Mithai [6th September 2022] Written Update

Mithai 6th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Mithai receives word from Apeksha that the latter intends to cut her out of Sid’s life. Mithai warns that if he doesn’t get his way, he will demonstrate the incredible strength that comes with having a childhood spent on the road. If you go and recount all that happened to Sid, he will forgive you for it. Please do as I ask. Apeksha asked me if I thought he would put his trust in me. Shouldn’t I start making preparations to tell him the truth? She knocks her head against the wall and then loses her balance and falls to the ground. Apeksha falls and hits her head, and then she turns to Mithai and says, “You did this.” The surprise is clear on Mithai’s face.

Dadu makes a request to Sid in the morning, asking him to bring Mithai’s trophy back to the room. Shaurya is tasked with carrying out Sid’s requests. Dadu inquires of Sid as to whether or not things are going well between him and Mithai. Sid says yes. Dadi suggests that since you are a newlywed, you should not go to work but rather spend some time with your new wife, Mithai. When Indu finally comes, he explains that he was uninterested in his hospital duties. Dadu inquires as to whether or not she is feeling better now. Indu says yes. In her haste to reach Sid, Apeksha arrives there. She claims that Mithai came to my residence and made an attempt to assault me. The decision to assist this family was a mistake that I made. The expression on Sid’s face conveys surprise. Apeksha claims that she has caused her great fear because she attempted to take her life. From that point on, she takes off running. Sid is informed by Mithai that she is being untruthful regarding this matter. Sid tells you to stop, asking if you’re trying to cover up your adultery by doing all of this. You already won, so I’ll give you some space while you celebrate with your pal. Dadu believes that Mithai is not in the wrong. After Sid exposes her dishonesty by revealing that she stole my triumph, he walks away from the scene. It appears that Mithai has been harmed.

When Mithai saw her crying, she immediately went to her room to comfort her. She can’t help but feel sad as she looks at the picture of her and Sid.

Sid visits Apeksha at her residence and politely requests that she let him in by opening the door. Apeksha tells me to get back to my wife, congratulates me on my marriage, and wishes me a happy married life. Your aggressive wife is too much for me to handle.

Mithai is visited by all of his family members. Mithai, Abha tells her not to cry since she is strong and everyone trusts her, therefore Apeksha will not be able to turn us against her. Girish adds “I know what kind of a girl she is so don’t worry about it.” Mithai is warned by Dadu not to let yourself deteriorate into a weak state. Girish claims that he is placing his trust in the wrong person, but that you would guide him in the correct direction. Dadu has stated that we will reveal the truth to each other. Sid ignores Dadu’s call even though he is phoning him.

Sid is pleading with Apeksha to let him in, telling her that he needs her friendship in order to survive. No, according to Apeksha; I just can’t take any more. Just leave me alone. She grabs some whiskey from the cabinet and drenches herself in it. Sid manages to get inside the house by shattering a window. Apeksha pulls out a matchstick and declares that she will self-inflict her wounds rather than be insulted in such a manner. Asys don’t behave in this manner, but Sid tries to stop her. After he takes the matchstick from her, Apeksha hugs him and pretends to cry in front of him. When Mithai gets there, he confronts Apeksha about lying to him and tells her to stop. Sid inquires as to your reason for being in this location. Just leave. Mithai informed me that today is the day of our wedding, so I came to bring you. Sid has informed me that a friend of mine requires my assistance. According to Mithai, she is merely acting as though she requires your assistance. First, I’ll show you the truth, and then it’s up to you to decide what to do. The manager that Apeksha bribed is here, thanks to Shubham. To answer your question, I shall present you with the truth. The host claims that Apeksha contributed money in order to rearrange the order of the list. According to the other man, she bribed me with money to spread false rumours about your wife. It appears as though Apeksha is experiencing fear. If Mithai is correct in stating that she is hurt, then we should visit a physician. You pretended that I mistreated you, but the doctor will determine if you were hit or whether you did this to yourself. You pretended that I abused you, but the doctor will determine whether I did or not. Apeksha asserts that I have no desire to travel anywhere. Shubham says Apeksha is lying. Sid is informed by Mithai that I have demonstrated my lack of guilt, and that it is now up to him to choose between their friendship and their future marriage. I shall be waiting for you in the mandap; however, when you arrive there, I want you to do so with unwavering confidence in our future together, as I do not want our relationship to begin on a dishonest one. Sid looks on.


and if you come between me and Mithai’s relationship, you will observe a side of my behaviour that you have not observed from me in the past. Precap: Sid, in a fit of rage, says to Apeksha, “I feel like slapping you, but I won’t dirty my hands.” Mithai used to say correct that you are not worthy enough to call my friend. This is our last meeting. If you come in between me and Mitha Sid took a blow to the head from Apeksha. After Sid sustains an injury, she helps him to the door of the automobile, then she exits the house after locking the door behind her.

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