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The Episode Start With:

Apeksha says to Sid and his family that in my haste to rescue Sid, I made a lot of mistakes and behaved in an inappropriate manner. I was merely his friend, but I managed to lose his friendship as well. Because Mithai was correct in pointing out that as Sid’s friend, I ought to assist him, I would like to publicly express my gratitude to her. She goes to Dadu and tells him that if everyone forgives her then everyone will forgive her. According to Dadu, friendship is more important than anything else, and I forgive you since you have learned the errors of your ways. Sid is ready to interject, but Mithai stops him in his tracks. Apeksha conveys her regrets to Sid. Sid has told me that you are an old friend of mine, so there is no need for you to apologize. Mithai receives an apology from Apeksha for everything. I have decided to forgive you since Mithai has told me that you are his friend and that you are similar to my sister. Apeksha embraces her and gives her a sly smile. The family is informed by Sid that I had the intention of escaping from the family, but Mithai helped me understand the significance of the family, therefore now I won’t be leaving. I have decided to leave my current position in order to devote more time and effort to the family company. I will work hard to ensure the success of this company. He conveys to Mithai the news that she will be working with him. Girish envelops him in an embrace and tells him, “My sons are my strength now.” Abhishek asserts that we have regained our strength. Girish explains to Dadu that our family has come back together. Dadu gives a nod and then walks away from the scene.
Mithai approaches Dadu and asks him why he appears to be so upset. Dadu explains that he wanted Sid to stay here, but he doesn’t want him to oversee this business because he doesn’t think Sid is cut out for it. Mithai claims that she believed that everything would be OK at this point but then he made a decision without asking anyone. He is oblivious to the fact that this company is sound and that he has little influence over it. I don’t want to be a part of his enormous business, but I do want to build a shop for my dad. Dadu claims that I felt that Sid was being haughty today, despite the fact that Sid had no knowledge about the sweets. You need to have a conversation with him and convince him that he has no place in the company. Mithai warns me that if I decline his request, he would behave in a hostile manner. Dadu tells them to figure out a solution. Apeksha takes in all of the information, and then she has an idea.

Apeksha has a conversation with Sid in which she tells him that he ought to propose to Mithai because he has begun to love her, and because of this, he ought to do something extraordinary for her. Sid’s cheeks turn red, and he murmurs, “I don’t know what to do.” Apeksha suggests that you take the family out and come up with a surprise for her. I will give you some films to help spark some ideas. Don’t bother talking to her until tonight, and then take her by surprise. Sid thinks that is a clever suggestion. Apeksha laughs to herself and thinks to herself, “I’ll get Sid from Mithai.”

Sid has a conversation with Shubham, in which he informs Shubham of the plan and says, “I need your support.” Shubham chuckles and says that you’ve turned into a romantic. Today, we are going to go to the temple as a family. When Mithai arrives, he tries to chat to Sid, but Sid responds by saying, “I have some work.” Sid then exits from that location. It appears that Mithai is muddled.

Everyone in the household is getting dressed to visit the mandir in the evening. It has been said by Mithai that Sid has not yet returned. Shubham has informed me that we shall leave right now, and that you are welcome to accompany Sid. The entire family decides to depart. Mithai is currently waiting for Sid and claims that she needs to speak to him. As soon as she enters her room, the door is locked from the outside. She starts to feel uneasy and attempts to contact Sid over the phone, but he does not pick up. However, just as Mithai is about to leap off the balcony, the door opens. Mithai enters the lounge to see that it has been embellished. Sid is already there, waiting for her to arrive. Surprised is how Mithai feels. Sid escorts her to the dining table and displays a photo of the couple’s wedding to her.


Sid and Mithai are enjoying quality time together by talking, dancing, and generally having a good time with one another.

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