Mithai [3rd august 2022] written update

Mithai [3rd august 2022] written update on

At the beginning of the episode, Chandrakantha reveals to Harimohan that he prepared Mithai for Apeksha’s birthday party by informing him that Sid and Mithai had been invited to the celebration by Apeksha. Sid appears and reports that Mithai is intolerable to her. Chandrakantha makes an effort to shed light on the situation. Harimohan presses him for more information and asks him to recount the entire event. Even if I tell you everything that happened, you will still admit that Mithai is correct, according to Sid. Harimohan has stated that he will not take the side of anybody in this conflict. Sid explains what transpired between Mithai and Apeksha. Apeksha gives Sid a call and relays the information that everyone is upset about what occurred, and that they have left.

Sid implores her to suppress her emotions and not cry. Apeksha has mentioned that I have the urge to embark on a lengthy drive at a high rate of speed. Sid advises against engaging in activities of this nature because he will show up. After saying his goodbyes, Sid heads over to Apeksha’s house. When Girish discovers that Sid is leaving, he immediately dials Apeksha’s number and cautions her to watch out for Sid as he makes his way toward her. Apeksha is the one who brings Girish’s promise back to his attention. Sid travels to Apeksha’s location, where he sees that Apeksha is in a distressed state and crying. He is quick to offer his apologies to her. She comforts him by assuring him that it was not his fault before giving him a hug while crying.

Mithai is questioned by Hari Mohan about the reason Sid is acting so irrationally. Mithai claims that they invited us with the intention of embarrassing me, but Sid does not understand, and he believes that I ruined Apeksha’s birthday party. He issued a challenge for me to accomplish something, and I will not back down from it. According to Hari Mohan, he is upset, and in order for your Dadi to understand what I am saying, you need to calm him down. Mithai extends his apologies and expresses the hope that Sid will not make any rash decisions as a result of his anger.

Apeksha confronts him with the question of why he is pointing the finger at himself. Sid has expressed that he is beginning to feel suffocated in the sham marriage. Apeksha apologises to Sid and says, “Sid, I’m crying for a birthday party when you’re in a big problem.” Apeksha receives complete and utter disclosure from Sid. Hari Mohan has indicated that they will have a conversation after Sid has returned from Apeksha’s residence. When Mithai thinks back to it, she can still see the camera at Apekaha’s home. She recommends that we get out of Dadu before it’s too late because otherwise everything will be ruined. Apeksha is relieved that he has disclosed all of this information. She reassures him that there will be no cause for concern about the situation. They responded to the sound of the calling bell by going to open the door. Sid has a face-to-face encounter with Mithai and Dadu. It is Mithai who gives him the call to come home. Sid denies it and talks angrily. Hari Mohan admonishes him to conduct himself appropriately and then takes him along with them. Apeksha is under the impression that Dhamaka is already at their location, waiting for them there.

Abha inquires about the location from which they will be returning in the late night and expresses her hope that they have not done anything that will require us to take care of it. Sid confronts Mithai with the question of how she is able to pull it off, and then proceeds to expose her wrongdoings without listening to her. He makes it clear that he is not going to provide them with anything. Girish puts a stop to Sid and tells him that he is shocked that he is speaking the truth. He then opens the laptop and shows Sid a video of what they discussed during the birthday. Sid inquires of him regarding the possibility of him having recorded this video. Girish asserts that he recorded this video with the assistance of a colleague. Girish warns that you will be held responsible for whatever happens if this video is presented in court.

Girish says that you have to make three promises to him: the first is that you will put my name on this company and this property; the second is that you will kick Mithai and her mother out of this house; and the third is that you will remain in this house as my son and you will refer to me as Papa, not Dad. Sid claims that if you were my father, you would not have spied on me in the manner that you did. If you are unable to comply with my requirements, Girish has suggested that we do so in front of a judge in the presence of the individual who has shown support for you as well as Mithai. Hari Mohan solicits Girish’s attention by requesting that he continue speaking. Girish denies. He insists that this time around my son has to pay attention to what I have to say. He is leaving.

Mithai inquires with Dadu concerning the best way to correct Sid’s oversight. Dadu believes that some errors cannot be fixed, and that as a result, we are responsible for bearing the consequences; therefore, I will assume responsibility for the situation in court. Mithai has assured everyone that she will resolve all of the issues. Hari Mohan claims that you have already done a significant amount for us, but he swears to me that this does not relieve any of the pressure that is currently on you.

Indu looks on. Apeksha, your gratitude is much appreciated, Girish. She inquires as to whether or not Sid had any reservations about her capabilities. Girish says no. Apeksha claims that whatever she did was done in the name of assisting him and his brother Sid with the management of this sweet business. Girish claims that he has an answer to the question of how my son can marry that scumbag off the street. Girish expresses his belief that she is the ideal partner for Sid, and he promises that he will perform the marriage between Sid and the woman in question. Apeksha inquires about the possibility of it taking place. Girish claims that he does not have any other options available to him. If they can get married, then there is no reason why they can’t get married here; he will do anything to save his Dadu.

Abha and Pramod talk. Abha asks what they will have left for themselves if all of their assets are given to Girish. She has the impression that there is nothing supporting her at all. Abha reveals that she is troubled about the events that will take place the following day. Mithai makes an attempt to communicate with Indu, but Indu responds that she can’t take it any longer and shuts down. Harimohan is concerned about the events that are going to take place tomorrow.

Episode ends.

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