahlawat is under the impression that we won’t get married as long as you don’t disclose the purpose of your visit to me. Meet is under the impression that we will meet together once more, but this time our child will be present. Isha wrapped the rakhi around Ahlawat’s and my wrists. Everyone happy. According to Manjari, I’ll be cooking for you two today. Isha thinks that’s awesome, but she reminds us that we have to leave earlier today. Ragini should inquire as to why. Isha informed me that today I would be making Deep’s favourite ladoo with his mother, and after that, Deep would need to leave for his medical study. Ragini suggests that you may have waited for your father instead. Isha responded, “I wish I could, but I’m unable to stay.” After witnessing your responsible behaviour, Ragini says, “Alright, I feel good.”
You won’t tell anyone it will be a surprise for her, she will come to drop you off at airport, but then you will call and tell that you and Isha are on honeymoon. Meet Ahlawat tells Deep in person that you will be leaving for your research after four days because I have booked a holiday package for you and Isha for four days. They embrace one another as Deep tells her that she is the best there is.

Barfi is seen ringing the bell at Ahlawat’s home. Servant open door. Barfi inquires about the whereabouts of everyone. The servant reports that everyone went to the temple, and both Raj and Meet can be found in their respective rooms or in the kitchen. It’s lovely to see you, Barfi, I’m here to see Raj. Servant walks away.

Gather in the kitchen to dance and prepare food. Meet says that you are free to engage in as much garba as you like today since beginning tomorrow he will be learning bhangra with his Meet Ahlawat partner.
Barfi outside Raj’s room knock at door in greet him. Raj greeted her and inquired about her well-being. Barfi reports that he is doing well and that it makes him happy to watch you making progress in your recovery. Raj claims that everything is going so well for him since his girlfriend Meet arrived because she is the reason for it all. This includes his health. Why won’t you feel healthy since your family brought a rented daughter in law for you? That girl deserves to be recognised even if she is being paid, because even though she is being paid, she still left her all simply to make someone else feel healthy. Barfi says this to the man. Raj claims that he is unable to think of anything negative to say about my meet. Barfi asserts that she is not your son-in-daughter. law’s Raj believes that it is best if you are completely honest with me. Your family brought a look-a-like of Meet for you so that you think your Meet is back but this is not true, she show him Manjari’s advertisement of garba queen and tell she is famous and you can see these posters in the city. Barfi says I don’t deserve to say as I’m an outsider but still if we are having conversation on this topic so let me tell you she is not Meet she is Manjari. Your family brought a look-a-like of Meet Raj, still in disbelief, recalls the time she spent with. Manjari asserts that no, she is not the same and that this statement is not accurate; yet, her eyes do not deceive her and she is the same as her daughter-in-law Meet.
Meet in the kitchen, glance at the clock, and wait for her child to appear. Barfi approaches Manjari and says, “You look pleased. What happened?” Manjari responds by saying that she is delighted since Isha recently got married. Isha told me that you are pleased with the information as well, and Manjari says that it is fantastic news. You don’t need to give me a reason to be joyful, Barfi tells me; just tell me that you were planning to leave this house when Isha got married. Manjari responds, “Yes, I said that; nevertheless, make sure you learn my name correctly since I won’t go till my task is finished here, if you have any problem.” The answer is no, Barfi, but I was curious because I need to hear from you. Barfi walks out and notices someone lurking in the shadows. Meet is confused as to what happened to her because she left without messing with me, and she wonders who she was gazing at. When she walks out of the room, she finds Raj standing there. Raj falls down after listening. Concerned about him, you call the servant and meet.

Everyone is in the hospital right now. Inquire with the doctor about Raj’s state of health, Babita. The doctor has determined that he is in a severe condition and that he needs a heart transplant immediately; however, the only hospital in Haryana with an available organ is on strike.
There is only a fifty-five minute window for Meet to deliver Raj a heart to the hospital before it is too late to rescue him.

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