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The fees for the competition are paid by Mithai when she arrives. She believes that when I came here a year ago, I did not have any money, and that Dadu paid my fees; however, she is incorrect because I am now able to pay my own fees and participate on my own. Sid travels there with his family and Apeksha to reach their destination. Apeksha will now engage in conversation with the host. She gives him money in exchange for his promise that he will change her position on the board and that her task will be completed. Apeksha tells him to simply do as she instructs, which is to move our position to the bottom of the pile. After giving a nod, he walks away. Apeksha has told me that in order to make progress, I need to make certain sacrifices. Today, Mithai will prevail, but I shall defeat her in the long run.
To pray for Sid and Mithai, Dadu is currently seated in the mandir. Shaurya and Karishma have returned to their house. Abhishek has informed us that we have some work for the office, so he asks that you refrain from going to the competition.

The family is visited by Mithai, who offers their congratulations and best wishes for the future. Shubham gives her the best of luck, and Sid promises that we will triumph no matter what. Mithai receives a blessing from Girish. As soon as the tournament got underway, the emcee went through the list of contestants and put Sid’s name at the very bottom. Sid is under the impression that Mithai did not back me. Apeksha is confident that I will prevail today. The host introduces Mithai as the first person to come up on stage. Applause please for the lady. Girish hopes that she has success. Mithai extends his gratitude to everyone and announces that he is known as Mithai Sidharth Chaubey today. They have been a great help to me, especially Dadu who has treated me like his own daughter. Sid has been a tremendous help to me in the business. The time for competition has come. Applause please for the lady. Sid looks on.

Dadu is at the mandir and says that it doesn’t matter who wins as long as the husband and wife don’t end up without each other. Dadi tells her not to be anxious about anything. Abha adds that we should start making decisions now because the planning for Sid and Mithai’s wedding has already begun. Dadu nods.

During the tournament, Mithai is asked to bring her sweets up onto the platform with her. She takes the stage and tells everyone that I was nervous when I came here for the first time, but today I have produced fresh treats for everyone to try. She goes into detail about the names of her candies. Sid and his family are taken aback by the news. Girish claims that these are our treats; I don’t understand how this occurred. Sid seemed to be perplexed. Mithai demonstrates the sweets to her and explains, “I produced all of these sweets using things found around the house.” Apeksha has informed Sid that Mithai has been stealing our sweets. Sid seemed to be perplexed. The host introduces the next guest, who is Sid from HM Sweets, and says that we should wait to hear what he has to say. Sid gives Mithai the evil eye before bringing up his chocolates. He then proceeds to tell everyone about the names of his delicacies while glaring at Mithai. When Mithai finds out that their sweets are identical, she is astonished. You are going to be disqualified, the judge has decided. The host claims that it appears as though HM sweets stole Mithai’s recipes. Word on the street is that Sid is bringing down the reputation of his Dadu. Apeksha believes that I am sorry for insulting Sid, but in order to claim him as mine, I had to take that step. One person claims that because Sid was unable to create sweets, he married a sweet (Mithai). Sid becomes enraged and grabs a hold of him. But just as he’s about to start beating him up, Mithai steps in front of him and tells him to cool down. Sid storms away from the location, fuming. Mithai makes an effort to follow behind him, but Apeksha tells her to hold back and that she will follow him instead. Every member of the family will depart from that location. Even though Mithai came out on top of the tournament, she does not feel satisfied. The host announces that Mithai has won ten lacs and a one-year contract with us. Mithai strives to enjoy life but is unable to do so.

At home, Dadu and a few other people are debating what should be said on the wedding card. There, Mithai is waiting for her with her trophy. Dadu says you won? Everyone is overjoyed for her success. Abha inquires as to the cause of your tense appearance. Mithai casts a mournful glance downward.


Dadu tells Mithai that only Apeksha gathered all of the recipe names and prices of all of the sweets from folks in Delhi and Mumbai yesterday. Apeksha reminds Sid of something he mentioned earlier: Mithai won’t cheat. Sid claims, “I don’t care about my name, but today because of me Dadu’s name became wrecked, and I still can’t believe how she could do this.” Sid is referring to the fact that Dadu’s name was tarnished because of him. Sid is prevented from drinking by Mithai. Leave my hand alone, according to Sid. Mithai tells me that I didn’t hold your hand when we were leaving. Apeksha says what are you doing? Put your hands apart from each other, one of you is bleeding.

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