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Bhiva suggests that we call the mill “Sai’s Mill,” so let’s do that. Henry inquires as to who Sai is. According to Bhavi, he is both our guru and our God. Henry adds that I agree with this idea to demonstrate that we care for their sentiments and that we embrace the proposal. Patil says that we all agree to Bhiva. To each their own, replies Balvant. Villagers applaud for Balvant.
Kulkarni laughed and smiled as he watched Balvant trip and fall.

Sai is questioned by Champa about why he brought her to the basti. Sai assures her that she will find it shortly and tells her to place everything on the ground for now. Sai addresses everyone in the room and tells them that they should feel free to take whatever they require. People that are known to be disruptive also steal stuff that they require. Sai claims that these Kurtis have holes in them, but the guys insist that they will be repaired and worn anyhow. If you don’t need anything, it might come in handy for someone else; if you don’t need anything, it might be useful for someone else; therefore, you should distribute it. Sai told Champa this. Champa tells me that I will keep the memory forever. When Champa notices that the basket has a tong, Sai replies, “I will preserve it; someone might need it.”

Kulkarni becomes enraged after realising that he has been ignored. He then recalls that Sai had said that his countdown had begun, and he resolves that he will not let Sai’s words come true. Bhumi Poojan takes place successfully.
Panditji has instructed me to begin preparations for the havan. While they wait, Balvant gives Bhiva and Chandu the task of distributing the grains. Undrya makes her way over to the sweets and selects one. Panditji loses his temper, concludes that Undrya is a thief, and orders the people to apprehend him. Undrya shoves everyone, causes a commotion, and then begins rushing about in all directions. Undrya is allowed to cause a commotion while Kulkarni prevents Santa Banta from interfering in the situation. In her haste to flee, Undrya accidentally treads on a photograph of Balvant. Henry tells Balvant that this is a major disappointment, and that he should have organised things in a better manner. Henry then leaves. Kulkarni tells Balvant in a hushed voice that this is not good.

When Undrya’s father sees him, he immediately begins to severely beat his son. Gauri urges the other villagers to refrain from hurting Undrya because his father has already been rough with him. Bhiva asserts that all of this is a lie, and that even though we allowed you to live here, you continue to be a nuisance. Sai asks who you are to tell him what to do and why you should. Undrya makes a beeline for Sai. According to Sai, this land formerly belonged to all of you, but since you sold it, you have lost all of your rights to it. Chandu tells Sai that the man was the one who stole Prasad and shoved them both. Chandu, Sai tells you that what you are seeing might not be accurate and that he attacked you out of self-defense. Bhiva says but Panditji saw him steal.
Sai says to Undrya, “I know you won’t do it, because I had warned you not to, so Charuhas tell them what you stole, tell them the truth, and don’t be scared.” Undrya responds with “no no,” and Sai tells Undrya, “I know you won’t do it, since I had warned you not to.”

Undrya’s father confronts him with the tongs and reprimands him for stealing before asking him why he stole. Undrya tries to explain that he took it for his mother since she burned her hand while she was cooking, but he fails miserably. Sai claims that he witnessed Gauri’s hand burn the other day and as a result, he decided to get it for her. Gauri hugs Undrya. Sai tells the villagers that if they saw what he had actually stolen, they would understand, and he asks whether anyone has checked to see if the stolen items were indeed candies. Chandu believes we made a mistake. Sai argues that he did not do what was right and that stealing is wrong. Undrya is instructed by Sai to never take something without permission, and Sai begs Undrya for an apology. Undrya extends her apologies to all of the people. Sai praises him. The tongs were given back to Chandu by Undrya. Sai hands him a pair of tongs that he had stolen from Champa. Undrya smiles widely and then hands it over to Gauri. Chandu is instructed by Sai to give the tongs back to Pandit ji, and Sai requests that everyone be more careful the next time. Sai departs, apprehensive

Henry expresses his regret to Balvant, and Balvant responds by asking how Henry plans to manage such a massive mill project. According to Balvant, I shall be careful. Tejasvi requests that Henry consume some meal prior to his departure. Henry informed me that I needed to go since there will be an inspection, and they also had cooked meals. Balvant insists. Henry departs upset.

Tejasvi walks over to Savari while she is in pain and begins to rant at her, asking how dare she rest while she is in so much discomfort. Savari says guest gone thus I am relaxing. Tejasvi tells you, “I wasn’t asking you to work not for guest but to show you, you are just a slave here and you will do nothing here without my permission, go break the coals.” [Tejasvi] “I wasn’t asking you to work not for guest but to show you, you are just a slave here and The pain in my hands is making it difficult for me to work, so please let me rest first. Tejasvi loses her cool, grabs some chilli powder, and prepares to throw it on Savari’s wounds when Sai walks in, interrupts her, and warns her that every action has repercussions, therefore she shouldn’t do that. Tejasvi yells at Savari to be quiet before approaching him. Tejasvi immediately begins sniffling uncontrollably and then rubs her eyes with her clammy hands. It is Savari who assists her in cleaning her eyes. Tejasvi places the blame on Sai and argues that it is the result of his dark sorcery. Sai adds that he has warned you, and that your refusal to embrace the reality would not alter the situation.

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Bhiva and Chandu in woods get attacked.

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