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The Episode Start With:

First Scene Agarwal and his family have just arrived to Dadu’s home. Abha recommends to Dadu that he bestow his blessings upon Karishma because she is his grandchild. The priest has arrived, and he examines the Kundli that was created for Aditya and Karishma. Sid is seized by Pramod, who then says, “Agarwal is a magnificent man, so you will undertake all of the arrangements for Karishma’s wedding, and I will pay you more than you could possibly dream.” Sid claims that Karishma is my sister, and because of this, I would do anything for her. Abha says good. Sid is taken away by Mithai, who then informs Abha that he will be assisting me in the kitchen.
Both Sid and Mithai make their way into the kitchen. Mithai claims that something is amiss, and Aditya was seen glancing around the house as if he were plotting something dishonest. This game is all about greed. Agarwal was the manipulator behind everything that transpired with us. Because Agarwal and Aditya do not have your best interests in mind when planning this wedding, you need to keep a close eye on them. Once Mithai got started in the kitchen, she accidentally burned her hand. She is reprimanded by Sid, who then instructs her to use caution by dipping her hand in the ice water. Mithai is taken aback to find that he is concerned. Sona Kitna Mithai just glances at Sona while he plays the guitar.

Abha is questioned by Girish on whether or not she has lost her mind. I will not give Agarwal any food to eat. Dadi says that Mithai and I can handle it just well. According to Abha, Girish should be able to do this for his niece. Girish is the eldest son, so Pramod reminds him that they have worked for him for years and that he should do what they say. Mithai acknowledges Girish with a nod. Girish agrees, saying that since Karishma is his daughter, he will take care of it.

Aditya and a few other people may be seen seated at the dinner table. Aditya has his hand on Karishma’s hand. Girish starts serving meals to everyone, and despite the fact that he feels humiliated, he keeps his mouth shut. Sid and Shubham are wounded watching him working like a servant. Agarwal requests of Girish that he works more quickly. Abha enlists Girish’s help in clearing the plates. Girish discretely cleans the dish that Agarwal is using. Abhishek is suffering as a result of seeing all of this. Agarwal instructs Girish to serve him in a more timely manner. Girish is about to go, but Adi purposefully steps in front of him with one foot, causing him to trip and fall. Girish asserts that Adi acted in an intentional manner. According to Adi, you want this idea to be rejected, right? You really ought to cut out all of these ridiculous shenanigans. Girish is about to slap him, but Adi stops him in time by pushing him away. Girish is in Sid’s grasp. He glares at Adi before slapping him across the face. He asserts that he will not permit you to offend his father. Agarwal claims that we came here to look at all of this. It is my fault, Pramod says, and I am sorry about everything. Agarwal says Sid has to apologise to Adi. Sid says I won’t. In point of fact, Adi ought to offer Girish an apology. It is better for me to leave the house before I apologise to him because he also leaves from there.

Mithai runs up to Sid and urges him to take a deep breath and relax. Sid asserts that he will not permit Girish’s accusers to insult him in such a manner. Drink some water, she says, you did the right thing, and I am happy that you stood up for Girish, it shows that you care for him, but we need to understand why Agarwal and Aditya are doing all of this. Mithai says drink some water, she says you did the right thing and she is happy that you stood up for Girish.
Agarwal has indicated that we would depart right now. Abha extends her apologies to him and implores him not to call off the wedding. Agarwal asks how dare Sid slap my son? You people have no manners. Abhishek extends an apology to Agarwal and explains that because the event in question is the wedding of his daughter, he is doing it on behalf of his entire family. Abha urges Dadu to have Sid apologise to Adi. If there is another postponement of Karishma’s wedding, I will not show mercy to anyone. Mithai arrives there and declares that whatever transpired was wrong on both sides of the conflict. Karisha is Sid’s sister, but he couldn’t stand it when people attacked their father. Sid is the older brother. Sid extends his apologies to Aditya. Karishma urges Adi to forgive him.

Mithai tells Dadu that they have received a large contract from the Rajkamal hotel, and that the hotel has requested them for a taste of their food, with the promise of a one-year contract if they like it. Mr. Agrawal tells Pramod to take two boxes of sweet, give one box of sweet to your deity in the house temple, and then give the other box of sweet to Harimohan and tell him that his granddaughter would be engaged within two days. Dadu inquires as to the motivation for your lightning-fast action of proposing to her. If Abha is correct and your Mithai was able to get married in just two days, then why are you so concerned about getting engaged in just one?

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