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Mithai reveals to Dadu that it is possible for us to launch the firm, but that we will require Sid’s assistance. Dadi claims that he is to blame for our current circumstances; in that case, what assistance can he provide? Although Mithai admits that he made a mistake, I believe that he is under a lot of pressure, and I am confident that he will assist us and become our business partner. It is his meeting that I intend to attend. Dadu says go, you will succeed.
A chance encounter on the road brings Mithai and Sid together. She tells me that we have to chat because she has discovered a technique to make money and she wants to share it with me. It is possible for us to amass wealth and then demonstrate to our relatives that financial success is unimportant. Sid tells me that you have begun over again. Mithai asks if you don’t want Dadu to get back together with his family. “No,” you respond. In order to establish the business successfully, I will need your assistance. Sid informed you that I am here to complete some work. Mithai says simply listen to my idea. I will use a variety of delivery methods to distribute my confections to other individuals. She is presented with the divorce papers by Sid, who then requests that she sign them. Girish is in favour of this happening. What does it seem like Mithai is saying after being shocked? I travelled all the way here to get my family back together, and you are saying this to me? Sid asks you why you want to make everything worse worse by starting a new conflict. Please just sign the paperwork because I just have ten minutes left, and if we don’t, Girish will bring all of us into court. Despite suffering pain, Mithai complies with the request. She affixes her signature to the documents, and then she hands them on to him. Mithai says, “I did what you wanted me to do, but now you will do as I say.” [Case in point:] First of all, according to Sid, you need to demonstrate to me how you can make some money. Mithai complies and says, “Fine, I will make 50,000 Indian Rupees in a single day and get back to you.” The departure of Sid can be seen in progress. Why did God put me in a relationship that was destined to fail? That’s what Mithai keeps asking himself. Sid is under the impression that this relationship is a sham, and that if Mithai hadn’t lied about something in court, none of this would have taken place. The only reason that Dadu and Dadi are in this predicament is because of Mithai, and because I will never be able to forgive her, he flees from the house. Mithai breaks down in tears and begins to worry that she will never be able to let go of his place in her heart.
Sid presents Girish with the divorce papers, and Girish responds by saying that he would keep them with him and utilise them whenever he sees fit. Bring Dadu and Dadi back, urges Sid at this time. Girish claims that since it is their house, they are welcome to return whenever they like. He advises Sid to wed Apeksha, and states that Sid has no right to refuse his advice. Sid asks, “How would you choose the one to spend the rest of your life with?” If you are able to stage a marriage for Dadu, then there is no reason you can’t stage this marriage as well, according to Girish. I have had a conversation with Deepti, and when Apeksha gets back from travelling, I will set up an engagement between the two of you. Sid maintains that you are not authorised to make choices on my behalf. Girish assures me that the choice has already been made and that I am free to pursue any course of action I choose at this point. Sid storms out of the room in a furious rage.

Scene 2

Mithai travels back to her previous residence. Indu, Dadu, and Dadi are currently giving the house a thorough cleaning. Dadi believes that Dadu is still behaving in the same manner that he did when he initially launched the shop. Dadu comes across Mithai and inquires as to whether or not she has encountered Sid. What did he have to say about that? Mithai is under the impression that if I let them know, they will all be dissatisfied. She claims that I offered my recommendation to him, and he responded by saying that he would think about it. I recognised that he was still under a lot of pressure, so I gave him some time. Dadu says why do you look drained? Mithai claims that because I had to walk so much, I am exhausted but it is all right. That location is where she embarks on her journey.
Within the confines of his chamber, Sid is completely alone. He is ready to punch the mirror when Shubhan grabs his arm and prevents him. He stares at a picture of his mother and says, “Your mother brought me into this house, and Dadu did my upbringing, but I injured all those people in order to earn Girish’s affection.” While he is saying this, he is looking at the picture of his mother. I deceived a nice person like Mithai, but she has a big heart, so even though she was hurt by my actions, she never blamed me for anything. Do you understand the reason for this? For the simple reason that she places a high value on this family. You might have wed her because you were under a lot of pressure, but you shouldn’t blame Mithai for that decision. Sid inquires whether or not she has requested that you have a conversation with him. Shubham claims that she would never consider asking me anything. I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but your grandfather used me against Mithai, and now he’s using you against her. I have something important to tell you, and that is that Girish plotted all of this with your friend Apeksha; in other words, he employed your very own best friend. That video was an original production by her. Sid asserts that this is not the case, pointing out that she is his closest friend and questioning why she would act in such a manner. Shubham hands over Girish’s phone to him and tells him to look at the caller ID to find out who was on the line before you could get through to him. Sid examines the call log and finds that Apeksha’s number was one of the entries. He uses Girish’s phone to call her, but he doesn’t say anything to her during the call. What does Apeksha mean when she calls Girish her uncle? Have Sid and Mithai put their names on the papers for the divorce? Sid says Apeksha? She cannot believe what she has just heard from him. After the call has been terminated, Shubham will tell you that Girish used her as well as a weapon against you. Sid recalls that Mithai attempted to warn him that Apeksha was concealing a camera in one of his clothes. Girish eventually arrives and smacks Shubham across the face. Sid follows closely behind them after being dragged away from the area.

Karishma is talking to Shaurya. He claims that he believes the number on my glasses has been changed. My vision is hazy and I can’t make out what’s going on. Karishma is an ambassador for a certain lens brand.

Dadu is working on advertisements for Mithai at the moment. Mithai thinks you have the makings of a poet in your writing.
Girish is taking Shubham out of the house while yelling at him, “I will kick you out of the house today.” Your antics have worn me out to the point of frustration. Sid confronts him with the revelation that he has discovered the truth about Apeksha’s use and orders him to cease. You bring disgrace to the title of mother that I bestow upon you. Girish asserts that the first thing that will happen is that he will toss out this garbage. Sid claims that you believe I will marry Apeksha after knowing all this, so I am leaving the house immediately. Girish has warned that he will turn in the tape to the authorities if the person in question makes an attempt to flee the scene. There is a pause in the action. Abhishek implores Girish to take a deep breath and settle down. Sid is asked to calm down by Abha, who says that she is similar to Sid’s mother. Sid declares that enough is enough, you will never be able to compare to my mother since I have seen your true face. Abha implores Girish to take a deep breath and remember that they are still young. Sid is encouraged by Abhishek to propose to Apeksha and begin their life together. Sid is told by Abha to settle down and return to his room so they can talk about this. Girish begins dragging Shubham out of the residence and ultimately throws him out of the building. Sid looks on.


As a quick refresher, Shubham tells everyone that today is the first day of our business and that if we don’t sell all of the sweets, then we would have to face a significant loss because we don’t have a refrigerator to put them in. Mithai asserts that Lord Gopal is our business partner, that he would not permit us to incur any losses, and that he prays to the deity on our behalf.

Sid, who was on the phone with Apeksha at the time, questioned how anyone could make him marry her against his will. Apeksha claims that she is able to do so, and she reminds everyone that she possesses a copy of the film in question. She claims that she can take you both to court and get you divorced.

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