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Scene 1

Sid visits Mithai’s house and informs everyone there that Agarwal has forwarded Aditya’s marriage proposal for Karishma, and that they have all agreed to proceed with the marriage. They wouldn’t listen to me even though I tried to stop them. I have no doubt that Pramod and Abha are hatching a plan in conjunction with Agarwal. I have a thought about this. Mithai argues that he should have known that he would bring solutions, and that he should have known that your brain is brilliant. Sid wishes her well and suggests that we could play divide and conquer. What does Mithai have to say? We want to bring them back together. Sid believes that we will be able to defeat them more easily if we separate Pramod and Abha first. Both Mithai and Sid are passionate about their own ideals. Dadu transports everyone from that location. Sid seizes Mithai by the shoulders and insists that she listen to him. He tells her that she has an unhealthy amount of self-assurance and apologises for not recognising her capabilities in the past. Mithai claims that if you hadn’t challenged me, I wouldn’t have the ability to do the task. Sid encourages everyone to band together and tackle this challenge as a group. As Mithai dances around, she comes dangerously close to falling, but Sid is there to catch her. They both make eye contact with one another. Mithai distances herself from him and says, “Do you trust her?” Sid says yes. According to Mithai, we will work together to find a solution to everything. Apeksha travels there in order to conceal himself. Mithai hears from Sid that we need to implement a divide-and-conquer plan about Pramod and Abha, and that we must first separate the two of them. Mithai asks, “Can you give me some time to test out this strategy?” He nods. Apeksha enters the room and asks, “Are you lying to your family about having a relationship with this girl?” You are allegedly discussing dishonesty, according to Mithai. Apeksha confronts Sid with the question of why he is involved with a girl from a rural area. Is there something that she possesses that I do not? She confronts Indu with the question, “Are you also lying about your illness?” Mithai is asked by Apeksha how she was able to catch Sid. Have you dropped him off at the hotel? Sid yells very often. I put my faith in you, but you secretly taped our conversation and then used it against me. In contrast to you, this girl puts in a lot of effort. You continue to belittling her by referring to her as a girl from a tiny town, despite the fact that she is more familiar with me than you are. While your sole goal in life is to wed me, she has the goal of running the family business in her father’s name. Apeksha claims that you are comparing me to this other female who is cheap. I love you. Sid retorts, “No, you’ve never loved me; all you wanted to do was marry a wealthy man.” Apeksha asserts that this is not the case. Sid asked me whether I would be willing to share a tiny house with him if my grandfather did not grant me any property. Apeksha claims that Girish would not act in such a way. Sid has asked me if I will marry him on the condition that I first open a modest shop. Apeksha maintains her silence while quietly saying “I love you.” Sid adds, “I know you, which is why I trust Mithai more; I know she will be with me in any situation.” Mithai is the one who told Sid that she knew him. Please refrain from belittling Mithai in my presence ever again. When they do hear that, all of the family members smile. Apeksha leaves after telling Sid, “I loved you and you have injured me thus I shall answer you back now.” Shubham requests that Sid intervene since Apeksha is a ticking time bomb. Sid asks whether or not I ought to kidnap her. When Mithai gets an idea, he immediately runs with it. Apeksha loses consciousness after being struck by her. Sid arrives there and seizes hold of her. According to Mithai, we do not have a choice in the matter. Apeksha trips as soon as she enters the room after Sid brings her there. They laid her out on the bed, and then Mithai began to tie her up. All look on. Dadu says aren’t we going overboard? According to Mithai, we do not have a choice; we only have twenty-four hours to work on our strategy. Everyone in the group receives a suggestion from her. Mithai greets him by shaking his hand and responds, “I am with you.” Dadu gives them a friendly smile. Mithai has requested that her relatives keep a watchful eye on her. Due to their argument, she requests that Sid send a text message to Girish from her phone informing him that she will be leaving town for a period of time.
After receiving a message from Apeksha’s phone, Girish decides to go to sleep.

Mithai runs into Abha in the market first thing in the morning. Abha makes an effort to pay her no mind. Mithai halted her and told her, “I made 55,000 Indian Rupees in a single day. I am telling you this so that you can inform the family.”

Sid is currently in the park running beside Pramod. He claims that we can come to the running every single day. Pramod says no. Sid demonstrates by showing Abha and Mithai conversing when they are in the market and then asks why they are talking. Abha is pulled by Mithai and given an embrace. Sid confronts Pramod with the question of why they are hugging. Didn’t Abha detest her? Just what is going on here? Pramod seemed to be perplexed. Abha’s hand is in Mithai’s grasp. Sid prevents Pramod from going to them and assumes that they are conspiring on something. Pramod makes an effort to go to them. It is from there that Mithai departs. Abha is confronted by Pramod, who inquires as to the purpose of her meeting with Mithai. Abha claims that she was describing her company to me and that she operates out of that location. Sid replies, “I have a bad feeling about this,” and “what if Mithai is working with Agarwal?” Why would Mithai make the effort to meet Abha? It seems as though she is planning something. I have lost all faith in other people. Pramod looks on.


Mithai is currently on call alongside Girish. She tells him that she needs to talk to him about something important and then reveals that Sid has joined them.
Dadu reveals to Sid that this will be the first Janmastami during which he will be separated from his family. Dadu, according to Mithai’s instructions, should gather his belongings and accompany Sid. Dadu says, I cannot leave you alone. Mithai assures us, “Don’t worry, I’m not alone; Shubham is here with me, and don’t worry; I’ll come without a doubt.”

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