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Children hanging out near the school. They are stopped by Sundar, Satya says we don’t want to talk to you because of you, people got suspicious about us, he says sorry, I don’t know how I lost control but please forgive me, I will tell Chetan the truth, and he sees Chetan and others walking toward them. Sundar will tell Chetan the truth. After Sundar has finished hugging everyone, Satya replies it’s okay, we forgive you.

When Chetan and the others see Satya with Sundar, they report that Satya said he does not recognise Sundar in his current appearance. Sundar runs away again. Satya and his companions make an effort to stop him, but he escapes their grasp.
Undrya is instructed by Sai in the art of basket weaving.

Chetan asks Satya why she is telling him what Sundar said, and Satya responds by asking whether Sundar is trying to provoke a conflict between the two of them because he wants them to fight. Satua recalls that Sai asked him to discuss the situation with Patience. Chetan says that Sai taught us not to make hasty judgments, so we won’t blame you for what happened. However, until we find out the truth and leave, we won’t trust you and we won’t blame you.

Kulkarni becomes enraged when he overhears the villagers praising Balvant for the work that he is carrying out for Shridi.
In order to discover a solution to Sundar’s behaviour, Satya and his buddies pay a visit to Sai at Dwarka Mai. They find Undrya conversing with Sai. After inviting them inside, Sai is then questioned by Satya about how they should approach Sundar. The perfect time, according to Sai, will present itself for you to discover your remedy. Sai corrects Undrya. Satya inquires about Undrya’s activity and whether or not they would like them to join them. Sai adds that you are welcome to join us; all you have to do is watch and imitate Undrya. Satu and his companions begin following Undrya while they are seated some distance away from him. As they become increasingly perplexed, Undrya motions for them to come closer to him so that he might instruct them. Have a good time with Undrya, everyone. Santa Banta keeping an eye on Undrya.

Tulsidas tells the Contractor not to worry about the money, but he wants his house to stand out among the other homes in Shirdi. Kulkarni intervenes and asks him what all of this is about. The man responds that he recently sold his land to Balvant, who paid a good price, and that he decided to build a nice house with the money. Kulkarni is yelling at the man, saying, “Stupid man, do nothing until we find that Monkey Man.”
Kulkarni believes that I will be able to stop everyone with this fear of the monkey guy. Santa Banta update Kulkarni about Undrya. Kulkarni explains that he had an inkling that Undrya would behave in this manner, and that it is imperative that we establish that Undrya is the monkey man before Sai can treat Undrya.

While Sai is having fun with the Basti children and Undrya, Parvati enters the room and asks when Sai will teach Undrya how to create such lovely baskets. Sai tells Undrya that everything will be okay soon. According to Sai, everyone possesses a quality; the challenge is to identify what that quality is. Satya, Sai tells her, you do not need to do anything to prove about Sundar. If it is God’s will, Chetan and his friends will discover the truth when the time is right. In the meantime, have faith in God.

On his walk home, Undrya comes across the wig of the Monkey Man and picks it up, putting it in his pocket without realising what it is.

Sai leading Undrya, Bhiva Chandu, and the other villagers in their approach to them to learn. The danger, according to Sai, is not in front of you but rather above you as he repairs the collapsing roof cover. Sai inquires as to their purpose for being there. Bhiva states that all of us are terrified, but we still want to perform the Ram Raksha Path in Dwarka Mai. Sai responds by saying that they should definitely contact fresh basti people as well. Chandu responds with “okay, but we don’t want Undrya,” despite the fact that they are aware that Undrya is not the perpetrator of the crime. Okay, according to Sai, Charuhas won’t be there. Everyone gets on their way. Sai walks to Undrya.

Balvant inquires of the contractor over the departure of new basti folk. He claims that he attempted to break into their houses because of Keshav’s father just last night. Balvant tells Keshav that due of his father, the inhabitants in this village will not have enough money to survive.

Sai inquires of Undrya regarding the reason he is not working. Undrya breaks down into tears and cries, “I can’t.” To him, Sai adds, “Look at this stone; it’s used for pulley in wells; look at the marks on it; do you know how they came to be on it; and also touch this rope; it’s soft, right?” Sai tells Undrya that when this rope can make such marks in the stone, similarly, you have to understand that people are rigid like this stone and you are this rope. You don’t leave your work, keep working hard on yourself, forget what people say, and focus on your work and yourself, and soon you will change their perspective. Undrya says yes. Sai says when this rope can make such marks in the stone, similarly, you have to understand that people are rigid like this stone and you are this rope. Undrya says that I will put in a lot of effort. Sai blesses him.

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Because of the severe weather, Siya was unable to shine her light, and Baizmaa is curious about how we can complete the Ram Raksha Path in the dark. According to Sai, we will discover a solution.

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