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Mithai 3rd September 2022 Written Update On

The Episode Start With:

Abhishek places a call to Girish and asks him where they are. Girish claims that both Shubham and I went to the shop. Sid stormed out of the location in a huff and now desires his solitude. He hangs up on the call. Abhishek inquires of Mithai of the events that took place at the competition. Mithai explains everything to them, including how Sid’s sweets were identical to hers, why they were disqualified, and how people made fun of Sid for stealing from his wife. Dadu inquires as to what caused this to occur. These concepts came to us from Apeksha. Mithai claims that she created these recipes, and she recalls that Apeksha walked into the kitchen at one point, possibly with the intention of taking Mithai’s recipes. Dadu claims that she must be the one responsible. Mithai states that he wishes he had failed at anything first and then succeeded like this.
Both Apeksha and Sid are currently patrons of the eatery. Apeksha declares, “I am astounded; how could she steal from you?” Sid claims that I don’t care about the insults I receive, but it was because of me that Dadu was insulted today. How and why is Mithai able to achieve this? Apeksha inquires as to the location in which you stored the recipe papers. He says within the chamber. Apeksha claims that you have no reason to suspect that she took those recipes from you because you are so blameless. Sid orders booze and keeps drinking it. Apeksha smirks. Sid is frustrated and accuses Mithai of deceiving him. I have been harmed by her. Apeksha cautions against consuming this much liquid. Sid claims that people insulted my dadu as a result of me, and I feel terrible about it.

Mithai arrives at the mandir and explains that Apeksha was the one behind all of this, but that it is negatively affecting our relationship. She places a call to him. Sid is able to see that she is calling and responds, “I don’t want to talk to her.” Apeksha answers her call and tells her that he does not wish to communicate with her. Given that Mithai claims to be my spouse, you should hand the phone to him. I am aware that you were the one responsible for everything that happened. Apeksha tells her to be quiet, and the other woman responds by saying, “Yes, I stole the recipes from you and made you win in the competition so that you can lose him.” Since he is consuming alcohol, let’s see if you can put a stop to his behaviour. Mithai overhears an individual speaking behind the bar and using the name of the establishment. She hangs up the phone and then heads to the bar.

While sipping his drink, Sid thinks back on the times he spent with Mithai. Apeksha suggests that we should go home and discuss the situation with Mithai. Sid claims that despite everything I did for her, she cheated on me with another man. I absolutely despise her. He experiences a fall. Apeksha replies to him while stroking his head, “I am with you.” Mithai arrives just as Sid is ready to drink more, and he immediately stops him. Sid gives her the evil eye and asks, “What are you doing here?” You must be rejoicing in your success, right? He asks her to leave him alone, and she agrees. I won’t, Mithai responds; therefore let’s call it a night and head home. Sid explains that from now on, this is his house, and you have no right to bother him. Mithai asserts that because I am the man’s wife, I have the authority to prevent him from continuing. In his enraged state, Sid shatters the glass that they were both holding. Apeksha yells at them to cease the fight because they are both bleeding. The drink is poured out by Sid. Apeksha states that this is a public location, and the two of you are a husband and wife. Mithai questions your behaviour and asks, “What are you doing between a husband and wife?” I am requesting that you leave since remaining here won’t be healthy for you. Apeksha claims that I was with Sid at the time when you cheated on him. Mithai divulges to Sid that Apeksha took those recipes from her, so defrauding the two of them. While intoxicated, Sid inquires as to the rationale behind her action. Why would she want someone like me to fail? Mithai says this in order to end our relationship with each other. What do you mean, really? He presents the mangalsutra to her and tells her that Apeksha gave it to him and that she informed him that she appreciates his relationship with her. Sid says to Mithai that Mithai is the one who has offended him the most today. He will depart from that location. Mithai will follow closely behind him.

Sid arrives at his house while intoxicated. Apeksha claims that I attempted to stop him, but I was unable. She asks that he show respect to his wife at all times. Sid confirms that she is his wife, and he explains that because you are his friend, you should behave appropriately around her. I need to have a chat with my better half.


In a nutshell, Sid is intoxicated. He accuses Mithai of taking his papers in order to win the competition, and he declares, under oath, that he will erase mark from his Dadu’s firm. Mithai asserts, “I did not engage in any form of fraudulent activity with you, and if you think I intended to destroy Dadu’s business, then I’ll burn myself.”

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