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The first scene has Pramod putting something harmful into Girish’s water and forcing him to drink it. Abha believes that he will now sign the paperwork, at which point we will receive a portion of the business equal to fifty percent. Girish experiences the beginnings of vertigo, and Pramod asks him to sign the documents before he passes out. Mithai rushes over to where Girish is ready to sign the documents, and he yells at him to refrain from signing the documents. Girish is about to sign them. Girish yells at her to get out of there and tells her to get the hell away from here. I will be betrayed by Sid, and as a result, I will suffer a loss of honour; hence, I will do this. Abha seizes hold of Mithai and makes an attempt to eject her from the building. Girish is beginning to feel lightheaded; Pramod urges him to sit down, then tells him that Sid needs to be put in his place and has him sign the documents. Girish eventually passes out. Mithai begs him not to carry it out in the strongest possible terms. Girish is about to sign the documents, but just as he is about to do so, he passes out. According to the attorney, we have a very limited amount of time to get him to sign the documents. Mithai is being prevented from progressing due to Abha’s actions. It has been brought to my attention by Mithai that both of you are deceiving Girish. Girish is roused from his sleep by Pramod, who then requests that he sign something. Abha kicks Mithai out of the room and closes the door behind her. Girish puts his signature on the documents for the will before Mithai can prevent him from doing so. Girish is hit in the face with water thrown by Pramod, at which point Girish grabs him and states that from this point on, the two of them are equal.

Sid assures Dadu and Dadi that from this point forward, Shubham will receive the respect that is rightfully his. I have spoken to all of the members of the family. Dadu questions whether or not we should go with this. It would be best to hold off till Mithai arrives. Sid claims that she is unable to stop me at this point, and that Girish should be brought to light. Sid assures Shubham that at this point, he will ensure that he receives his rights.

Girish is informed by Pramod that as of right now, we are the owners of the business. Abha suggests that we go register these, and although Girish tries to stop them, the two women continue on their way. Mithai goes over to Girish and inquires as to whether or not he is alright. Girish asserts that they will be successful in obtaining everything and will succeed in destroying everything else. Mithai assures us that you should not be concerned because we are there with you. She is the one who takes him from that location. Sid receives a phone call from Mithai.

Dadu’s home is quickly becoming the gathering place for all of the family members. Dadu recommends that we wait for Sid to arrive at this location.

Girish is examined by the physician, who inquires whether or not he has consumed anything recently. Mithai brings Girish to the physician. Mithai looks on. Mithai has stated that this is not the case and that he merely felt lightheaded.

Sid walks in while Abha and Pramod are having a conversation with the attorney. It is inappropriate for him to request that they hand up the documents. It has been pointed out by Pramod that your grandfather made a poor decision. Abha claims that we have the company registered in our name at this point, and that those of you who oppose us want to take everything away from us. Sid makes an attempt to steal the papers from them, but Aditya arrives just in time to punch him. Sid experiences a seizure.

Sid is seen returning home from the hospital wearing a bandage on his head. It was allegedly Adi who attacked me, according to Sid. Girish was coerced by Pramod and Abha into signing the legal documents for the company; as a result, we have now lost everything to them. Girish is the one who is brought there by Mithai. Sid claims that Girish carried through his plans regardless of the consequences, but I shall expose the truth about his actions now. Mithai claims that he is my father-in-law, and because of this, I will not allow you to offend him. The expression on Girish’s face shows surprise. The response from Sid was “really?” Shouldn’t he receive consequences for the things he’s done? Because of him, I was forced to give up my mother; he defrauded this family and his father; and my older brother was forced to live the life of an orphan. Mithai advises that because this is a family concern, you should refrain from doing all of this and look at his condition; he has low blood pressure, therefore you should stop doing all of this. Mithai asks everyone to go, but Sid says no, and then he says, “I will disclose the truth to everyone right now.” However, he refuses to listen when Mithai asks him to. Today will be the day that Girish is revealed. If Mithai is correct and he is your father, then you have no right to humiliate him in this manner. Sid claims that he is unworthy of anyone’s regard, including his own. Girish claims that Sid is correct and that I am to blame for the insults he is giving me. I am unable to become a good father, son, or husband, according to what he says Sid. I am at a point in my life where I am prepared to speak the truth. Girish has explained to his family members that Shubham is not an orphan and that he is not of illegitimate parentage; rather, he is my son and my blood. Everyone is taken aback by what happened. Girish claims that I had a past relationship with someone else before to getting married to Aarti. Aarti took Shubham in as her son, despite the fact that he was my son with that other woman. I buried the truth out of respect for Aarti, but I acknowledge that I was wrong to do so and I accept responsibility for my actions. He claims that Shubham is his older son and that Shubham is entitled to all of the rights that are associated with being his father’s son. Hearing that has left Shubham in a state of amazement.


A recap: Abha says to Dadu, “I need your blessings to run the business because from now on, only two people are boss of the business—me and Pramod—and only the owner can live in this house, the rest can leave.” This is because from now on, only two people are boss of the business—me and Pramod—and from now on, only the owner can live in this Girish receives a teasing comment from Pramod, who states that now it is his responsibility to look after our hospitality.
Mithai confronts Girish with the question of why they had no choice but to act in such a manner. Is it possible that the condition itself is to blame, or might it be that another person is to blame?

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