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Scene 1

Mithai enters Dadu’s house with a drama group while wearing a veil over her head so that no one can recognise her. Nobody in the audience recognises her. Mithai begins singing a bhajan with the rest of the group. Only Sid is privy to her true appearance. Sid informs Dadu in a hushed voice that Mithai has arrived. Dadu hopes and prays that Sid and Mithai will be successful.
Apeksha is restrained to a bed, but she manages to break free and make a break for it. Indu seizes hold of her and tells her that she cannot escape. Apeksha strikes her with the stick, then flees away after the incident. She is considering exposing Sid and Mithai to the public.

Mithai is now participating in the family dance. She forces Girish to dance with the other people. Sid comes to join them. Mithai removes the key to his safe from its hiding place in his pocket before fleeing. Girish gives Sid a hug and then they dance together.

Mithai enters Girish’s room and immediately begins searching for the pendrive everywhere around the space. After opening his safe, she locates the drive inside. Abha is seen there waiting for her when she turns around.

When Apeksha arrived at Dadu’s residence, she immediately started yelling for Girish. She claims that Mithai is currently present in order to destroy all the evidence. They have all taken me hostage, and Sid is on Mithai’s side. The strategy has been discussed with Dadu and Dadi. Dadu asserts that everything God desires will come to pass. Girish is taken aback and inquires of Sid if he was the mastermind behind all of this. Sid looks on.

Abha makes an attempt to apprehend Mithai, but she manages to get away. Abha pursues her and claims that she is a thief as she passes. Sid believes that Mithai is making the correct decision. Additionally, Girish and Abhishek are following closely behind Mithai. Girish approaches Mithai with a request to hand over the pen drive. Sid is the recipient of the drive that Mithai tosses. He flees his parents and his siblings. Additionally, Shubham will be there. The Pendrive is destroyed when Sid throws it into the flames in the havan. According to Pramod, everything was destroyed in the fire. All look on.
In the mandir, Dadu and Dadi are offering prayers for their children, Sid and Mithai. They invite their entire family to participate in the pooja with them. Dadu and Dadi do aarti together. Sid and Mithai comply when Dadu requests that they perform the aarti together. Girish shoots them a hostile look. Gitika offers aarti to everyone. Girish tells Sid that he cheated on her with another woman. What does Sid think of you, exactly? You kicked your dad out of the house, didn’t you hear? Learn to love your other child before you can expect me to love you. Your drama has come to an end now. Girish yells “no,” declaring that he would go to the court and tell the judge about the sham marriage. Mithai asks, “What are you going to say to the authorities?” That you attempted to record a video of your son but it was destroyed by fire? Girish claims that you do not meet the requirements to stand in front of him. Whoever is not on my team will not be allowed to remain in this location. Girish, according to Dadu, I am not on your side. Since none of the proofs remain, it is time for us to depart. Sid says I shall go away with Dadu and Dadi. Mithai believes nobody will go anywhere. Mithai displays the property paperwork and states that he has kept them safe. These documents were signed by Sid, which gave Girish ownership of all of the shops. In front of Girish, she burns them and then tells him that they are also gone. I have burnt fraud. She requests that they go to the courthouse in order to obtain another copy of this document. She assures Dadu that the house as well as the shops are his, and that no one has the right to kick him out. She asserts that because I am Sid’s wife and the daughter-in-law of this household, it is expected of me to act in a manner that is beneficial to this family. Girish claims that you will be responsible for paying for all of this. Sid claims that you are free to do whatever you want with us, but you cannot kick us out of the house. Girish claims that this is his home and that the registrar has the necessary paperwork; he will retrieve it from the registrar. Sid claims that I have the ability to take legal action against you for kicking out your parents. You risk going to jail if you do it. Girish storms off in a furious rage. While Sid and Mithai observe,

Agrawal says to Girish in the recap, “I only want to emphasise that your real enemy is Mithai, not your son or father,” and then he goes on to tell Girish how they may get rid of Mithai. Dadu gives Mithai the command to “get ready and come back to house,” as Mithai is on the phone with Dadu. Mithai is told by Shubham to come downstairs once they have finished getting ready since he is waiting for them. A handful of masked assailants assault Shubham and enter Mithai’s residence.

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