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The episode start with:

Pramod has a conversation with Agarwal, in which he requests that Agarwal persuade Aditya to marry Karishma. Agarwal has informed me that he has no interest in Karishma, thus it is impossible for me to convince him otherwise. This is something that Pramod has advised against doing. Gitika claims that you and the other people have made fun of us, that you brought your son’s proposal for us, and that you have played with the honour of my family. Agarwal claims that you wouldn’t like to know that Pramod knew about our plan and that he wanted to own the business so he plotted all of this with us. Agarwal adds that you wouldn’t like to know this information. Gitika makes an attempt to regain her composure, but Pramod is unsuccessful because she threatens to tell their family about them.

Karishma requests that Aditya force her to wear the mangalsutra. Aditya agrees to do so. Abha travels to that location and inquires about the recent events. According to Adi, this Mithai is casting doubt on the love that I have for Karishma. She wants me to force Karishma to wear the mangalsutra, and she thinks it’s inappropriate for me to marry her in front of everyone. But, Karishma asks, what could possibly be wrong with doing this today? This is foolishness, according to Adi, and you shouldn’t doubt my affection, he says before departing from there. Karishma receives the advice from Abha to disregard what Mithai has to say about Adi because he is a trustworthy individual. It has been revealed by Mithai that this wedding was staged. Abha accuses you of being a fraud, claiming that she is familiar with your history and that she knows you are biassed against her daughter. Sid implores her to refrain from making derogatory comments about his wife. Dadu travels to that location and inquires about what took place. Abha yells out that Mithai is being a Karishma to Adi and that he won’t stop. It has been brought to my attention by Sid that you are incorrect regarding Mithai.

Gitika shares with Pramod that she will discuss all of this with the family later. That location is where she embarks on her journey. Agarwal requests that Pramod exercise dominion over her wife, stating that if he does not, the two of us would be found out. In his pursuit of Gitika, Pramod explains that he is acting in this manner for the benefit of their family. Gitika asserts that you are exploiting Karishma for your own selfish purposes, and she promises to reveal the truth to the rest of the family. That location is where she embarks on her journey.

Abha pushes Mithai away and tells her to start sweeping the floor like a servant even though Mithai is attempting to talk to her like she is a friend. Sid is frustrated since he is unable to stop her from insulting him, so he asks that she refrain from doing so. However, Sid interrupts Mithai as she begins to wipe the floor. According to Mithai, there is no need to worry about it because it is merely a work. Abha spills some sauce on the ground and then turns to Mithai to ask her to wipe it up. Abha is asked by Dadu to put an end to all of this. Sid is told in a hushed voice by Mithai to keep an eye on the objective and to not become furious. Sid embarks on his journey from that location. Dadu makes a request to Mithai to put a stop to it, and Abha leaves. The fact that Sid and Mithai are able to sense each other’s pain is a positive development, according to Dadu, who relays the information to Dadi.

As soon as Sid enters his room, he is filled with rage as he recalls Abha’s degrading comments directed toward Mithai. When Mithai arrives, he sees Sid’s hand bleeding from a cut he received from hitting a mirror. He asks me how it is that I can witness them being so disrespectful to you. It is not wise to inflict harm on yourself, according to Mithai. Sid believes that it would be best if you left rather than continued to put up with all of this. Mithai claims that you are familiar with our objective; is this the case? She applies a bandage to his cut. Sid says, “I don’t know what I’m feeling, but I feel pain when you’re injured.” However, Mithai responds that she is not concerned because they are our very own people. Sid says I can’t see anyone insulting you. It doesn’t matter, according to Mithai’s assessment. Sid maintains that it is significant because I love… Sid pauses and says, “I never believed I would feel all this; you have made me start feeling feelings again.” I didn’t feel anything before, but you’ve made me feel things I didn’t feel before thanks to this. Mithai gives him a friendly smile before telling him that he ought to experience all of these feelings. Mrs. Mithai Sidharth, Sid adds that he wants to feel life with you since you are his inspiration and he cannot bear to see you in any kind of discomfort. Mithai grabs Sid’s hand and tells him, “I will bandage your wound.” Sid begins to leave, but Mithai stops him. He is looking at her intently while simultaneously requesting that she look at him. She hides her face in embarrassment while saying, “I need to patch your wound.” After she has finished dressing his wound, she forces him to sit down next to her. Both of them give each other a friendly smile, and then Mithai rests her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder.


Gitika says to Pramod, “I’ll tell everyone the truth about the game you are playing with Mr. Agrawal. I’ll tell everyone this marriage is a hoax, and Aditya will not appear in his marriage.” Gitika then goes on to say that she will tell everyone the truth about the game that Pramod is playing with Mr. Agrawal. Both Sid and Mithai are able to listen in on conversations. Mr. Agrawal informs Aditya that his men are waiting for him outside and instructs him to go and take a seat in the automobile. Aditya thinks that the kidnapping is very strange and promises that when he calls her back, he will act in such a way that everyone will believe that he is telling the truth. Aditya is seen sitting in the vehicle and urging the other men to remain calm and stay still. It was discovered that Sid and Shubham were the ones responsible for the kidnapping.

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