Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye (21 June 2022) Written Update {MCKJ}

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Armaan is seen at the beginning of the episode bringing one of the infants with him. Prisha arrives at the scene and abducts the second infant from the vehicle. Soumya is taken aback to see that the baby is gone. She starts looking for the newborn child. She yells Armaan and hurries to catch up with him. He inquires as to what. She claims that the baby is not in the vehicle. He responds by asking, “What, are you crazy?” She claims that the infant was not present when I turned around to look for it. Prisha does not remove the infant from the vehicle. Armaan watches Prisha leaving. He tells me that I need to contact the local authorities. Soumya notices that there are officers present. She claims that someone snatched our infant from the car and that we need your assistance. The inspector inquires as to whether or not you saw anyone. Armaan has asked that the baby be located. The driver gets a reprimand from him. The driver claims there is a baby in the vehicle. They notice the infant sitting in the car. Soumya gives the infant a hug. The inspector reports that the baby is here. Armaan claims that you left the baby alone and then came, implying that you have lost your mind. Believe what she says because the infant wasn’t in the car, she says. He gives her a reprimand. He accuses her of being reckless. She argues that it is not correct because the stroller was locked. He states it as if you were absolutely certain that someone had taken the infant, I’m genuinely frightened for my children. He expresses his regret to the supervisor. The Inspector requests that Soumya allow her thoughts to take a break. Armaan asserts that the babies’ safety could be compromised by her presence. She sheds a tear.

Goldie responds by saying, “I can’t believe that, and I think Armaan is doing this to trouble you.” He places the camera on the baby carriage. He claims that it is a covert camera, therefore we are able to observe what is going on presently. He requests that Soumya hand over her phone to her. He downloads the app for the camera. He informs me that you are able to monitor the progress of things presently. She thinks it’s a good idea. He claims that Armaan was with the children; I need to know the motivation for his actions. The story is told by Soumya to Veena in line by line fashion. She claims that I penned the lines on my own. According to Veena, it ought to be easy; will you instruct me in writing? Soumya expresses sorry. Armaan jokes on Soumya. Prisha laughs. He claims that she intends to steal my children, but that won’t ever happen, you don’t comprehend the anguish I’m in, and everything is up to chance and timing. She tells you not to be concerned because it will turn out well, but you don’t trust what I say. He tells you that he loves you and trusts you, and that soon we will begin a new chapter in our lives. A embrace is shared. Sushma looks on. Prisha is under the impression that it will be just the two of us. She wants to know when my wish will finally come true. He promises that the wedding will take place very soon, and that it will take place on the same day that my divorce from Soumya is finalised. She chuckles and then tells you that she loves you. He tells you that he loves you as well.

According to Sushma, Armaan told Prisha that he is going to marry her. Soumya possessed high-class ideals, and in contrast to Prisha, Soumya had become our voice. Soumya is getting ready to head out to her job. Prisha closes and locks her front door. Soumya goes to the door and knocks, then she begs, “Who’s there? Open the door, and please don’t touch my infants.” Prisha tends to the young children. Soumya performs a quick check of the camera. Prisha moves backwards and places her hand over the camera. Soumya yells out and demands to know who is in the room. Malini is now en route. Someone is attempting to cause harm to the infants, Soumya warns her over the phone when she receives a call from her. Prisha pulls the key out of the lock and then exits. Malini hurries home. Soumya screams for assistance. As she exits the room, she immediately notices the infants. According to Malini, there is no one. According to Soumya, I was unable to make out the individual’s face on the baby monitor. The neighbours claim that Soumya is going completely insane as a result of the shock. Malini requests that they return home. Soumya immediately begins to yell. She claims that someone intended to hurt my children. Malini gives her a hug, which instantly soothes her. Soumya is the one who takes the babies to get their shots. Armaan appears and says that you will not be able to keep his children from him because he would always be there for his children. The doctor has told us that our babies have an allergy, so we can’t give them the vaccine. Have you used any inexpensive lotion or powder? Soumya says no. The doctor advises you to exercise extreme caution. Armaan requests that they take steps to improve and secure their environment at home.


Prisha will participate in the pooja, according to Armaan. Soumya claims that I am going to battle for custody of my children. He promises that he will figure out how you win.

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