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The Episode Start With:

Sid wakes up and looks at the photograph of their wedding. When Mithai arrives at the location, he asks her to put her head on his shoulder. When she does so, he hugs her and tells her that he is not upset with her. Since I am aware that one of your goals is to one day run the candy store that belonged to your father, I have decided to make that one of my own personal objectives. At this point, we are going in different directions. As Mithai watches, she cautions, “Do not misunderstand what I am saying.” Sid responds that this is not the case at all and that our objectives are distinct. I will start going to the office to demonstrate that I am capable of managing the company. He suggests that she get some rest. According to Mithai, since our goals have changed at this point, we are in direct competition. What do you mean, really? My family runs a firm that encompasses nine different locations, but what about you? You can’t possibly compete with me because you only have Dadu’s shop; you still have a long way to go. Mithai looks on.
Sid prepares himself and then informs Girish that he will be starting work at the office today. Girish exclaims, “I am extremely glad, for now my son is my strength.” Mithai is invited to accompany them on their journey by Girish. Mithai claims that Sid and I have gone in opposite directions. According to Sid, Mithai is pursuing different objectives, and she plans to visit Dadu’s shop. Abha inquires as to whether or not they are engaging in combat once more. Not at all, according to Sid; she is her own unique person and strives to accomplish her own objectives, and she will continue to do so. Girish considers that to be a forward-thinking philosophy and compliments you on being an excellent husband. Mithai asserts that I will proceed to the store. Sid says I will drop you. They are both leaving.

Sid is currently in the office making preparations for a meeting. He invites Girish, Pramod, Abhishek, and Shubham to come with him. What exactly is going on, asks Pramod. Apeksha appears before them and declares, “My presentation is ready, and we now have a new vision.” Sid says I don’t like sweets scent here. Apeksha believes that it is time for us to get a larger office because our company needs to grow. Girish claims that this will result in additional expenses. Sid claims that there is sufficient funding available to construct new offices. Apeksha walks us through her presentation and emphasises the need of expanding our brand internationally. According to Sid, we need to alter the method that we make candies; in the future, there won’t be any room for the human touch because everything would be done by machines. Pramod claims that he is a thoroughly contemporary businessman. Girish informs Sid that his thinking is fine, but that it is a significant investment, and he asks how we would do that. According to Sid, if we are going to take the brand global, then we need to demonstrate that we have high quality and no human touch. Pramod claims that our brand can now reach countries such as the United States.

Mithai is supervising the workers at the shop, and he tells them to ignore everything but the flavour of the product. A manager shows them and tells them, “You won the sweets competition last year, so I wanted to ask if you want to participate in the competition this time, the prize money is 10 lacs this time.” According to Mithai, the answer is yes, I am always prepared to compete. He hands her a paperwork to fill out and submit. While Mithai watches, he fills out the paperwork.

Sid has a conversation with the competition’s manager and tells him that we will take part in the competition and come in first place. We are going to win at whatever cost.

After returning to the house, Sid closed and bolted the door to his bedroom. He carries a rose with him and removes his shirt before entering the room. When Mithai arrives, she immediately feels uncomfortable and hides her face. Sid believes that you should have made an effort to knock. He is wearing a shirt and is smiling. Mithai apologises, and Sid gives her a rose and tells her it’s for our memories. Mithai promises that I will inherit my father’s shop in the near future. That is very helpful information, according to Sid. Mithai demonstrates the entry form to him for the tournament. Sid demonstrates it to her as well. Mithai believes that we are now rivals. Sid asks that you make a solemn vow that the next competition will not interfere with our personal lives. I promise, Mithai tells me; do you promise as well? He has responded positively. According to Mithai, the person with the most skill will emerge victorious. Sid promises that I will succeed no matter what it takes, so I wish you the best of success. Mithai picks up on the haughtiness in his tone and listens while looking on.

Sid reveals to Apeskha that the reason we fell short in the competition just a year ago was because to Mithai. What fresh approaches can we take to victory this time around? I am completely ignorant about sweets. Apeksha claims that everyone in this house is knowledgeable about sweets. Sid agreed with you and said that I may seek Dadu for assistance. He will depart from that location.


Mithai visits Dadu and informs him that the competition is difficult. I have worked on a few items, and I want to work on a combination of them. Dadu says I am with you. Sid goes there and tells Dadu that he needs his assistance. It is also frequented by Apeksha. Sid has a conversation with Dadu in which he explains that in order for us to win the tournament, we need to do something unusual. According to Dadu, Mithai arrived here first. It’s all right, according to Mithai; you can give him a hand. Sid is adamant that she should wait for Dadu to assist her. Dadu inquires as to why they don’t collaborate. Sid claims that our personal lives are intertwined, but that in our business lives, we are fierce rivals. Dadu looks on.

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