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Mere Sai (23 June 2022) Episode Written Update On

After having Undrya tied to a wood, a scorpion enters the room and crawls up upon the victim. The fear overcomes Undrya.While Gauri is driving to work, she calls her husband to inform him that she is concerned about Undrya and that she will check on her. After reprimanding her, he tells her that they need to get to work.
After Scorpio has left, Sai will smile as he opens his potli. Then, he will untie a knot, and Undrya will be free and very delighted. Sai has invited Charuhas to come and visit him in person.

Balvant pays the contractor, who finishes the mill work as swiftly as possible. Kulkarni sees that. Tejasvi approaches Keshav and tells him, “There is mill construction in the hamlet. You have calibre; if you want to work there, ask Balvant Kaka.” Keshav claims that I have completed my work. Tejasvi has instructed you to work with Kaka and gain some knowledge.
Santa Banta overhears Kulkarni telling him that very soon, he will destroy Balvant’s reputation.

Tejasvi tells Keshav, “I came back to Shirdi because of you. However, I want dignity, and I believe that the job you have will give it to me.” Keshav has indicated that it is fine, but I will check with Sai first. Tejasvi states that you are always thinking about Sai; but, there is one thing that you must keep in mind: you need to collaborate with Kaka in order to ensure a bright future for both me and Prahlad.

While Undrya was at Sai’s eating ladoos, he noticed that Sai was working on something and asked what it was. According to Charuhas, this is what Sai says you’ve been hunting for all along. Undrya inquires as to what I shall do with it, and Sai responds by saying that I should do whatever comes to mind. Undrya gathers some sticks and begins constructing something. Keshav approaches Sai, welcomes him, and then says, “I want to tell you something, but…” while thinking about Tejasvi. Keshav, Sai tells you to look at Charuhas; he doesn’t know what he is doing, but he likes it, so he is doing it honestly; and no work is big or tiny; the work that brings you enjoyment will bring you success.
Undrya demonstrates to Sai a mat that he crafted. Sai compliments you on a job well done and promises to provide out additional sticks. Sai inquires of Keshav as to whether or not he has found the solution. Keshav says yes Sai.

When Gauri and her husband arrived home, they found Undrya playing freely and asked him where he had been and how he had gotten away without being caught. Gauri also made an attempt to hurt Undrya. Undrya shoves him, and he begins running about in all directions, causing a commotion. Undrya and his father are reprimanded by the locals, who remind them that they have come to this place for hard work and that the work they are doing is in danger due of Charuhas. Gauri begs them to let them stay, stating that he is exhausted after trying to save your children from the snake. Satya claims that we had planned to seize the ball; therefore, he must be attempting to rescue us. The villagers flee after giving the Charuhas a warning and then leaving.

Hariya plucking mangoes. Harya escapes after Chetan and the others catch him and question him about why he was stealing. Chetan says lets return to gardener. Sai approaches them and tells Chetan that what he’s doing is wrong because stealing is wrong. Chetan makes an effort to elaborate. You are here with mangoes, according to what Sai says, but Hariya isn’t around. Trust what we say, says Chetan. Do you agree with what Sai has said, which is that anything you perceive might not be the truth? Chetan says yes. Sai asks how it is possible that you did not trust Satya the other day. Chetan inquires as to how we would acquire the truth. To see the truth, according to Sai, you must first maintain your composure and an open mind.

The villagers talk about how terrified they are in light of the recent incident. Because the people are afraid, they ask Malchapati to let them leave the pooja early so that they can get home before it gets dark.
Everyone in village get home before nightfall. Sai notices that the village is deserted.
Patil’s home is broken into by a man who has long hair and a tail, and he steals gold. He then flees after attacking Baji. Patil and Tatya pursue the thief, while others, including Bhiva, respond to the noise by following them. Tatya is stopped by Bhiva from approaching the basti, and Bhiva tells Tatya that they will view that later in the light.

Baizmaa inquires of everyone if they have located anyone. The response from Bhiva was negative, but thank goodness Baji is healthy. The villagers point the finger of guilt once more at Undrya, claiming that the thief ran toward basti close to Undrya’s house, so it must be him. Patil puts a halt to them and tells them not to point fingers till we uncover proof. Kulkarni approaches them and explains that today only the jewellery was stolen, but in the near future it will get much worse. Patil questions how you can be so sure of what took place here.

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Kulkarni manages to corner Undrya, and then he makes an attempt to hit me. Sai enters the room and puts a stop to it.

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