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The Episode Start With:

The bride and groom is going on in the household. Girish suggests that we investigate how Sid and Mithai got together romantically. The relationship between Sid and Mithai is parodied by Abhishek and Abha. That makes Mithai smile, and he notices it. Mithai is given instructions by Girish to speak up. Mithai said that she is at a loss for words today and wishes that Sid could be here to witness the amount of love that his family has for him. Dadu has informed me that he will arrive very soon. Mithai is asked to hold off for a little while by Shaurya so that Sid can arrive. Mithai starts to get concerned and asks, “Why isn’t he come yet?” There is a possibility that Apeksha has acted maliciously once more because she has tried to contact him through phone but he has not answered. Everyone in the family is experiencing apprehension. Mithai and the others set out in search of Sid.
Sid, who is currently asleep, is being removed from the house by Apeksha, who asserts that nobody will be able to locate him now. After placing him in the vehicle, she drives off. The watch that Sid was wearing falls in her house.

When Mithai, Girish, and Shubham arrived at Apeksha’s residence, however, they found the door shut. She dials Sid’s number, but he doesn’t pick up the phone. Apeksha contacts her and tells her that Sid is hers, and that she won’t let her get him now. Mithai wants to know where you are. Apeksha tells her friend that they will never find Sid again since she is taking him to a very remote location. She gives her friend one hour to find Sid before she hangs up the phone with her friend. Mithai claims that she must be nearby since she has provided me with an hour of her time. Girish assures me that we will locate him. No, according to Mithai; let me find Sid first. She locates Sid’s watch there and reveals to them where the tyre impressions are located. They all leave while she instructs Mithai to begin tracking the tyre prints. She tells them to go and tell the police what has happened. She can’t seem to keep track of them and starts looking around.

Sid is taken by Apeksha to an old residence, where she talks on the phone with her mother. She told me that I had to do everything in my power to retrieve my Sid, and that since I am unable to leave the country without him, you have to help me in some way. When Sid comes to, he discovers that his friend is bound to a chair. He asks, “What are you doing?” in the phrase. Apeksha has informed you that she would not consent to your marriage to Mithai.

Mithai is searching the area for Sid and approaches the house where Sid is said to be locked up. She yells out for him to hear her. Sid is aware of it and wants to respond, but Apeksha prevents him from doing so. Mithai is able to enter the house, but Apeksha is able to conceal Sid from him. After taking a quick look around, Mithai walks away from that location. Apeksha informs Sid that she has left, and that they should now travel a great distance away from this location.

Abha breaks the news to the rest of the family that Apeksha has lost her mind. Don’t be concerned about finding Sid, according to Gitika; they will. Dadu prays for Sid.

Sid rejects Apeksha’s gift of water that he is offering to him. Apeksha has instructed that you must now accept my affection. When someone rang the doorbell, she assumed it was her mother and announced that they would be leaving immediately. When she opens it, she sees Mithai standing there waiting for her.


Mithai will work to set Sid free. Apeksha yells at him, “Enough with your drama!” and then beats him with a stick. Mithai interrupts her and tells her that she is squandering her energy before pushing her away. After Apeksha has fallen to the ground, she rises up and uses a steel glass to hit Mithai in the head.

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