Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye (23 June 2022) Episode Written Update

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye (23 June 2022) Episode Written Update On

At the beginning of the episode, Soumya gives Prisha a severe reprimand and then asks her to leave. She claims that if you show up to a party uninvited, you won’t be given food or treated with respect. She forces Prisha to leave the house and tells her to leave immediately. Armaan claims that Prisha accompanied me. Soumya has stated that this is her house and that her rules must be followed. If you do not wish to follow her regulations, you must leave. He argues that your mother and father have to sit in the puja, which is correct; nevertheless, how can the puja be finished without me? She says you think I can’t do the puja without you, but you need to get this delusion out of your head. While I’m fighting the custody battle, she says, I know I’m enough to raise them by myself. I will give them a wonderful upbringing and raise them, and this puja will happen even if you’re not there. She pledges that she will raise her children as both a mother and a father. Her parents smile. Goldie brings Armaan to a halt and orders him to immediately cease the behaviour.

Armaan says to Soumya, “I assure you, both your career and Soumya’s ego will come to an end.” Goldie says its okay. Armaan says we won’t stay here. Sushma promises that she will finish the pooja and then arrive. Harsh suggests that we leave, and that once we get there, we should chat. He bestows his blessing on the infants. Armaan, Prisha, and Harsh have all decided to go. Soumya is heard crying. Her father claims that Soumya will perform the duties of both her mother and father at the puja today. Soumya is the only other person in the pooja. Armaan and Prisha are currently making their way here. She informed me that I am not feeling well and that we would meet later. He drives her back to her house. She claims that Soumya degraded my character; I will talk to her today. After finishing the pooja, Soumya gives her newborn children the names Jashan and Jahaan. Everyone starts clapping. Sushma says nice names. According to Soumya, they are both a celebration and a part of my life. Her life is blessed by the Pandit. Armaan takes a sip as he mulls over what Soumya had said. Soumya is in charge of looking after the young children. The meals are prepared by Malini. Soumya gets a call. He informs me that a delivery of baby supplies is being made in your name. She responds no, you are mistaken. He says the present is addressed to you and that you need to come downstairs to collect it. She asks Malini to look after the children while she goes out. Prisha had just walked inside the house. She mishandles a few things and diverts Malini’s attention. She notices the young children. She adds the peppers to the already sizzling pan. Soumya gives the man a call and inquires about his whereabouts. According to him, you arrived late, which is why I came to make another delivery. Prisha is the one who generates the smoke and the leaves. Soumya is going to return home. She calls out for her mother. Malini comes. She notices that there is smoke coming from the kitchen. She gives thanks to God and reports that the babies are well. Soumya is confused as to why you decided to go out since you already had chilli tadka. Malini vehemently denies being responsible for the incident and claims that she was attending to something that had fallen. Someone has planned all of this, and Armaan was the one who carried it out, according to Soumya, who claims that someone called her downstairs with an excuse.

Sushma gets Malini’s call. Malini believes that you are fulfilling your role as a mother by ensuring that your kid does not become a good spouse or a decent son. She does not hold anything back. Sushma has some concerns. To answer Malini’s question, no one in our group believes Armaan is capable of stooping to this level. Sushma travels to Armaan in order to inquire about the current situation. He claims that you brought the knife to our meeting. She argues that I won’t allow you to injure my grandsons, and that you shouldn’t draw the young children into your argument. He tells me to shut up and not to accuse me of anything. She gives him a reprimand. She threatens that she will stab herself if you do anything to my grandsons. He wants to know what happened to my children, so please tell me. She lets him know. He worried. He travels to catch up with Prisha. He firmly grasps her neck and causes her to suffocate. She asks whether you will kill her and whether you are insane. If you try to harm my children, he threatens to murder you; tell me whether or not he is telling the truth. He claims that he did this for your benefit. He claims that you are obligated to do what I instruct you to do, that I will make the decision, and that you do not need to use your head. Mami appears and observes the scene. He is leaving. Mami inquires as to whether or not you are doing well before instructing Prisha to sit down and advising her to abandon the man who is currently upset. Prisha has a cough here. She tells him to go ahead and put an end to Soumya for the sake of his children. She appears to be smiling. Veena requests that Soumya put her name on the dotted line. Soumya does some research and reports that it is written that she will work with only you for the next three years and that she will not receive any credit. Veena responds with an affirmative, “Yes, I will train you and give you the money. However, I do not sign contracts with anyone.”


Armaan and Soumya compete against one another in a challenge. She will be singing during the party.

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