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Mere Sai 22 June 2022 Full Episode Written Update on

Tejasvi blames Sai. Sai says to Tejasvi, “I warned you, but by you not accepting the truth won’t change the truth. Look at God’s justice to wash your face, you took Savari’s help, whose presence and touch you don’t like.” Sai knows that Tejasvi doesn’t like Savari’s presence and touch because she was the one who helped Tejasvi wash his face. Tejasvi tells her opponent, “You have been corrupted by religion, and I will exact my revenge.” Sai blesses Savari, then turns away after looking at her hands and touching them. Sai then departs. Savari notices that the wounds on her hands have healed completely. Savari gives thanks and prays to Sai.

Sundar wants to know whether he can join the new kids who are having fun together, and the new kids are glad to see the Shirdi kids getting along with them. They are soon joined by Ragini and others. Sundar slaps Chetan. When the children of Shirdi became angry, he shoved Chetan and then ran away. Chetan yells at some new kids, and those kids inform him that Chetan has told them that someone from your group is attacking them. Sai puts a stop to them and tells them that violence is not the answer. Chetan claims that he was smacked by a child from their basti. According to Sai, Satya is correct in saying that it is possible that he is not with them either and that he may be lying. Chetan asks you why you continue to back them up, and he points out that you’ve already asked the rest of us to put our faith in them. Meanwhile, Sai tells you that she knows you’re angry right now, but that in a short while you’ll see things her way. In the meantime, you should stop playing with them until you find out the truth.

As Bhiva and Chandu walk back to their house, they sing praises to Balvant. They heard a disturbance coming from the forest, so they went to investigate. When they got there, they saw a fat man sitting on a tree, and he suddenly sprang in front of them and attacked Bhiva. Both Bhiva and Chandu became terrified and ran away.

Malchapati and the other villagers talk about the attack that was committed against Bhiva. They note that it appeared to be a man’s body but that it had the features of a monkey, and they speculate that the perpetrator may be someone from new basti.

After Malchapati’s visit to Bhiva and Chandu, the three of them make the decision to go to Sai.

After everyone has arrived at Dwarka Mai, Bhiva briefs Sai about the attack and demonstrates his injury to him. Sai administers the medicine, and then he inquires of Bhiva about who it was. Bhiva adds, “I don’t know, but I am sure it wasn’t any animal, and I suspect it’s someone from new basti because I was attacked there.” This is because Bhiva was the victim of an assault in new basti.

Kulkarni walks in and tells the villagers that they should stop being fooled since they already know that Bhiva and Chandu were attacked by someone from Basti and that the attacker is the same lad who stole from the havan. Sai walks up to Kulkarni and asks, “How can you be so convinced it is Undrya? What proofs do you have?” Sai does this because he notices that Undrya has a slight physical distinction from Kulkarni. Kulkarni claims that everyone witnessed yesterday that Bhiva Chandu tried to assault him, and he claims that as retribution, he attacked them. Kulkarni asks, “Do you have proof that they are innocent? Listen to me; these guys are horrible for Shirdi.” However, there are also persons in this village who are malicious toward other people. What are your thoughts on the matter? says Sai.

Undrya’s father has his hands tied behind his back, and he claims that if they take him to work, he would lose his job, but if they leave him alone, he will make a mess. Gauri insists that he is a child, so you should not treat him like an animal. Gauri is dragged out of the tent by his father, who then challenges him to let his son free. The sobbing of Undrya has begun.

Kulkarni responds to Sai by saying, “Shut up, you believe in supporting wrong, and I won’t let mentally retarded kid stay in this village and endanger them.” Sai tells Kulkarni that condemning innocent people without any proof is wrong. Kulkarni says, “Shut up, you believe in supporting evil.” Sai inquires of Bhiva and Chandu regarding their sighting of Undrya. Bhiva Chandu deny. According to Kulkarni, Undrya attacked Santa Banta, and that ne’er-do-well doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. When Sai asks Santa Banta if they had seen Undrya, they respond that it was dark and they were unable to make out anything. Kulkarni smacks them and claims that this is the result of some kind of dark sorcery. Sai says I didn’t do anything. Kulkarni claims that the incidents began after people from the outside began to disturb our serenity, and he attributes this to the beginning of the events.

Sai inquires of everyone as to what they found him engaged in prior to their entrance. Malchapati says you were keeping jhola. Sai responds with “no,” “I was taking jhola but you a came so I stopped,” advising the listener to “never come to a decision soon” since sometimes what you see isn’t genuine. Sai, Chandu acknowledges that you are correct and that none of us want to make the same error we did the day before. Kulkarni warns the group not to seek his assistance because they are going to run into difficulties as a result of Sai, and he then departs.

The villagers inquire of Sai as to who it could have been if not Undrya. Sai encourages us to use patience and faith while we search for the truth.


Malchapati hears from the villagers that they are frightened and want to flee to safety before it becomes dark.


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