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Scene 1

Sid thrashing the thugs while Mithai watches on. Sid snatches the thug by the throat and yells, “How dare you touch her?” She is the woman I choose to marry! Mithai is seized by a goon, who then wields a knife on her and warns Sid not to approach farther or else he will kill her. Sid seizes his hand and begins to beat him up. Sid yells that she is his wife and asks, “How dare you touch him?” Mithai begs Sid to abandon him because he is about to pass away. Sid walks away from him. Mithai gives him a hug and tells him to relax, saying, “I’m alright.” Sid suggests that we return to our house. Dadu is here, so keep quiet about what just took place and don’t tell anyone else about it. Mithai flashes a grin and asks, “Are you telling me to keep some things from Dadu and Dadi?” Because of all the changes you’ve made, you don’t want them to be anxious. Sid claims that you have also evolved, and that we have both progressed to some degree. A happy expression appears on Mithai’s face. Sid gives her jewellery to her and tells her that he would assist her. Mithai becomes red in the face as a result of him making her wear jewellery. He then compels her to put on her anklets by sitting down and doing so. Surprised is how Mithai feels. Mithai has told me that I need to call Maa. She gives her a call, and Indu asks how she is doing. Where exactly are you? Mithai claims that I am doing well. Indu claims that Shubham passed out. Mithai claims that Sid rescued them both. She is told by Indu that she should return home with Sid, and that she should bring Shubham with her. Mithai hangs up and follows Sid out of the room.
A visit is made by Girish, Abha, and Abhishek to Agarwal. His goon arrives there and says that Sid has come to rescue Mithai. Agarwal advises Girish that he needs to keep better control on his son. According to Pramod, they must be heading back home now, so let’s go with them.

The bhajan is being sung by every member of the family. A band is waiting to greet Sid and Mithai as they arrive at the location. They are then blessed by Dadu, who then asks Dadi to do their aarti for them. Dadu explains to Mithai that you are our version of Lakshmi. Both Sid and Mithai are wearing garlands at the moment. Dadi does their tilak. Both Sid and Mithai ask Dadu for his blessing. Sid and Mithai exchange timid glances with one another. Dadi assures Mithai that you are going to bring this family back together. Girish makes his way there and informs the girl that she is not allowed to stay there because it is his home. My wife’s name is Mithai, and she will be staying with me. Sid says you are not allowed to refer to her as “that girl.” Girish claims that all of us are aware that your marriage is a drama. Sid claims that I am not a made-up person. We have each other’s love, in addition to being married in law. Are you sure, Mithai? Mithai flushes slightly and then nods. This, according to Pramod, is a game. Girish says that I will immediately kick her out of the house. Sid warns, “If you touch her, I will take you to court and tell them that you bullied me into signing the property paperwork.” if you do touch her. Sid overhears Mithai complimenting him on his appearance. It has been said by Shaurya that I am with Girish. Everyone in the family reaches for Sid, Mithai, Dadu, and Dadi. Girish reveals to Sid that the woman in question is going to depart the residence at this very moment. Abha claims that I am going to kick her out. While others were holding Sid back, she began pulling Mithai out of the home after them. A judge arrives at the house just as Mithai is about to fall down on the porch. All look on. The judge exclaims that she cannot believe that this family is treating their daughter-in-law in such a manner. In the flashback, Mithai is shown suggesting to Sid that the only people who might have attacked her were members of the family. Sid claims that I will argue with them. If, as Mithai claims, this whole fight is about blackmailing, then why don’t we call the judge instead? The recollection comes to an end. Mithai tells the judge that these individuals are his in-laws, but because I come from a low-income family, they are evicting him from the premises. Sid reveals to the judge that Girish has the intention of evicting both of his parents from the home. Mithai claims that Sid loves me, but Girish isn’t happy about it. Because of this, I’m afraid that Girish will hurt me. Sid maintains that my paternal grandfather is not quite so harsh. Are you sure you don’t remember how the mehndi was tainted? Mithai asks. The judge says to Girish, “I am ashamed to see educated men doing all this. I saw Sid and Mithai’s marriage certificate, and I had my suspicions, but today I saw their love, and I am convinced that their marriage is not phoney.” If someone disputes their marriage in my court once more, then you are all going to get punished. Trust what I say, Girish says, because their marriage is a sham. The court inquires, “Do you have any proof?” Abha claims that Mithai took it and then torched it. Sid orders her to cease making false statements. Abha is warned by the judge that she would be arrested if the abuser is seen by the judge to be continuing. Sid explains to the judge that the persons in question are opposed to our love. The judge warns the family that he will take action in the event that Sid and Mithai are subjected to physical or mental abuse in the home. As I am come to participate in the pooja today, I shall refrain from taking any legal action. Dadu welcomes him. Girish looks on.

Abha tells Girish that we need to put an end to Sid’s plan. Pramod suggests that you take Sid’s name off of the property for some reason. Abha is of the opinion that you should go ahead and do it, while he will be busy battling in court. Pramod suggests that you should act before he starts disrespecting you. Girish responds, “I believe so, you are correct.”

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