Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye (27 June 2022) Written Update {MCKJ}

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye (27 June 2022) Episode Written Update On

At the beginning of the episode, Goldie calls Soumya and asks her to provide the income documentation that they will need to produce in court. There is consensus among Soumya. She claims that she won’t be leaving her babies and that she will stay with them. She is in prayer. Malini presents her with a puja flower and tells her that the Lord’s blessings are bestowed upon her. Soumya meets Veena. She thanks you for the opportunity to work, but explains that she is unable to accept the contract since the salary of 20,000 Indian rupees per year for the next three years is too much for her to handle. She asks that the terms of the contract be modified. Veena claims that you were rude to her and that you should leave her and look for work elsewhere.

Because I have a court appearance today, Soumya wants to know how she can find a new employment. Veena responds by saying, “I’m not interested in your tragic stories,” before asking if the babies will perish if they are denied the luxuries. You need to be quiet, says Soumya, because I can quit my job to take care of my children. Veena asks how dare you. She hurls water in Soumya’s direction, splashing her. In light of what Soumya has said, it is impossible for me to maintain my composure and refrain from speaking up. She resigns from her position. She gives Veena her thanks before leaving. Veena is knocked to the ground and is found there. She shrieks in pain after suffering an injury. Soumya is the one who returns after hearing her. She aids Veena. Veena claims that I am unable to move my hand. Soumya advises you to calm down and speculates that you may have fractured your hand. Veena faints. Soumya asks what the best way is for her to get to the hospital.

She places a call to the physician. The doctor examines Veena. He assures me that everything will be okay and that it is for the best that you had someone with you. He claims that you are unable to do any writing task and asks whether you have any assistants. Don’t be concerned, according to Soumya, she will find someone. It is her bag that she grabs. Veena is the recipient of the puja flower that she offers. She requests that she watch out for her. She exits the room. Veena impedes her progress and inquires, “Why did you aid me?” Soumya states that her parents instilled in her and me these principles so that I would not allow my goodness to be tainted by the actions of others. Veena claims that even her parents instilled the same values in her, but that wealth and power influenced her. Change and see, Soumya advises, for our one act of goodness can cover 100 acts of evil. Veena gets up. She continues, “I have to tell you something, I knew it that you will come to take the position,” which means that she is aware of your intention to work there. Soumya inquires as to what and who informed you. She is now on her way to the Oberoi residence. She is thinking back to what Veena had said. Veena claims that I did this based on what someone else said, Simmi told me that I will receive 50 lakhs for this task based on what Armaan said, and so on. Soumya has the suspicion that Simmi is only acting in this manner for Armaan’s benefit. She claims that Armaan does not want any documentation of my salary to be provided to me. Veena told me that I will assist you with the evidence of income. FB finishes.

Soumya is going to return home. She then proceeds to go to her room. When she sees Armaan, she gives him a dressing down for hiring Veena. She says that you caused Simmi to lie, that you have no right to use other people for your own gain, that you have no right to engage in this emotion business, that you should be tired of insulting people, that our case is currently being heard in court, and that you should admit that you were unable to become a good husband but that you will make a better father. He claims that he is clueless and asks, “What are you talking about?” She claims that you are still lying to her even at this moment. She gives him a reprimand. She adds that Veena backed me, that your fifty lakhs were insufficient in comparison to my goodness, that you would lose, that you will never win, and that I will never lose to you despite the fact that I pledge I will never lose to you. She exits the room. Armaan responds with “no,” “I can’t lose to an average female,” “I want my babies back,” and “I have to overcome Soumya.” He flings a plate, which causes the glass table to shatter. After seeing the glass shards, he trips and falls on top of them.


Soumya asserts, “I guarantee, I will grow into a significant person.” Armaan states that he needs medicine for Soumya that will make her violent before the hearing, that he needs his win, and that he needs his kids back.

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