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Agarwal informs to Dadu’s family that Aditya never had any intention of getting married to Karishma. My partner Pramod and I organised this wedding to trick Abha into giving us her portion of the business so that we could steal it. Everyone is astonished. Agarwal claims that Pramod and I had a plan to stage Adi’s kidnapping and call off this wedding after getting Abha to sign the papers, but Sid prevented us from carrying out our scheme. During the call, he informs Sid that I have been honest with you, so I ask that you spare my son at this time. Mithai walks up to the group and says, “I also have something to say.” Mithai claims that Pramod had goons follow after me in an attempt to prevent me from going to the registrar. In the flashback, it is seen that the thugs were unable to locate her, so they gave up and fled. According to Mithai, I never left the house, which is why the thugs weren’t able to find me, and there is also another person in the house. It is there that she calls Adi, Shubham, and Sid. Adi is introduced to the family by Sid. Abha hears from Mithai that she betrayed the family by sleeping with Pramod, and that Mithai cheated her by sleeping with Agarwal. Now it is up to you to judge who is right and who is wrong. According to Gitika, I discovered Pramod’s scheme with Agarwal, and I wanted to notify my family about it, but Pramod blackmailed me. Then, Mithai instilled confidence in me, and I resolved not to allow anything negative to occur with Karishma. Abha receives the papers from Mithai, who explains that one of the papers reveals how Pramod wanted to get everything from you and toss us all out, and the other paper, which Abha already possesses, shows that Dadu will own everything in the scenario described in the other paper. Do you still intend for this con artist, Adi, to marry your daughter? Dadu smacks Agarwal and kicks him. Pramod makes an effort to sneak away, but Girish stops him and gives him a resounding slap. Shubham beats Adi. Sid pleads with Girish, “Please stop beating me; I can’t live without my father any longer.” Girish comforts him by hugging him and crying. Abha beats Adi. Karishma expresses her gratitude to Mithai and apologises for the fact that she did not heed his advice earlier, stating that he has once again prevented her from dying. Smile, and find joy in life, advises Mithai. Karishma hugs her. Abha breaks down in tears and tells him, “I was blinded and couldn’t see your generosity.” Abhishek says that now he understands why Dadu put so much faith in Mithai: you have protected my family. While Sid orders Shaurya and Adi to get on their knees and remove their outerwear before escorting them out of the room, Adi is being beaten by Shaurya. They all begin their journeys there. Dadu explains to Pramod that it is okay to forget and that we should proceed. Even after everything that happened, Pramod claims you have forgiven me because you understand that greed caused me to make poor decisions. He hugs Dadu and smirks. Dadu adds that as long as you are contrite for your actions, everything will be OK. Abha confesses to Dadu that she has erred in her judgement, but that Dadu is ultimately responsible for everything that has transpired. Dadu consoles her. Mithai finds out from Sid that you were successful in your mission and that the family is back together again. Dadu explains to the family that even though some people claim that Sid and Mithai’s marriage is a sham, we will nevertheless carry out all of the necessary ceremonies for their wedding. Mithai is questioned by Sid about whether or not she has any issues with that. It causes Mithai to flush, and she declines.
Scene 2 Everyone in the family participates in the morning pooja together. They perform the aarti as a group. Abha invites Sid and Mithai to participate in the aarti with her. They both do it while smiling at one another. Apeksha arrives at the location and glares at the other people. Abha is teasing Sid and Mithai by threatening to give them a child. Apeksha believes that we should examine the ways in which we can divide them. Mithai gives Sid some parsad, and Sid accepts it and eats it. Everyone is astonished to see him consume sweets. Mithai is made to consume the sweets with her hands by Abha. As Apeksha walks into the mandir, everyone there is taken aback to see her there.


Sid addresses the group and says, “I want to share my life’s crucial decision with you all. I’m not leaving my family, I understood what Mithai said to me, and I don’t see any reason why I should work for other people when I have my own business.”
Mithai confronts Dadu with the question, “Why were you the only one who wasn’t happy?” Dadu says, “I know one thing Sid is not made for this, he is an engineer, and he will flourish in that profession, and only you can show him the right way.”

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