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The Episode Start With:

Apeksha pushes the door open. Mithai has entered the room. She can’t believe it. Mithai says hello. The temple is packed with people right now. Pandit Ji has informed us that we have only one hour remaining. That Mithai would return is something that Dada Ji prays for. You are incorrect, according to Mithai. You probably assumed that I had already left, but God prevented that. Mithai has been searching for Siddharth. She noticed milk on the tyres of the car outside and discovered Siddhath’s wallet inside the vehicle. Apeksha makes a swing at Mithai, but misses. She pulls her behind her. Siddharth makes an effort to set himself free. Apeksha receives a shove from Mithai. Mithai tells Ravaan that you have forgotten that everyone has an ending. Mithai makes an effort to free Siddharth. She is struck with a stick by Apeksha. Mithai gives it back to her and fights. She is shoved by Mithai, who tells her that she has no chance of winning. She gives Mithai a blow to the head. The pain is too much for Mithai, and she passes out. Siddharth makes an effort to free himself. Apeksha has declared, “I shall bury you.” She is preparing to strike herself in the head with the rod. She is stopped by Siddharth.
Everyone enters with the law enforcement. They place Apeksha under arrest. Mithai is questioned by Siddharth over her well-being. It seems that she has accepted. Apeksha says she can never love you like me. According to Mithai, love is founded on independence. If you had loved with your heart, this would not have occurred. I don’t even have an education like you do. But I am familiar with the concept of love. It is a verb that implies to give, not to steal. It is more common for people to give life than to take it. While you are behind bars, consider this. In the name of this mania, you have severed countless relationships with other people. You will come to understand what it is that you have lost. I intend to pray for you. She tells Siddharth to never dislike me in any circumstance. They take her with them. It has been suggested by Mithai that everyone wait. The Mahorath is coming to a close, and we need to get home before it does. Sid hugs Mithai.

Scene 2
The beginning of the wedding. Harimohan addresses a request to the pandit Ji to begin the wedding. Mithai and Sid take turns forcing one another to wear the garland. According to Harimohan, a true man will kneel before his wife and show respect for her authority. Sid insists that she wear the garland. All of the people clap. They proceed with the wedding ceremonies. They make their rounds. Sid has her put on a mangalsutra and sindoor every day. Harimohan sheds a few tears. They make contact with the elder’s feet.

Scene 3
Sid is made fun of by the men. Mithai is tasked with inquiring about naig on behalf of Chandrakantha. She offers bangles from their family to Mithai. Abha believes that Arti is feeling quite joyful right now. Because I was able to find another girl named Karishma, I now have two daughters. According to Karishma, the space belongs to me. Your place, according to Mithai, is in our hearts. We will search far and wide to find you the most suitable groom. They suggest that we deliver her to Sid. Sid says I am sleepy. I want to go to my room. They all make fun of him. Harimohan has assured me that I won’t depart this planet without first meeting your children. They are laughing. Sid thinks that by this time I will have grown up. I will try my very best. Thank you very much for everything.

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Sid reveals to Mithai that he has made the decision to pursue a career in software engineering since he feels that working at HM Sweets is not a good fit for him. Sid is currently at the interview. One of the men replies to the other, “I know who you are; you’re Sid from HM sweets; you came in second place behind your wife in the competition; why do you need a job when you have a family business?” The interviewer asks Sid, “I read in the media that you lost to your ignorant wife. Then how can you imagine you can participate in this competition?” Sid is perplexed by the question. He requests that he get out of there.

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