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She asks him if he done all of this for her as she looks around at the decorations and the food. Sid confirms her suspicions and orders her to take a seat. He asserts that my mother must have had a reason for picking you out for me. He claims that because of you, I was able to get back together with my family, and I thought. I have evolved as a result of our many disagreements, yet it is because of you that I have accomplished all of this. Mithai recalls Dadu’s remarks and makes an attempt to speak to him, but Sid distracts her by playing a guitar and dancing with her. Mithai laughs and joins in on the dance with him. Playing the thora thora pyar hua. Sid gives her a hug from behind and adds that from now on, we will collaborate on the family company. Mithai claims that we cannot conduct family business together and that you ought to have consulted with me first before making a choice. Sid says that you’ve always wanted to work for a candy company, so he suggested that we collaborate on making that dream come true. It was always a dream of mine to make a reputation for my father and take over his shop, Mithai says, but your Dadu’s company is doing well, so there isn’t much we can do to help it. You have stated in the past that you have no interest in being a part of this industry; therefore, why do you now care? Now that I understand, you believe that I am not qualified to run the firm, right? Mithai asserts that this is not the case. Sid asks, “Do you seriously believe that I am incapable of running a business on my own?” Okay, you run your store, and I’ll take care of the business end of things here. According to Mithai, your aspiration lies in the technological sphere. Even though I don’t have much expertise in the business world, Sid is confident that he can help this company thrive. You are not comprehending what I am saying, and this is not a dream, according to Mithai. Sid asks, “Do you think that I really need you to operate this business?” After that, I suggest we go our separate ways. While I concentrate on the family business, you can get some work done in your shop. He will depart. Apeksha is able to remain hidden while hearing all that is going on. She believes that I will now divide them up. Apeksha gives Sid a call and tells him, “I’m resigning from my job.” Sid wants to know why. Apeksha said that she was motivated to try something new as a result of your example, and she will start a business as a result. Mithai approaches Sid and makes an attempt to engage him in conversation, but he pays her no attention. Apeksha responds to his conversation with her that she will handle the marketing from this point forward. Sid adds that you can work with me in the company, and together we can make it digital. Apeksha thinks that is a smart concept; I will offer you some more suggestions. After casting a mournful glance in Sid’s direction, Mithai turns and walks away.
When Mithai sees the workers removing the decorations, she comments that Sid done all of this for her, but now he is upset with her. She then takes their picture and says, “I will appease him.” When Mithai returned to their room, he discovered Sid fast asleep on the sofa. She places the cake there and pretends that he did not even eat before going to sleep. She claims that we are joined together at this point, so I will not allow you to continue down the incorrect route.

The family travels back to their old house, and Mithai follows. Mithai is questioned by Abha about her current state of well-being. Tell me about your time spent with Sid. Dadi claims that you could have conveyed to us that you desired some alone time with him. A red flush appears across Mithai’s face.

Mithai reveals to Dadu that Sid’s anger was a direct result of his conversation with Apeksha about the business. Sid, according to Dadu, may lead you down the incorrect path, which may have an effect on your relationship. Mithai tells me not to worry about it since he will work things out.

When Mithai gets back to her room, she sees a rose sitting on the table. She grins to herself and then goes to sleep.

The alarm that Mithai set goes off in the morning, waking up Sid. He glances at the photo that Mithai had with him of the two of them.


Sid tells Mithai that our relationship is different, and that our professional aspirations are also distinct. Mithai is asked by Girish to accompany them to the office because, after all, you and Sid will be in charge of the firm. Mithai claims that our aspirations for our careers are dissimilar. Someone asked Mithai whether or not he was still competing in the event. The response from Mithai is of course yes. To the man, Sid responds, “HM Sweets will very certainly participate.”

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