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The episode start with:

Sid, according to Pramod, made a pledge to shoulder all of the responsibilities associated with the wedding. Dadu is instructed to see to it that the cards are printed when Abha gives him the go-ahead. Girish and Shubham are given the task of arranging food and catering after Pramod gives them the instruction. Sid claims that you people are engaging in this activity with the intention of preventing Mithai from completing her orders. According to Pramod, neither she nor we are concerned about the possibility of her selling some sweets on her bicycle. After that, he and his family will depart from there. Mithai receives a phone call from the hotel, and the receptionist informs him that his order will be processed. Sid is curious as to how she intends to accomplish this goal. Mithai claims that Pramod will be unaware that the rest of the family is assisting me in this endeavour.

Sid invites Mithai and Dadu to join the call during the preliminary stages of the engagement arrangement. Sid informs me that I have made reservations for a truck to make the delivery. Dadu provides assistance to Mithai with her computations as well as everything else. After expressing gratitude, Mithai hung up the phone and terminated the call. Sid makes a second call to Mithai and tells her that he will assist her in any way he can if she lets him know. Girish arrives at the scene and is under the impression that Sid is accepting full responsibility for everything. Abha arrives at the location, and just as she is about to discover Sid conversing with Mithai through an earbud, Girish falls in front of her to prevent her from making the discovery. Abha is given instructions by Sid to prepare herself and get ready to leave. Abha believes that you are making progress in taking on appropriate levels of responsibility at this point.

In the meantime, Mithai is putting the finishing touches on her order. Agarwal receives a call from his servant informing him that his client has loaded her truck up and is ready to make deliveries. Agarwal requests that the driver not let the vehicle to move and instead bring it to a stop. The telephone call is terminated by him. Sid receives a call from Agarwal just as the engagement ceremony gets underway. Sid gives Mithai a call and tells her that he is sorry that he was unable to be there with her. Wishing you the best of luck. After expressing her gratitude, Mithai climbed into her truck and drove off to make the delivery. They soon find that Agarwal’s thugs are following them. She brings her driver to the ground and starts beating him. Mithai makes an effort to stop them, but they shove her aside and steal the vehicle from where it was parked. Mithai speculates that this must be Agarwal’s intention because she mentioned that she forgot her phone in the truck as well.

Aditya and Karishma get engaged. Sid is thinking about Mithai at the moment. During the ceremony, Adi is trying to avoid making eye contact with Karishma. It does not escape Sid’s attention. Sid is instructed by Dadu to pay attention to everything that is going on. Sid claims that I am, so perhaps this engagement is a ruse to lure the both of us into a corner. Dadu suggests that they must have planned this engagement ceremony so that Mithai will be prevented from carrying out her instruction to call her. Sid attempts to get in touch with her, but she is not available to take his call. Sid makes an attempt to leave, but Pramod prevents him and tells him that there is nothing more essential than the situation at hand.

Even though he has been beaten up, the driver requests Mithai to help him save the customer’s order. He hands her his phone, but it is already dead when she takes it. When Mithai discovers that the vehicle he is following is dripping oil, he decides to follow it.

Sid is currently participating in the party when he suddenly had an inspiration. She splatters him with juice on purpose and then claims she’ll change after she’s through. Pramod says okay.

The truck comes to a halt all of a sudden. Assailants emerge from hiding and call Agarwal. Mithai travels to that location in order to conceal himself from them. It appears that she is reaching for her phone. Agarwal gives instructions to his goon to throw away all of the sweets. The conversation begins when Mithai phones Sid and fills him in on everything. Sid informed you that I will be arriving there in the near future. He quickly changes his clothes before launching himself off the balcony. Mithai overhears the goons boasting that they will damage her sweets if they have their way. She wields a stick in their direction and proceeds to beat them. When Sid arrived, the goons had already encircled her and were about to attack her when he arrived. Mithai is instructed to provide the sweets that Sid ordered to the recipient. I shall be in charge of handling them. Sid is able to fend off an attack from a goon by saying that he is talking to his wife. In a furious gesture, he seizes his hand and pulls the other person away.


Dadu tells Mithai and Sid that Karishma has the impression that Aditya is not interested in talking to her, and that he wants her to come to this realisation on her own this time so that she can decline their marriage proposal. There is some debate going on amongst Mithai, Sid, and Karishma regarding Aditya’s feelings for Karishma. Karishma wants Aditya to force her to wear a mangalsutra so that they may demonstrate to Sid and Mithai that Aditya loves Karishma. Mithai and Sid are sceptical.

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