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Girish reveals the news to his family and extended family members, saying that Shubham is in fact his son. The relatives immediately begin to chatter amongst themselves. Girish says that he is sorry to Dadu and that he has done a lot of wrong things, and he asks that Dadu pardon him. Dadi hugs him and says it’s okay. Girish says to Mithai, “I judged you a lot, and I want to kneel down to you today.” [Since] I judged you a lot. You have stated that you wish to bring this family back together, but I have never trusted you. I ask for your forgiveness in advance. Mithai interrupts him and instructs him to simply bless me. She kneels down to touch his feet, and he responds by bestowing his blessing on her. Sid looks away. Girish conveys to Sid and Shubham that he is unable to offer sufficient apologies, and he requests that Sid acknowledge him as his biological father. Sid looks away. Girish experiences vertigo and is ready to lose his balance, but Shubham and Sid are there to catch him just in time. A embrace is exchanged between Shubham and Girish. Mithai is informed by Dadu that my son has returned as a direct result of her actions. The presence of Agarwal and Aditya is observed there. Agarwal claims that Pramod has been his spy for a number of years, during which time we have ultimately prevailed over you and your group. You have suffered a significant financial setback. It seems that I can never put my faith in you, according to Girish. Both Pramod and Abha travel to that location. According to Abha, we are the only proprietors of everything at this point. Her request for the relatives to depart is granted. She begs Dadu to bless them, letting him know that we have taken ownership of the property. She claims that beginning immediately, only owners will be permitted to remain in this location, and that everyone else is free to go. Abhishek inquires after her whereabouts and asks what she is doing. This is Dadu’s house, in case you were wondering. Pramod has stated that they are welcome to remain in this location; however, they will be required to serve us. He suggests that Sid and Shubham could be able to work for us at the shop in the capacity of employees. Do you think Girish might be interested in working here as well? Sid casts a scornful look in his direction. Sid is informed by Pramod that in the event that he responds with a negative answer, the entire family will be required to vacate the premises. I’m not sure if you mean yes or no by this. Mithai affirms that the action you propose will be carried out. Sid is taken aback, and in a fit of rage, he storms away from the location.
Mithai is yelled at by Sid, who demands to know why she consented to Pramod’s proposal. According to Mithai, our primary objective is to bring this family back together. Sid maintains that this does not give him permission to insult us in any way. Mithai asserts that your worst opponent is the rage that you harbour within of you; yet, if they kick us out of the house, we won’t be able to predict what the other members of the family would be subjected to. Sid argues that on the bright side, we wouldn’t have to worry about being insulted. Mithai encourages us to plan ahead, stating that if we continue to reside in the house, we will be better able to monitor their mischievous behaviour. Sid looks at her intently before uttering the phrase “I’m sorry.” The words “really?” are heard from Mithai, who is astonished. I need someone to give me a good pinch. Sid gives her a pinch on the shoulder and then tells her, “I used to call you stupid but you are brilliant, I usually stop thinking when I am furious.”

Girish makes his way to Dadu and Dadi, where he begs them to forgive him for his past actions.

Abhishek confronts Abha with the question of how she manages to carry out all of these responsibilities. Abha claims that she is carrying out these actions for the benefit of our family.

It has been brought to Dadu’s attention by Shubham that I do not have any grievances with Girish, so please forgive him. He gets given a hug by Girish. Mithai explains to Dadu that since he is his older brother, Dadu should forgive him because he is the oldest son. After Sid has finished explaining to Girish that it will take some time for him to accept him, he exits the conversation. Girish is reassured by Mithai that Sid’s anger will subside in the near future and that he should not be concerned about it. Girish breaks into a smile and asks how it is that I was previously unable to recognise the goodness in you. It has been said by Mithai that we are all present at this time. Is Pramod and Abha working alone on their scheme, or do they have assistance from another party? We can’t let them get away without keeping a close eye on them.

The episode concludes.

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