Mithai [6th August 2022] Written Update

Mithai 6th August 2022 Written Update On

Scene 1

Girish kicks Shubham out of the house and warns his family that anyone who challenges him would also be kicked out in the same manner.
When Apeksha called Sid, she said, “Listen to me.” Sid claims that he trusted you and didn’t listen to Mithai, but now he realises that she was right. Apeksha states in the video, “I want to marry you, Girish promised me, so I helped him, and you have to marry me as I have that footage.” She hangs up on the call. Sid looks on.

Shubham pays a visit to Mithai at his home. He says to Dadu that you are my dwelling place. Dadu claims God will do justice. Mithai asserts that he will function as our collaborator. Mithai is told by Shubham, “I will aid you.” Mithai and he come to an agreement. Dadu says Sid will be here soon too. Mithai believes that I have accepted his challenge, and so he must come here.

As Sid clings to the photograph of his mother, he reflects on what Mithai had said to him earlier about Apeksha’s plans to harm him. He is reminded of how Girish ambushed him. He recalled that Mithai had mentioned to him that she was working on a business idea. Sid stands up and proclaims, “I know the way.”

Mithai gets to work on her new venture right away. She puts up her banners all around town and begins selling her sweets at the local market.

Everyone in the family gets involved in making the treats early in the morning. In order to properly store all of the candies, according to Shubham, we require a refrigerator. According to Mithai, God will make a path for us.
Ithai is currently awaiting orders, and Dadu assures us not to be concerned about him. Mithai learns of shocking news regarding a girl who is trapped somewhere. I pray that God would assist her, Mithai says. According to Shubham, our sweets would become stale if we do not receive orders in a timely manner. After receiving an order, Mithai informs us that we may now begin our task. Everyone is quite excited. Dadu tells me that I have some orders as well. Dadu wants to know how we plan to deliver. Both Indu and Dadi made an effort to assist. Everyone in the family finds employment. Shubham is in charge of the paperwork and is providing assistance to Mithai.

When Mithai is out hawking her sweets, she often talks to passersby who are riding bicycles. She informs them that they will become our partners, that we will get orders for them, and that we will pay them a daily rate that is predetermined. All of the people who ride bicycles become involved in her business and begin delivering sweets. Shubham, Dadu, Dadi and Indu sell sweets also.

Sid visits Dadu and his family to introduce himself. Additionally, Mithai visits that place. Shubham, Dadu, Dadi, Mithai, and Indu are all involved in the counting of their money. According to Mithai, we made 35,000 rupees today. She suggests to Dadu that we should contribute this money to the temple. Sid apologises to Dadu and Dadi for everything that has happened. Sid interrupts Mithai’s attempt to leave by saying, “I’m sorry.” Thank you for challenging me; if you hadn’t done so, I wouldn’t be able to work as hard as I do. Mithai expresses this. Sid claims that you are a strange girl, and I was opposed to all of this. Mithai responds by saying, “but you gave me power.” I am sorry, Sid, but Apeksha lied to me and tricked me out of money. Mithai is informed by Sid that the offer he made for him to become the latter’s business partner has been accepted. When Mithai gets thrilled, it shows.

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