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Scene 1 Sid gives Apeksha the cold shoulder and tells her to leave, saying that he is sorry he ever trusted her. Your plan to marry me has failed because I am already married to Mithai, and you recorded proofs to blackmail both of us, so just leave me alone and stop trying to blackmail us. The furious Apeksha storms off. When Mithai asked about Apeksha’s whereabouts, Maa’s response was, “I never thought about it.” Both Sid and Mithai make a dash for it.

They have arrived at the house, Sid and Mithai. Mithai inquires after Indu’s well-being by inquiring whether or not she is okay. Indu reports that he is doing well and asks what the problem was. Sid nods his head and suggests that everyone get their belongings together so that they can drive her there. According to Indu, I feel the need to relax for a while. Mithai is instructed by Sid to bring Maa there. I won’t be able to handle everything there by myself, so I need your support to handle the family matters. There is a nod exchanged between Mithai and the speaker, who then says, “I will be there shortly.” The departure of Sid Indu is instructed to lie down and get some rest by Mithai, who also joins her.

Everyone in the family participates in the pooja that is performed at Dadu’s home.

Abhishek explains to Girish that the two of us can approach the registrar and inquire about the property papers. According to Pramod, we will be insulted even further if we report this to the police. Girish claims that my own son deceived me; at this point, I do not know who to trust. Agarwal travels to that location in order to talk to them. He tells Girish that Mithai is your true adversary, and that he ought to just kick her out of the house. Girish inquires concerning the manner in which. Agarwal claims that we are able to abduct her and send her to a location very far from here. Girish says to just get rid of her because I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. According to Agarwal, the issue you’re having is now also our issue, so you shouldn’t be concerned about it.

Dadu is informing Sid’s guests that his wife will be arriving at the establishment very soon. Girish is given the advice by Pramod to act as if we are content even though we aren’t.

The journey to Sid’s house can now begin for Mithai. She is asked by Indu to begin preparing herself for her new role as a wife. You are the only one who knows the real story behind our connection, according to Mithai. Indu claims that she noticed something new in Sid, and that Sid has asked her for support because he considers her to be his wife. After arriving there, Shubham reassures her that she is correct in her assessment. The anticipation of Dadu’s son-in-law Mithai’s arrival has prompted the sending of various items to Mithai. He distributes the presents that had been sent by Dadu. Dadu gives Shubham a call and inquires as to whether or not he has arrived at his destination. The response from Shubham was positive, and he subsequently requested that Mithai get ready. Mithai receives a video call from her father, who tells her that they will be waiting for her with grand celebrations and that she should prepare herself as a bride. Sid is handed the phone by Dadu, who instructs him to tell her to hurry up and get there. Sid gives her a teasingly small smile before telling her to hurry up and get there because Dadu is anxiously awaiting her arrival.

Mithai’s new life as a married woman begins with Indu’s preparations.

While Mithai is being assaulted by some thugs, Shubham is waiting for her in the driveway of her house. Indu is assaulted by the goons as soon as they enter Mithai’s house. The surprise is evident on Mithai’s face.

Someone working for Agarwal gives him a call and tells him that Mithai has been taken captive. Agarwal orders them to murder her in this conversation. Abha hears from Pramod that Mithai’s game will be finished for the day today.

When confronted by the thugs, Mithai makes a break for it. When they turn around, Indu is there waiting for them. Indu places a call to Sid in which she informs him that Mithai’s life is in danger because she was attacked by some goons. The expression on Sid’s face conveys surprise.

Mithai is desperately trying to get away from the thugs that are on the streets. They pursue her, but she is ultimately discovered by them. You won’t be rescued, according to the goons. Who was it that sent you, Mithai wants to know? The goon recommends that we burgle her jewellery collection. According to Mithai, you are free to take everything, but I ask that you please let me go. She then hands them the jewellery, at which point she considers her options and decides to flee. They do not permit her to flee, despite her attempts to do so. The goon advises you not to get into trouble with wealthy individuals in the future. When Mithai makes an attempt to flee, they demand that she give them her mangalsutra. Mithai cautions not to touch it, stating that she has contributed everything she has. They attempted to coerce her, but Mithai pushed them away and prevented them from succeeding. They take her by the throat and shatter her mangalsutra. Sid gets there just in time to catch it as it’s about to tumble to the ground. Mithai becomes emotional when he sees Sid surrounded by the goons, but the goons do not. Mithai’s tears are wiped away by Sid when he comes to her and puts the mangalsutra back on. The goons make an attempt to attack him, but Sid immediately begins beating them up.


In this recap, Sid unleashes his fury on the various goons. Mithai is held as a hostage by one of the thugs who is armed with a knife. He warns the other thugs not to get too close to him or he will kill Mithai. After killing them, Sid tells them they have no right to touch his wife because she is his.

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