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At the beginning of the episode, Soumya and Veena get into an argument about Veena’s writing. Take it or leave it, according to Veena. Prisha asks Armaan to discipline her in some way. She breaks down in tears and sincerely apologises to him. I am unable to comprehend the nature of your insult or the intensity of your distress; therefore, she claims that you are free to strike me. Armaan has stated, “I like the control that you give me. This distinguishes you from Soumya, and it’s one of the things that I adore about you.” She tells you that she loves you and that she would do anything for you. He replies not this time, but Soumya and her family believe that I’m the one responsible for everything, so I’m trying to figure out what to do next. Armaan gets a party invite. She inquires as to who Deepak Mishra is. He claims to be an ancient writer, and he invites everyone to his parties; nevertheless, I never go there since I can’t imagine what I would do if I did there. She claims that authors like Soumya attend events like these parties. You are pardoned because he claims you have provided me with an excellent idea. He calls Deepak. He tells me that I have your invitation. Deepak says yes. Armaan promises that this time, there will be a large celebration, and that he will compile the guest list and provide direction over who should be invited. Deepa smiles.

According to Veena, a contract for three years is not appropriate. Soumya claims that there is no need to concern oneself with good and wrong, and she asks whether or not I have any other work that I can present to the court as evidence of my income and my desire to have custody of my children. She receives a phone call. She is given permission to enter the party by Deepak. She is grateful to him for extending the invitation. She gets happy. Malini says did you get work. Soumya says yes.

During the party, Deepak makes sure to attend to everyone of his guests. Soumya is welcomed by him. The visitors feel sorry for Soumya. A man Avi meets Soumya. Soumya is first introduced by Deepak. Avi states that I am the creative director of two shows and that we are looking for writers who are thoughtful. He sits beside her. He requests that she relate to him a passionate tale. According to Soumya, we will discuss work at the office. Prisha brings Armaan along with her. He adds there should be no photos and recordings taken, and that we should preserve this celebration as an intimate gathering. Avi says disregard Armaan. Soumya offers her apology to everyone. She is insulted by Prisha. Conflict arises between Soumya and Prisha. Armaan looks on. Prisha threatens, “I will make sure that you fall down on your face; you can’t go even one step without Armaan.” She receives a response from Soumya. She walks off and tears in the corner. Avi makes his way to her.

She claims that she has told you that we will discuss this in the office. Avi seems to be interested in her. She gives him a reprimand. Armaan comes. Avi tells you to man up and admit that you dumped her. Armaan has informed you that if you don’t attend, you would require support in order to go. He tells her, “Look at you, Soumya; you used me in the past, but now… at least get some class, everyone thinks they can use you, seeing you alone; if you were my wife, then no one would have seen you this way.” He says that if you want to become an example, you won’t get the babies and you won’t even have a show to write. She claims that you came to tell me that I am nothing without her, that my job will decide my standard, that my tale will actually change, that time will change, that it is a promise, and that once this occurs, I will have power, fame, money, and everything else. Prisha believes that it is for the best that you have shown her where she belongs. Everyone asks Soumya to sing a song. Soumya sings Dushman na kare… Prisha is the one who brings her to the ground. The song comes to an end with Soumya. Everyone starts clapping.


Soumya affirms, “I pledge that I will develop into a significant person.” Armaan has stated that he wants to drug Soumya and turn her into a violent person because he wants his children back.

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