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Scene 1

Sid tells Mithai that there is no way they can compete with them. Girish said to Dadu, “I dare you to compel me to shut down this store.” Mithai claims that you are shaming your own father, who was the driving force behind your achievement. I will respond to your challenge by saying that I will successfully close all of your stores within a month. Dadu has instructed that you all may depart at this time. Mithai is acknowledged by Sid with a nod before he and Girish depart.
Mithai is visited by Sid. He asks her why she dared to defy Girish by saying that she would close his shops within a month. That is challenging, according to Shubham. Mithai insists that all we need to do is maintain a cheerful attitude. Dadu has assured us that we will not get hopeless because we are all here together. They all put their hands together with Mithai. Sid conveys to Dadu that he is with them and that he will leave now. After turning around, he sees Apeksha standing there. Everyone is astonished. Apeksha inquires as to why you are in this location. According to Sid, this Mithai was challenging us, so I got irritated since I think this girl is a moron. He says to Mithai that in a month you will leave this place and never return. You are free to sample as much as you like, according to Mithai. Apeksha reveals to Mithai that you are assaulting my Sid. Mithai tells her to leave him alone. Halwai warns Mithai not to tamper with her since she is a Halwai. Sid thinks that this girl is an idiot. Apeksha claims that you do not have anything else, that the divorce papers have been signed, and that I will marry Sid very soon. From there, she transports Sid. Dadu is taken aback upon learning about the divorce papers.

Girish is infuriated and asks how can that girl try to compete with her. According to Abha, you still have Sid’s footage to offer as evidence against Mithai. Sid walks up to them and says, “Then I will be in trouble too; you people will be putting me in danger over one shop?” Girish has told me that you are his son and that I will soon close down the shop. According to Sid, because they just have one store, they are limited in the amount of work they can take on. Girish claims that Dadu’s eyes will open when Mithai is unsuccessful.
Mithai reveals to Dadu that Girish coerced Sid into divorcing his wife, which prevented us from taking further action. Dadu tries to get in touch with Sid, but he is unable to take his call.

Pramod approaches Girish with the statement, “I have an idea.” Girish says just tell me. Mithai tries to phone Sid, but Sid quickly hangs up. Apeksha wonders: Who is it that keeps contacting Sid? If we were to marry Karishma off to someone who could help our company, what would Pramod say about that? I have in my possession Aditya’s wedding proposal for Karishma. Everyone is astonished. According to Pramod, Aditya has his sights set on making the United States his permanent home. Sid will depart from that location. According to Girish, they are our adversaries. According to Abha, it’s a good idea to propose it, the budget for my daughter’s wedding was broken earlier, so please agree to this. Girish has requested that Pramod discuss this proposition with Agarwal. The marriage, according to Pramod, will result in the merging of both empires.

Dadu calls, and Sid answers the phone. Dadu asks me why I consented to your divorce from Mithai. Sid claims that I was powerless to make another decision. Apeksha arrives at the location and inquires, “Who is he talking to?” Sid told me that I don’t need to reassure you that we are still friends because it is obvious. Stop keeping tabs on me because I still recall how you acted dishonestly against me. Please stop trying to be another Mithai and just leave me alone. I will get divorced first, and only then will I get married to you. She is kicked out of the house by him. Apeksha claims that he is keeping something from me, but I can think for myself. He is unable to comprehend what I am capable of doing for love. Dadu asks Sid, “How was I supposed to know about this?” Sid claims that I was powerless to make another decision. Dadu states that you didn’t want the divorce, is that correct? You went through with it because of Girish, right? I had no choice but to sign the documents because Sid claims that I am able to accomplish anything you ask of me. Dadu responds, “I forgive you; I am aware that you have taken a liking to Mithai.” Even though she did not complete her education, she has a high IQ and will soon be running this company on her own. Dadu informs him that Apeksha is a serpent and that she plotted against him and all of us in order to bring us all down. If you marry her, you will no longer have authority over your own life. According to Sid, this family is involved in politics; I will keep you updated. Dadu advises keeping a close eye on them. Sid has terminated the call.

Apeksha is about to leave the house. Girish is curious as to what took place with her. Karishma is experiencing joy. Abhishek claims that I have no problem with this proposition. Girish inquires of Sid as to the whereabouts of Apeksha. Sid claims that she was exhausted and has no interest in discussing family affairs. He inquires as to the rationale behind your acceptance of Aditya’s offer. Girish claims that this is politics, and in order to keep everyone pleased, we need to compromise. He requests that all she do is contemplate Apeksha.

Abha hears from Pramod that as soon as Karishma weds Aditya, we will ensure that Girish is unsuccessful. If Girish was able to force his own father out of the house, then we shouldn’t put our faith in him. Abha claims that he is only willing to pay us 10% of the total. According to Pramod, we shall soon take everything that Girish has to offer. Sid takes all of it in, and he concludes that they can arrange anything they want, but I won’t let my Dadu’s family ruin it for them.


Sid reminds Mithai of something very important: divide and conquer. Apeksha overhears them discussing the matter. Sid tells Mithai that we need to separate chachi and phoopa before they can formulate a plan for anything. Mithai responds that if you believe me so much, then you should let me do it in the way that I choose. Sid says okay. Apeksha goes through the door and exclaims to Sid, “what a scheme.”

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