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Mithai tells Sid that today is our wedding but I don’t want to start a new life with broken trust therefore if you come there then come with full trust in me now, she goes from there. Sid casts a hostile stare in Apeksha’s direction and declares, “I want to punch you right now.” You can’t be my buddy, and it was foolish of me to trust you in the first place. Mithai was correct. Why did you do this? I put my faith in you, yet you tried to trick me. Why did you lie to me? Apeksha prevents him from leaving and sobs while she does so. He makes an attempt to depart. She has told me that I place a lot of importance on you. Sid claims that you made an effort to incite my hatred toward Mithai. Apeksha hugs him and says I love you. Sid tries to push her away and tells her that she is a crazy woman. Apeksha seizes him and says to him, “Mithai doesn’t deserve you. I am prettier than she is. What does she have that I don’t have?” Sid claims that you are curious in what Mithai possesses. While you exude an air of deception, Mithai exudes an air of honesty. You made an effort to keep me apart from my family, but Mithai was able to bring me back together with them. You tried to use my father as a weapon against me, but Mithai helped me become closer to him. You are the type of person who destroys families, while Mithai is the type of person who brings people together. You are not who you say you are, but Mithai, you won’t get it.
Mithai is currently finishing up her preparations for the wedding. She thinks about what she said to Sid and wonders whether or not he will arrive with trust in her. Sid places a call to Mithai and apologises for the inconvenience. I am aware that it is not enough because I make so many errors, but you continue to forgive me. Apeksha has made me look like an idiot by fooling me. I am going there putting my complete faith and reliance in you. Even though my rage and pride are my worst enemies, I’ve decided to publicly acknowledge you as my spouse today. Nobody can ever get us back together again, Mrs. Mithai Sidharth. I will be arriving very shortly. Mithai says I am waiting for you. After hanging up, he informed Apeksha that this was their final encounter together and that she would no longer be allowed to intervene in his life. Since Apeksha believes that Sid is already mine, I have no competition for claiming him.

While Mithai prepares to take her place as Sid’s bride, Abha and the other women tease her about how eagerly she is waiting for Sid.

Sid is getting ready to leave Apeksha’s house when she strikes him in the head with a vase, which causes him to pass out. Apeksha tells her, “I am sorry for hurting you, but there is no way I can let you marry another person.” You belong to me, and I will never share you with anybody else. After noticing that his head was bleeding, she told him, “I will dress your wound.” I am going to take you very far away from Mithai at this time. We are going to join together now. You are my Ram therefore I will take you awa. She pulls him away from that area.

Girish is putting the finishing touches on the decorations inside the house and hangs a picture of Aarti inside. Dadu praises him. Mithai is transported there by his relatives. Dadu, Girish, and the others bestow their blessings upon her. Dadu says I would do her kanyadan. Mithai says you will be my father today. Now, according to Shaurya, it’s time to go have some fun. Abha has informed me that we have something planned for our Mithai. Girish claims that things got off to a rocky start in the relationship between my brother Sid and Mithai. Mithai laughs when he sees his family members acting out their arguments with one another. Both Pramod and Gitika are excellent imitators. According to Mithai, it was a successful performance. Girish adds that at this point, their friendship should be evaluated. The relationship between Dadu and Dadi is likened to a friendship. They are given hugs by Mithai. Girish suggests that they should examine their relationship at this time. Mithai looks on.



Mithai is dancing in front of everyone. Sid regains consciousness, but Apeksha continues to drug him, so he returns to his unconscious state.

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