Mithai [20th August 2022] Written Update

Mithai 20th August 2022 Written Update On

Tonight there will not be a new episode since there will be a special broadcast of the television series Radha Mohan.

The following episode of Mithai will air on Monday, the 22nd of August.

In the following episode, Mithai tells Dadu that they have received a large contract from the Rajkamal hotel. They asked for our sample, and if they love it, then we would get a contract of one year. Mithai claims this will happen in the next episode. Mr. Agrawal gives the following instructions to Pramod: “Take two boxes of sweets; offer one box of sweets to your deity in the temple in your house; give the other box of sweets to Harimohan; and tell him that his granddaughter will be engaged after two days.” Dadu inquires as to the motivation behind your haste in securing her engagement. If Abha is correct and your Mithai was married in just two days, then why are you so concerned about getting engaged in just one day?

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